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» Sarah Volker, A scratched alchemist
 Posted: Feb 20 2017, 02:45 PM

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Name: Sarah Volker
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Physical: Sarah stands at 5’4”, with a more heavyset build that seems better for endurance than speed. Her skin is a patchwork of blotchy pale and freckled tan, dotted with pale scars and minor chemical burns. Her eyes are a chocolate brown, with dark circles that no amount of proper sleep seem able to banish. Her hair, wavy and black, grows down to just above her shoulder blades, with a rough cut and no bangs. In most cases, she keeps it tied up in a low ponytail to keep it out of the way.

She favors comfortable and functional clothing over fashionable garb, especially when she’s traveling through the wilderness. She wears a short cape, dark red with gold trim, which is clasped at the neck with a silver caduceus pin. The cape appears to have… teeth on the shoulder pads, a pattern that connects around the back of the cape with a third toothy "mouth" pattern. Beneath that she wears a sleeveless black buttoned blouse with gold buttons and trim, as well a black ruffled skirt with two gold stripes running parallel to the bottom hem. She wears plain tan leggings under the skirt. Around her waist, Sarah wears a brown leather belt hung with pouches and pockets to hold a number of potions, as well as a holster for her sword. She wears black, fur-lined boots with gold accents and laces, and white leather gloves that are nearly elbow length.

When not in uniform, Sarah tends towards simpler wear, typically some combination of long shirts and skirts or loose pants. She’ll wear a variety of colors, but prefers more neutral or natural shades.

Mental: Sarah Volker is by nature a quiet person, a trait that winds through most of her personality. She does her best to be polite and kind to other people, holding on to the belief that the majority of people are at least decent by default. However, she is no social butterfly, and if she can avoid a conversation she will. While she’s more than happy to help others in need, she’ll rarely ask for help herself, often leading to situations where Sarah will make a task that would be quick and simple with some help infinitely more complicated on her own.

Around friends Sarah is a far more open person, though she still tends to be more reserved; among her childhood friends she was usually the voice of reason. This doesn’t mean she isn’t prone to emotional outbursts, and she often does slip into states of intense frustration, mostly directed at herself. She does her best to keep these private, as to not worry the people she cares about, but she isn’t always successful.

She’s more likely to listen than to speak, and to plan rather than to react. This can become a problem in situations where quick thinking is required, leaving her momentarily paralyzed. Yet when the situation becomes dire she’s more than capable of drilling down to the most important tasks and getting them done. When her friends are in trouble, or when she’s in the thick of combat she is able to shed her anxieties behind to accomplish a great deal.

Background: Once upon a time, a young woman interfered into the multiverse, long after she had abandoned any dreams of such an adventure. With a loyal companion by her side she found her way to Traverse Town, making acquaintances and eventually becoming a well-known fixture of the community. While other interferences traveled the world, seeking adventure and power, Sarah Tustin chose to stay put, running a small coffee shop and hoping for the day she would finally be returned home.

Then, she died.


Sarah Valker was born and raised in Aldebaran, a peaceful city-state situation on the border between the kingdom of Rune-Midgarts and the Schwartzwald Republic. To many, it was a gateway between the two countries, and a safe place amidst the rough wilderness that made up much of the border, making it a popular destination for tourists, travellers, and adventurers seeking challenge both outside and inside of the town.

It was in this environment that Sarah grew up, and with her father working as a merchant and her mother working for the Kafra Corporation she never had to worry about the basic necessities of life. She was always rather shy, but she would never pass up the opportunity to hear some traveller’s stories about the world beyond, planting a spark of wanderlust in her that spread to her childhood friends, and she often dreamed of the day she would travel beyond the city’s walls.

As she grew older, she began to follow in her father’s footsteps, helping run the family store. She was content for a while, but it soon became clear that she wouldn’t be satisfied simply buying and selling goods to adventurers. With her family’s blessing and her friends by her side, she began to travel outside the city’s walls to hunt the monsters that teemed in the wilderness outside. As a merchant, a thief, and an acolyte they made an odd crew, but with teamwork and the guidance of more veteran adventurers they began to make a name for themselves.

Eventually, the three became strong enough to draw the attention of the various guilds and organizations across the continent. When they received invitations to join, they were eager to accept, but it meant that their adventuring party would have to split. Making a promise to meet again when their training was complete, the group parted ways. Only Sarah remained in Aldebaran, where the Alchemist Union was headquartered. She spent many weeks studying and learning the art of alchemy, and through her efforts she managed to gain their approval… and membership with the guild.

It was a major success to have under her belt, but there was always more to learn. When she’d learned all she could from the Alchemist Union, she turned her eyes northward to the Schwartzwald Republic, where alchemists were said to made new discoveries at a breakneck pace. It was a long road to get there, but it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. She began to make preparations to travel there, and hopefully learn something new.

Then came the night of the shooting stars, when it seemed the whole sky was falling. No one could figure out why it had happened, or what the consequences of it would be. Slowly but surely, a sense of unease spread across the continent, along with rumors of strange new monsters.

For Sarah, that was the night the dreams began...

Abilities: As a member of the Alchemist Union, Sarah has been educated in art of alchemy, allowing her to make a variety of potions and compounds with a variety of uses. This includes healing potions, plant fertilizers, and even acid or explosives. She uses these for offensive and defensive purposes, usually by throwing them at something or someone. There are even a couple of aggressive plants she is able to keep in bottles for later release.

Sarah can hold her own in a fight, favoring light, one-handed swords as her weapon of choice when potions fail her. If she has her cart available, she can also use that to fight in a pinch by swinging it into a crowd.

Equipment: Sarah carries a short sword at her hip, a small buckler on her arm, and a variety of potions and related supplies hanging from her belts. She also carries a red handbag with a rather monstrous design, which seems to hold far more than its size suggests.

One of her most important objects is a thick, belted tome. The tome is enchanted to be durable enough for the road, as well as illegible to prevent casual attempts to read it. (A skilled enough magician would likely be able to crack the latter enchantment, though their ability to crack her handwriting is a whole other issue.) It contains Sarah’s myriad alchemy notes, information on monsters she’s encountered, and the occasional personal entry about her day.

Sarah occasionally rents a pushcart to carry goods and set up shop in remote areas.. While it’s normally just used as mobile storage, she can also use it to defend herself in a pinch, and it’s set up to work as a mobile laboratory for more complex brews.

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 Posted: Mar 17 2017, 05:14 PM


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