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» Vandal, King of the Castle
 Posted: Jun 11 2015, 10:44 AM


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Name: Vandal

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Physical: Vandal's appearance hasn't changed much since his transformation. He has dark tan skin and yellow eyes with flecks of red in the irises. He usually wears matte black, digital camouflage pants, a black shirt, and a modern red vest emblazoned with the Heartless symbol. Having been freed of his limitations as a human Vandal's strength, stamina and speed has improved drastically; he is now capable of feats of physical prowess that were previously out of his reach.

Mental: He is, quite simply, a monster. He’s an arrogant psychopath with no sense of morality or restraint and he’ll use whatever methods he deems necessary, no matter how evil or destructive, to get what he wants and will kill anyone standing in his way (and some that aren’t, just for the extra power boost). When he speaks, it's almost always in a condescending tone of voice and anything that doesn't fit in his narrow view of the world is likely to go up in a ball of flame. He also swears that hearts each have a unique flavor and will sometimes choose targets based solely on the flavor he thinks their heart will be.

Background: After coming home from a long day at work, Dillon decided decide that he was going to sit down a play his PlayStation and popped in his favorite game: Kingdom Hearts II. At around ten at night, a thunderstorm rolled in. A bolt of lightning struck the power lines outside of his house and the excess power fed into his PlayStation, supercharging it. The PlayStation was feeding on so much power that it briefly broke the laws of physics and created a portal to the Kingdom Hearts world, sucking Dillon and anything in his room that wasn't tied down into the world.

After getting up and dusting himself off, Dillon was attacked by a swarm of shadows. Dillon grabbed a replica sword that had been sucked through the portal with him and tried to fight the swarm off, but was overwhelmed by their numbers.

As he lay watching his heart float away, Dillon slowly lost memories from his life in the real world. All he could wish for is a chance to recover his lost memories before he faded away.

Eventually, he faded into darkness completely...

And found himself in a completely different town with a hollow feeling in his chest and a hunger for something to fill it. He spotted some poor, random fool strolling around in the dark and felt the hunger rising to a fever pitch. A leap and a bound later he was attacking the man with claws that he knew weren't their before. His hand went through his prey's chest and extracted a stylized heart. He opened him mouth much wider that what any normal human should ever have been able to and swallowed the thing whole. The hunger abated for a glorious moment before returning with a vengeance.

Still, it did leave a pleasant cherry-lime taste in his mouth and he suddenly wanted more. A small tug pulled him in the direction of more of the delicious morsels. He turned with a smile and made his way towards his next snack.

Abilities: Pyrotechnics - Vandal is able to cause small explosions in a relatively wide radius around him. The size and scope of these explosions increase considerably while in his true Heartless state.

"Sapper Daddy" form - Vandal can envelop himself in Master Key to transform into his true Heartless form. This transformation triples his size and coats his body in reactive plates that explode outward when exposed to enough force. His ability to cause explosions increases as well in the size as does the range with which he can place them. The larger body also allows him to morph Multi-tool into much heavier weapons for his use and drives his durability into the realms of the ridiculous but makes his reactions slower in turn. (His recent fight with Gideon -Jura has weakened this form slightly and it is no longer near-invulnerable.)

Equipment: Multi-tool - An amorphous blob of darkness that can take the shape of almost any weapon Vandal can conceive. (The fight with Gideon has weakened Multi-tool's ability to shapeshift and it can now only transform into a limited rang of weaponry, the most powerful of which is a railgun that can only be used in the Sapper Daddy form)

Heartless Leadership - As a result of his alliance with Desera, Vandal has gained the ability to lead large numbers of "lesser" heartless. However, to say that he controls them would be too great of an assumption. Rather, it would be more accurate to say that he manipulates their constant hunger for hearts and gives them direction with the promise that they can gorge on any hearts they find. He has a limited amount of say in who or what they attack but will mostly just let them do as they please.

Sample post: A drone was flying though the night sky on a patrol of the sleepy town. The thing had passed through the same area enough times to notice a distinguished pattern that only the most inept observer would fail to notice. Unfortunate for the drone that the being that brought it down with an impressive explosion was anything but inept. It crashed in an alleyway below as a mangle mess of metal and sparking circuits.

A figure emerged from the shadows with a self-satisfied grin evident on his face. He strolled up the the robot and placed a booted foot on its chassis and spoke.

"Now you're probably wondering why I just shot you out of the air all of the sudden," it said. "No, no, you don't have to answer cause I'm just gonna tell ya. See, the simple reason is that you've been roaming around taking out little dots of darkness that hangout in the town. Not that I really care, mind you, but you were starting to get a little too close to where I hang out." He watched the robot twitch a little as whatever mechanism drove it misfired.

"I know, I know. You couldn't have possibly know. And that's fine! You were just doing your job like any good little soldier would. The only real problem is that I happen to be one of those little dots of darkness you like to waste so you can kinda see where my problem is, can't you. Plus, I really, really like to make a mess of things. That's why I call myself Vandal." The Heartless slowly increased the pressure on the metal frame.

"Nothin' personal but I just can't let you keep doin' what you're doin', soooo...." He crushed the drone beneath his feet and watched its spasms until it finally stopped moving. With the wanton act of destruction complete, the Heartless calling itself Vandal walked down the alleyway in the direction of a few hearts he sensed. He whistled a tune that popped into his head, wondering what favor the hearts would be when he ripped them out and swallowed them.

 Posted: Dec 16 2015, 04:31 PM

The sun will rise.

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