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» Internal - Doru
 Posted: Feb 14 2017, 05:09 PM

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Classification: Internal (Digimon)
Name: Doru
Age: Young
Gender: Male?
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Doru’s default appearance is that of a bipedal, saurian creature. He stands around 3 feet tall at the shoulder, and his teeth and fur are both infused with mithril naturally. As a digimon, his appearance and size changes with each evolution, but he’ll ultimately return to his base for as a Dorumon.

Mental: Doru is an enthusiastic and energetic young digimon, with a great interest in the world and all the things in it. He feels his emotions strongly, though not for long - he is prone to intense happiness and sadness that come and go like a summer squall. He's a childish sort of creature in this way, and it's difficult (but not impossible) to get him down for long. However, this should never be mistaken for a lack of intelligence - Doru is quick to learn and understand new situations, and is capable of surprisingly deep insight.

Doru possesses a feral streak and a fierce combat instinct. Battle for him is as much a form of communication as words, and he’ll do with friends and foes alike. However, he’s prone to falling into a frenzy at times, losing his ability to distinguish between friend and foe in the process. This berserker fury becomes more pronounced as he evolves, and the data he needs to maintain his larger forms leads to him seeking sources to “feed” on.

In the aftermath of the battle of Traverse Town and the loss of his human partner, Doru has also become fiercely protective of the people he considers friends and allies. In some cases, it borders on possessiveness, with him aggressively attempting to fend off anything that could be considered “harmful”, whether it is or not. He is especially violent towards robots, due to a mix of fear, distrust, and a hunger for the data they possess.

Background: Doru was born the day of another’s interference, a guardian creature born to protect against a world filled with danger. He was born into the world full of enthusiasm for this task, and unconditional love for the one he was born to protect.

In the end, it turned out his human had other ideas. A world full of danger and adventure didn’t appeal to her, and so Doru found himself living on the world of Traverse Town and more or less left to his own purposes. The little town became his world, and the numerous interferences that passed through or called it home became nearly as important to him as the human he was meant to protect. And while the spark of wanderlust continued to burn in him, he would keep it controlled, least of all for the sake of his human.

Then, 0m3ga arrived, and he watched as the one he was born to protect fell, dying without a word. Doru’s world was shattered that day along with his childish exuberance. Consumed by emotions, he fell into a frenzy that nearly had him destroy friend and foe alike. It was fortune that kept him from taking innocent lives, and he fled the world of Traverse Town, setting off into the world on his own...

Abilities: Doru, in all forms, possesses the power of digivolution, an ability that allows him to change to a larger, more powerful form with the acquisition of enough data. However, his ability to maintain these larger forms is limited, and he must accumulate his data from outside sources. Currently, his most reliable source of data comes from feeding off digital technology, as well as robots and certain forms of Heartless.

Currently, Doru is able to evolve to the Ultimate stage, with his line ending at DexDorugreymon. In all his current forms, he possesses the ability to shoot spheres of metal at his opponents, with the size of these cannonballs increasing with his evolutionary stage.
Equipment: N/A

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 Posted: Mar 18 2017, 06:31 PM


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