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» Mist Griffin, A Twist of Fate
 Posted: Jan 25 2016, 12:14 AM


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Classification: Internal Interference
Name: Mist Griffin
Age: 23
Gender: Hermaphrodite

Physical: Relatively human face, albeit the feathers where hair once resided, the fur, the eyes, and whiskers that now shared it. Their arms and legs are now those of a great, taloned bird, yet, despite being covered with fur, their body's anatomy was generally human, including human breasts (covered in fur) and the anatomy of both genders. Thankfully, they were spared the barbed penis. Their tail was a boon companion, and they cuddled with it most nights.

Generally, they walk on two legs, and use their wings to grant them modesty. Having a smaller body than a typical griffon (if that's even what they are), the wings remained the same, able to carry a creature weighing close to three hundred pounds, save they now weigh closer to 225 lbs, thus were quite large and heavy on their frame, and it tired them to carry them. They find themselves gliding in the air, where they are weightless, or resting so that the weight did not burden them, more and more.

Mental: Being an intelligent beast merged with a man, they've a strong connection to their primal instincts, yet a desire for the comforts of sentient companionship brings them ever closer to the settlements of such beings. A beast's fear keeps them fleeing, and a human's fear keeps them fleeing. They watch from afar, and yearn for their company, but know that most sentient creatures would fear them, hunt them, kill them as an abomination; kill them for sport. They have no need of another, but they long for it, and with each passing day the yearning grows greater, and they become sighted by more and more in their recklessness. Across several planes now, word of them has begun to spread.

Beyond that, they're a being prone to day dreaming and imagination. They always think and long for the greener pastures of their mind, and is never satisfied their fate. They craft up elaborate plans only to discard them at a moment's notice. Now the continue to tempt and test Fate, hoping one day their luck will change, and they'll finally have that which they seek.

Background: Fate exists. Whether we're just following it's flow, attempting to avoid it, or manipulate it, Fate is omnipresent. However, for most, Fate is beyond their ken. However, all objects follow the path of least resistance, and when one is left no other options, they take the only one available.

That's how it was for the one who now calls themself Mist Griffin. A poor man, son of a scribe, whose luck always seemed to take two turns for the worse for every turn for the good. He'd lost everything time and time again, and he's often had only the people around him to keep from giving up completely.

However, one day, it was all too much. He wanted something impossible, something intangible, something that didn't exist: the peace of knowing he could truly not exist. He'd seen magic before, and knew of great wizards who'd done things beyond comprehension. Thus he took the risk and sought out the greater beings of the plane.

Things... went horribly awry. While he didn't see how it happened, he should have died. Something had been stalking him. Something hungry. However, just as his life should have been forfeit, his spark ignited, and he went traveling across the Blind Eternies with no perception of the events as they were occurring... until he collided with a Misthollow Griffin on the way. The chaotic energies forced the two beings in to one, and he was dumped in a land foreign to him with a body equally foreign.

His human skin was now replaced with fur and feathers. Wings sprouted from his back, and a tail from above his buttocks. His hands and feet were now talons, yet he was bipedal and maintained much of the shape of a human, with some additions.

The griffon, it seemed, had been female, and he now presented the physical characteristics of both sexes. He also learned the painful reason why she'd chosen now not to exist. He'd lie upon the marshy muck, but, due to way he crashed upon the ground, he found himself in excruciating pain.

However, eventually instincts took over, and they returned, once again, to the Blind Eternities until the time had passed.

He returned to the place they'd fled from with naught but their fur and feather to cover them. He felt exposed. She did not. They were not yet one, but not quite two, and the merging of minds was taking longer than the merging of bodies.

They flew, hunted, stole clothes, fought, and did as their instincts and desires dictated, until they finally because one.

Abilities: Natural Flight, Planeswalking, Ability to use magic (none currently known); Ability to phase to the Blind Eternities at will.

Equipment: Currently unclothed and without possessions.

Sample Post: Sometimes they didn't understand why they still cooked the food. The smoke revealed their location, and drew enemies to them. "I want to be found." They hadn't decided on what to consider themselves. "There's no word for what I am." It tasted good, but they longed for fruits, vegetables, and cooked grains to go with it. "Those sorts of things don't seem to grow here." "I know what is safe to eat." "I don't!" Why did they still persist, arguing endlessly with themself. They know that they stopped being separate long ago.

They missed it. They'd hated it, but since they'd become one, they'd been so alone.

Memories flashed of the few places they'd visited that had native Griffins. They'd attempted to tear them limb from limb, knowing an abomination instinctively, and attempting to remove it before it polluted their populations. That rejection had cut deep, and fear of another left them in this state: constantly risking their lives to interact with sentient beings, yet too terrified to actually approach them. They'd stay in a place for a time until it grew risky, only to flee to another until circumstances inevitably repeated themselves, yet still they learned nothing.

It had been an excellent meal, and there were no indications in the surrounding area that any sought to disturb them. "Nothing not native to the area, at any rate." Their ears rang with the sound of their own voice, still foreign to them, as they spoke their thoughts to themself. It simultaneously purred and had a sharp quality to it. At times they caught themselves purring as they lie lazily by the fire. At times the shriek with indignation as smaller beings dare attempt to steal their prize. Their voice was one that could do both more naturally than speak.

They'd lie upon the solid ground, bringing their tail between their legs, and embracing it with their talons like a lover, while great wings covered themselves for more warmth than they needed. It was stifling at times, but they didn't know any other way to lie that did not burden his shoulders with the cumbersome weight in a painful manner. It'd taken a long time to learn to sleep, and finally they sought great elevations and stark cold to combat their natural warmth. The fire was needless, they knew, but some part of them still hoped someone would follow the smoke, and at last they'd make a friend.
 Posted: Jan 25 2016, 12:35 AM

The sun will rise.

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