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» Dexter-34 (and Cage), the Wanderer
 Posted: Apr 10 2016, 10:18 PM


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Classification: Internal; Destiny

Name: Dexter-34 (goes by Dex)

Age: Unknown (says he's 234)

Gender: Male

Physical: Dex

Mental: Outwardly, Dex is suave and supremely confident in his abilities. He always has a clever comment about those around him, relying on his wit and fast-talking to keep himself out of trouble. It's a trait that come in handy when he lands himself in front of the Vanguard to face the consequences of some daring (and often dangerous) escapade or another. It is mainly by his reputation (and the fact that Cadye-6 finds his acts amusing) that the Vanguard continue to allow Dex his quirks. Inwardly, Dex feels that he is responsible for guiding other Guardians on their way. His decades of experience and the many battles he's fought give him insight on almost any combat situation. He's generally charming and quick to make new friends. However, anyone that has the nerve to call him a 'robot' is quick to get on his bad side, and quite possibly earn a bullet in the head.

Background: Dexter-34 doesn't remember any of his life before the Collapse. When his ghost found him among the discarded remains of hundreds of other exos, he was reforged in the Travelers Light. Since then, he has served the Vanguard with distinction and honor. A veteran of the Battle of Twilight Gap, his experience and skill has become infamous in certain circles of hunters, and has even been recognized as standing near the top of the loose hierarchy. The best known of his many exploits was his part in the legendary counterattack led by the current crucible handler, Lord Shaxx. It was during this attack that Dex proved his skill as a marksmen again and again as he eliminated the Fallen sniper known as the Quickdeath and his subordinates. Dex was given a combat knife fabricated using the last remnants of the armor of the Guardians that fell during the battle. He now spends much of his time away from the wilds beyond the Last City in the arenas of the Crucible, constantly honing his skills in the fires of combat.

Abilities: As a hunter guardian, Dexter-34 is able to channel the light to give himself extraordinary abilities, which are divided into three sub categories: solar, arc, and void. Dex (as he likes to be called) uses his skills in marksmanship, knife-work and stealth to fight against the forces of the Darkness. In addition, he can use his ghost to modify his abilities to suit a vast number of tactical situations. His ability to draw upon the light in conjunction with his ghost's ability to keeps his stock of throwing knives and grenades prepared.

Equipment: The First Curse - The lesser known twin to the infamous weapon known as the Last Word, the First Curse was reforged by Banshee-44 at the request of the Tex Mechanica with no small bit of effort on Dex's part. Thousands of tales exist about the fate of this weapon, but Dex has chosen to tell one of his own.

Stillpiercer - A custom weapon forged by the Tower gunsmith for Dex. It is equipped with an expansion that greatly increases the radar provided by his ghost.

The Variable - A heavy fire weapon, named and sanctified by the leaders of the Future War Cult.

25000 Glimmer

Iron Companion Boots

Iron Companion Vest

Iron Companion

Graviton Forfeit - Forged specially with the Traveler's Light and imbued with void energy, this helmet grants the wearer the ability to shift through the spaces between the dark and the light to escape harm.

A combat knife forged from the armor of Guardians that fell during the Battle of Twilight Gap

Sample Post: Another match in the Crucible. Another chance to prove what a powerhouse he was. Two teams of six with only one goal: kill the other team and wrack up enough points to win. Shaxx had don't his usual thing by providing his own brand of colorful commentary by pointing out the more impressive kills and streaks and awarding medals for displays of skill.

Dex was doing well this match. He'd already hit thirteen kills and was will on his way to a 15 kill-streak. The sound of gunfire hit his audio sensors like a jackhammer. Someone was fighting it out nearby. There were three combatants by the sound of it, and it was two on one fight. Radar indicated that the one was a teammate and the other two were the enemy. Not a fair fight by a long shot; it was time to even the odds. The hunter used his light to propel himself onto a pillar, where he took a knee. Two opposing Guardians - a pair of Titans - had one of his fellow Hunters pinned down. Dex once again drew on the light, but this time he charged his handcannon with Solar energy. He took aim at one of the Titans, squeezed the trigger twice, and sent a pair of bolts containing the fury of the sun arcing towards the enemy Titans. Both exploded as the volatile energy ignited their inner light. The fellow Hunter gave a wave of appreciation before sprinting away towards the next fight.

Dex's eyes glowed joyfully under his helmet when Shaxx announced his his kill count for all to hear. However, the joy faded when when he heard the telltale boom of a Voidwalker Warlock launching their Nova Bomb ability. The hunter knew that he wouldn't be able to dodge it in time.

"You gotta be joking," he said indignant. The ball of Void impacted and exploded. Barely a second later, Dex disintegrated into a pool of particles held together solely by his Ghost. And then something interfered with the proper transference of energy, sending the Ghost and his Guardian to... parts unknown.

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Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Apr 10 2016, 10:31 PM


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