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» Mallus, The Languishing King
 Posted: Dec 30 2015, 08:28 PM


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Name: Mallus

Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Physical: Born in of the foul magic of the Hive and further empowered by the black hearts of the Tormented, Mallus is an imposing specimen of the dark race and the sheer effort that when into his creation is made evident by his appearance. He is massive, standing nearly 15 feet tall and weighing close to a ton. The black chiton of his armor was formed of the ground down remnants of hundreds upon thousands of Hive thralls and acolytes and fused to his pale, sinuous flesh. Runes carved into his body glow with baleful green light, a light with which three approximations of eyes cast in their gaze. Beyond that, his body and his armor his is devoid of any distinguishing features; it is a reflection of the grand cruelty of Sword-logic and its followers.

Mental: Like all followers of the Worm Gods and their twisted faith, Mallus sees conquest and the destruction of his enemies as the truest expression of power. In his eyes, morality is a disease, a thin excuse that many claiming to be “good” use to hide their inability to fight or do what is necessary for their own gain. He believes those without the strength to defend themselves are fit only for culling so that the strong may continue in the acquisition of ever greater power. His will to dominate his foes and consume their strength is matched only by his utter distain of weakness in any form.

Background: With the death of Oryx, the Taken King and many of his lieutenants, the Hive have begun to struggle against one another for the right to claim the throne of their race. In the wake of this bloody war, hundreds of warriors have been slain in the mad quest for dominance. However, there are those among the Hive that see the destruction as an opportunity to cement their place in the hierarchy. One particular warlord, a Deathsinger by the name of Omvak Dral, has seen a vision of the future; it is a future in which she is responsible for the creation the greatest servant of the Formless One ever seen. With the help of her twelve sisters and their servants, Omvak Dral slaughtered countless numbers of Hive and used their ground chiton to forge an armor of pure darkness. They also selected an unfortunate spawn to twist and warp into a shape more befitting of the malignant suit. When the spawn took the form they the desired, the coven carved runes of power and ascension into the flesh and plates of their new champion, blessing him (or cursing him, as some would say) with the might to unite the warring Hive under him. Finally, the coven used torture to draw the black hearts of the Tormented into the champion, empowering him with the pain and suffering that such creatures bore with their very existence. The end result was warrior of hate and pain of such magnitude that few could stand in his presence without being caught in the whirlwind of his suffering.
Here stood a successor worthy of the throne! Here stood a creature of power that could match the greatest of champions! Here stood a blade, sharper than any other! Here stood a being of such power that none would be able to stop his advance!

A Prince… no… A King among lesser beings!

And his name was Mallus

Abilities: As befitting of the destiny for which he is created, Mallus is much stronger than many of the Hive’s lesser champions. He is easily a match for several of the greater knights but cannot yet defeat the more powerful members of his kind. His ability to consume the strength of those he defeats grants him immense power but at the cost of him having a hunger for it that can never be fully satiated. His chiton armor is almost as hard as the outer plating of the Dreadnought—Oryx’s personal flagship—but is somehow light enough that his movements are unimpeded. He is also able to invoke the darkness, drawing power from it to unleash upon his enemies.

Cloak of Suffering – the sheer level of pain Mallus experiences on a constant basis cast itself outwards in an aura that all but the mightiest beings can withstand. Those that cannot are either driven into a maddened frenzy or reduced to gibbering insanely because of the magnitude of their pain.

Languishing Worm—Mallus is able to channel a small portion of his pain and that of others into his own power. In essence, the more pain he and those around him suffer, the greater his abilities become.

Path to Ascension—Though he is very young, the efforts of Omvak Dral and her coven have set Mallus well upon the path to ascending beyond normal Hive and taking his rightful place in their dark pantheon. However, this will take much time and a great deal of maneuvering to fully accomplish.

Equipment: The Sword of Crota—the sword of the fallen god-prince, reclaimed from his realm and given to Mallus. It is a blade of such malice that it consumes the light of anything it touches.

Sample Post: The pain was terrible. It was a constant throb, a pair of clawed hands tearing at the edges of his senses. It drove him to ever escalating heights of violence and bloodshed. It demanded that he bring death to the unworthy so that they may be consumed to fill the aching void that was his hunger, his lust for power.
Mallus gazed upon the fool Knight beneath his heel; another pretender to Oryx’s throne. His throne! The Knight had been cutting a bloody swath through the ranks of some worthless spawn in an effort to gain the sacrifices need to ascend. His might was more than enough for the lesser creatures that’d been his prey up till now; it made him arrogant. The creature’s desire to ascend was matched only by his foolishness for deciding to turn his blade against his betters.

A mistake to be sure, and one he would not have the privilege of being able to repeat.
Mallus brought his blade slicing through the Knight’s neck. He felt the ancient armor crack open and the flesh beneath part in the sword’s wake. He drank greedily of the death essence of the thing as it died, consuming what little strength he truly possessed and using it’s suffering to further increase his strength. When the act was done, Mallus felt something settle his chest. The power he consumed satisfied his hunger and for a moment, one glorious moment, the immense pain he felt abated. He cleared his thoughts long enough to consider his place in the world. If not for the weakness of those before him, his existence wouldn’t have been necessary. He could have remained a spawn and progressed naturally through the ranks of the Hive. Instead, the power he had was given to him, not taken in glorious battle. It was a sin in his eyes and the eyes of many of his brethren. Power freely given was nothing in comparison to power taken. He would have to obtain power of such a scale to match the power he was given. Only then, would he be truly worthy of calling himself king.

And thus, the moment of clarity was ended and the hunger and the pain returned. Mallus brushed the bone dust from his most recent kill from his armor and continued forward. The multiverse was an exceedingly large place, after all. It needed to be purged of its weakness.

Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Jan 4 2016, 06:39 PM


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It looks nice, promise not to go over board and I'll be saying this is


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