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» Fawn, The Fairy who Followed her Heart.
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 Posted: Jan 27 2016, 11:42 AM

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Classification: Canon
Name: Fawn
Age: Unspecified. Fairies don't really age, but she's been around for a few years by now.
Gender: Female
Physical: Image
As the wiki puts it,
Like all fairies and sparrow men, Fawn is small and hand-sized. She has a slender figure and sports an orange and brown dress with orange-yellow curl shoes. She also has a Hispanic-looking appearance. She has fair skin, light freckles, long braided light brown hair, and amber eyes.

Mental: In a single word, Fawn is a prankster. She enjoys playing games with her animal friends and her fellow fairies, though she has been prone to going too far in the past. She's one to listen to her heart, rather than her head, a fault which has put her and her friends in danger on multiple occasions.

It's not always fun and games with her, though. While she may play with the animals she takes care of, she takes her job seriously, and is known to have a motherly side to her.

Of course, given she's a canon we do have video of her. Here's some of Fawn at her purest.
Background:Like all fairies, Fawn was born from the first laugh of a child, and realized her talent for tending to the animals shortly after. As a young fairy, Fawn was adventurous, a tomboy, and quickly became one of the finest - if not the most troublemaking - nature fairies on the springtime side of Pixie Hollow. She and her friends shared several adventures together, from all throughout Neverland, however the adventure that was most important to her was her discovery of the Neverbeast, an ancient being that awakened every thousand years to save Neverland from destruction. When Pixie Hollow was lost to the darkness, Fawn was, to her knowledge, the only fairy to survive her homeland's destruction, due to the Neverbeast awakening once more to save her. Today, the two of them travel the worlds, searching for any sign of their old world.
Abilities: Fawn herself really only has two abilities of note, the winged flight that all fairies share (this is fueled by Pixie Dust, and is a finite resource) and the ability to form an emotional and spiritual link with any animal she sets her mind to. (The wiki has an entire list of ways to put it, but in a nutshell this basically means that she can tame any animal)

The Neverbeast, on the other hand... Well, he's basically a big animal. In times of danger, he grows wings, horns, and gets the ability to channel lightning - but in most cases he's just really lazy, going about his day-to-day life and looking for the nearest leaves to eat. We're looking at the most basic of paw-swipes, roars, and charges here for abilities - well, that and the fact that the Neverbeast possesses some capacity for intelligence.
Equipment: Pixie Dust, Notepad, Charcoal, and a few sketches of her friends.
Sample Post:
It had felt like weeks since Fawn had seen leaf or tree of Pixie Hollow - and for the animal fairy, it'd been rather rough. If it hadn't been for Gruff, as well as the fact that she'd at least had the good fortune to find her way somewhere with *some* animal life, she'd have gone crazy some time ago. Still, this place wasn't exactly the most friendly - already she had met several humans trying to "slay" Gruff, and, as she was admittedly somewhat used to by now, her words had little to no effect. Usually they screamed and tried to either trap her or kill her too. And then there were the black things, these annoying little imps that made their way through the shadows. Gruff could at least do something about fending off attackers, but these things - they were a constant threat, and nothing they did seemed to work.

At least the animals of this world were friendly - mostly. She'd met her fair share of foxes and rabbits a while back, and some of the locals appeared to have reptilian or feline traits, but this place also had some rather particularly aggressive bears and wildcats - not to mention she had heard talks about dragons somewhere in the mountainous regions of... well, wherever this place was. The animals all had their own names for this land, and going directly into a human settlement with no benefit, especially when they treated Gruff like they did, was something she wasn't about to try.

"Come on, let's head back to the forests and try to find some berries. It's getting dark soon, and I really don't wanna have to run from those things for another night." she spoke, flipping to an image of a Shadow in her sketchbook as the Neverbeast curved to the right. "I just wish I knew what they wanted..."

Consider it done~

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 Posted: Jan 27 2016, 02:00 PM

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