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Welcome to the Interference: Multiverse, a video game crossover roleplayed inspired by The Interference fanfiction series by Newbiespud.

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Traverse Town is under attack! A powerful entity by the name of 0m3ga has descended upon the world, seeking to scatter and destroy the Interferences that call it their home. Click here to join the fight!

The Resistors have amassed a large fleet of spaceships in the Ocean Between. These ships are targeting and destroying Heartless and Nobody ships, and will attempt to detain and question any other ships travelling between worlds. Those wishing to respond to this situation can do so here.

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» Scrap City
Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Jul 18 2017, 10:32 PM


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You awaken, maybe in an alley, a subway, or a hotel room. Wherever it is, it is not your home, or any place you know. The City stretches around you, all glittering lights and inky shadows, filled with people going about their daily lives. Then there are other people like you, lost in the streets of a city without a name. The City welcomes its new residents with open arms, offering myriad opportunities.

A way out is not among them.

Scrap City is an OC-friendly panfandom roleplay set in the City, a sprawling, retrofuturistic metropolis.


Millie Sentinal ()
Kantia Rose (Quiet shy girl, that can forge weapons out of the hearts of her allies.)
Sakuya Izayoi (The Perfect and Elegant Maid of the Scarlet Mansion.)
Exsila (Heartless of Alexis Sentinal, and controls a few Heartless.)
Jacob Signar
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