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» Aubrey Lin, External - The Horticulturist
 Posted: Jul 2 2016, 09:54 PM

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Classification: External
Name: Aubrey Lin
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Physical: Aubrey stands around 5’8 with a thin build and lightly tanned skin. His eyes are dark and narrow looking even behind the glass of his rectangular glasses, while his hair is an almost blueish black and medium length with the bangs swept to the left. His hands are rather calloused in contrast to his generally well-kept appearance.

He tends towards simple clothing in most cases, but it’s usually of decent quality. The main exception is when he’s working with plants or outside, in which case he tends towards the same pair of well-worn jeans, leather work boots, and a dark green khaki vest with a number of pockets over a brown shirt. Somehow, this is the outfit he ended up with upon interfering.

Mental: Aubrey is quiet and not particularly social - while he can be perfectly polite and personable if he needs to be, he much rather prefers to stick to himself, and gets nervous if conversations go on for too long. There are a few people who are exceptions to this, mostly family members and a few acquaintances, but even they can wear on him after a bit.

He’s a diligent worker with a number of skills picked up over his lifetime, but Aubrey isn’t particularly creative. He’s best when working in things he’s familiar and knowledgeable in, and is much better with memorization than contextual learning. Given time he can eventually wrap his mind around something new, but he has to have a good reason for it, first.

A lifetime of stress has made Aubrey very good at managing it… at least, externally. His method of “management” is suppressing it for as long as possible, keeping it from the public view and relieving it by either getting rid of the thing that’s stressing him out or through his horticulture hobby. It’s a balance that he generally manages to keep going, but he’s had burnout in the past when unexpected things throw that balance off.

Background: Aubrey is the eldest son of the Lynn family, and from early on he’s felt the pressure to succeed. From his parents both being biologists and pushing him to follow in their footsteps to the responsibilities of being an elder brother and oldest son, Aubrey has had the yolk of responsibility and expectations for as long as he can remember, and he’s grown to endure it.

He didn’t have many real hobbies growing up - his childhood was a whirlwind of clubs and activities and lessons, and things like an interest in stories or games never had a place to develop for him. His one enduring interest was in horticulture, and floriculture in particular: there was something about the slow and simple lives of plants that drew him. His parents encouraged the interest, perhaps envisioning him having a future in the fields of botany, and Aubrey’s room gradually became a veritable greenhouse of green and growing things.

The other thing Aubrey had in his life was his younger sister, Charlotte. Much like him, she’d been put under the pressure to succeed, but she’d never had it quite as bad. She had room to develop hobbies and a circle of friends, and she still had years before she had to worry about things like college or exam. In some ways, he couldn’t help but be a little jealous of her, and they occasionally clashed over this and that, but even at her age she always seemed to have his back. It was her that introduced him to video games, and while he was pretty terrible at most of them it became a way for him to relax during the short times they were able to play together.

It was after a particularly long day that Charlotte pulled Aubrey into playing a shared favorite of both of them - Pikmin 2, a game that they’d collaboratively put many hours into. They played two player for a bit (Charlotte, of course, claimed most of the victories), but after a while they noticed a menu option for a game mode they’d never seen before. Thinking it was some kind of secret bonus feature, Charlotte chose the option.

There was a flash of light...

Abilities: Plant Manipulation - Aubrey is able to manipulate plants with magical power, causing them to grow and mutate based on his will and, to some degree, his imagination. He cannot create plants from nothing, but even a seed is enough for him to cultivate a wide variety of unusual flora. Changes such as color, size, and scent are the easiest things to alter, but are far from the only things that Aubrey can change. He could alter a plant’s pollen to cause various status effects, create a seed pod that will burst and deal damage when touched, and at higher levels of skill he may even be able to imbue a plant with life and an independent will. Interestingly enough, if any of his plants bear seeds then the seeds will often carry the modified traits as well.

Equipment: A few seed packets for assorted flowers, some gloves, and a hand trowel.
Sample Post: When the knock came on Aubrey’s door, he nearly snapped the pencil in his hand.

For a moment, he considered just ignoring the knock. His family should know he was busy, it was nearly midterms and he had to study if he was going to do any good in his classes, why would they be bothering him now? “I’m busy,” he eventually called, and considered the issue dealt with.


He sighed, pushing away from his desk and setting his pencil aside. That would be Charlotte, then - she was the only one who knocked like that in the house. If she was getting that insistent, then ignoring her was just going to make things worse - she had a particular way of being frustrating when he needed it least. He navigated the piles of clothing and boxes of unused garden supplies to reach the door and cracked it open.

He was greeted by Charlotte’s cheerful smile as she forced the door and practically shoved a box in his face. “Hey, Brey! Wanna play?”

He recognized the game in her hands - probably the only game in the world he had more than a passing knowledge of. “I don’t really have time to play Pikmin, Charlotte. I have-”

“You have midterms, I know. You’ve had them coming up all week!” She put her hands behind her back, game and all, and tilted her head. “You can spare thirty minutes, right?”

“I don’t know…”


She was doing that… thing, where she tried to make herself look cuter than she actually was. Not that it ever worked, but if he let her keep going she’d move to the next level, which mostly consisted of nagging him like a bored animal until he finally did what she wanted him to do.

He glanced back at his desk, covered with flashcards and textbooks. He’d been working on it all week, and he still wasn’t sure if he had everything down. Certainly not down enough to satisfy himself…

He looked back at Charlotte, who was still staring at him, and decided that there were worse things she could be dragging him off to do. “...thirty minutes.”

Charlotte grinned. Aubrey wondered if he made a mistake.

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 Posted: Jul 3 2016, 04:25 PM


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