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» Charlotte Lin, External - The Entomologist
 Posted: Jul 2 2016, 09:56 PM

The sun will rise.

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Classification: External
Name: Charlotte Lin
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Physical: Charlotte stands at 5’2”, with a slim build that manages to look a little gangly due to growth spurts. She has lightly tanned skin with a spattering of freckles across her face and along her arms. She has fine black hair that grows down to her mid-back, which she usually lets fall over her left eye while tucking the right side behind her ear, and dark, almond eyes.

Charlotte likes a variety of clothing and tends to favor bright colors and interesting patterns. Her outfit upon interference consists of a cream knit long sleeved top, a dark red wrap skirt with a spiderweb pattern on it, and laced combat style boots.
Mental: Charlotte is an energetic young girl who always seems ready to talk or make a new friend. Many people see her as the most “normal” person in her family as a result of this, but she’s just as intelligent and as much a hard worker: she’s just had more time and reason to invest into “social” intelligence. She get along well with most people and has plenty of friends, but she doesn’t really open up fully to anyone, even most of her family. She tends to have a lot of masks, to the point where if you asked her what her “real” personality was she’d likely smile and shrug in response.

A highly creative thinker, Charlotte is good at taking in information and creating conclusions other people might not see. She’s especially good at reading people, being highly empathetic and observant, which is something she makes good of. She can be a bit manipulative at time, but she usually does what she believes is best for people, considering their happiness to be as important as her own. Nevertheless, she’s oddly good at weaseling her way out of consequences when things go wrong.

Background: Charlotte is the younger daughter of the Lynn family, born four years after her older brother, Aubrey. From a young age she was always under pressure from her family to develop in certain directions, but her exuberance and independence meant that more often than not she would carve her own paths in life, and eventually she was more or less left to her own devices.

Growing up in the shadow of her older brother meant that Charlotte didn’t get quite as much attention from her parents, but it also meant she had the freedom to develop interests and hobbies that weren’t purely academic in nature. As the child of biologists she inevitably gravitated towards an interest in the natural sciences, especially an early interest in entomology. However, as she grew and entered school herself she developed an interest in fantasy and eventually video games. It took her a lot of chores and careful sells to convince her parents to buy their first game console, but the day came where she opened up a box under the Christmas tree and found a brand new Wii U waiting for her.

Whenever she had a chance, Charlotte would try to convince her older brother to play with her. Aubrey was often busy, and when he wasn’t he would more often than not spend time in his room or the garden rather than with family. It bothered her in more ways than one - she looked up to him as an older sibling, and while she always envied the extra attention he seemed to get from their parents she could sense the amount of stress he was under to succeed. And even if he was terrible at even the simplest games, he was still fun to play with, and it meant that for a bit she got to see Aubrey acting the way he used to - like an older brother, rather than the scion of the Lynn family reputation.

One day he’d come home seeming more tired than ever, and Charlotte badgered him into playing an old favorite of hers, and something even Aubrey enjoyed - Pikmin 2. She won most of their matches against each other, but it worked in getting the older boy to unwind. After a period of time in which Aubrey managed to squeeze out a win himself, the game presented an menu option they’d never seen before. With Aubrey’s encouragement, Charlotte chose the option.

There was a flash a light...

Abilities: Insect Summoning - Upon interfering, Charlotte gained the ability to summon swarms of small “insects”. These insects, which are actually magical constructs rather than flesh and blood, come in a variety of forms, each of which is optimized to complete a single task. The swarm can consists of a mix of different insects, and can be commanded with vocal commands. They are also affected by subconscious thought, and with practice Charlotte may also be able to direct them with mental commands.

The kinds of insects Charlotte can summon seem limited only by her imagination, though more complex designs require more magic power to maintain. At interference she can summon small swarms of harmless flying insects and even smaller swarms of crawling, biting insects, but practice and experience will allow her to improve the number and variety she can summon.
Equipment: N/A
Sample Post: “Man, Brey, you’ve gotten a lot worse at this game!”

The frustrated grunt of Charlotte’s older brother was the only response she got, and that was fine by her. Five minutes in, and she’d already managed to build up twice as many pikmin as her brother had. Not that she was surprised, since she played this a lot more than her brother ever would. She’d even considered losing on purpose, just once, but he’d probably catch on too quickly.

Still, he was doing his best, and she was just happy to be able to do something with him. Things like “fun” and friends seemed to escape him at the best of times, and god forbid you try to get him to lighten up at the worst of times. How could anyone be content with just studying and horticulture all day?

Besides… it got so boring to play video games by herself.

At the very least her plan had worked. She’d gotten him out of his room and in front of the console, and he’d already gone way over the 30 minute mark. Even if he got angry at her afterwards, she’d accomplished her own personal mission.

Speaking of which… she cheered as she pulled off another victory. ”Yeah! That’s another one for me!” she said, turning to look at Aubrey’s face. He looked frustrated and… tired, somehow. Not in a good way. Probably meant it was time to stop. She idly clicked her way through the game, back to the menu screen. “I guess it’s time to stop for now. Thanks for playing with me!”

Aubrey nodded, setting the controller down, and then paused, a frown flashing across his features. “...Lotte, has this game always had a co-op mode?”

Charlotte blinked and looked towards the screen. Sure enough, an option for a “Co-op” mode floated on the screen. “I… don’t remember? Maybe we unlocked something new?” She hadn’t heard anything about there being anything like this in the game but… it might have been a secret? “Maybe it’s because you kept losing!”

Aubrey continued to look at the screen, and slowly moved to pick up the controller again. “...want to try it?”

“But, um… don’t you have to study…?”

Aubrey was silent for a long moment, and then exhaled. “I can spare a few more minutes.”

Charlotte beamed, and selected the option.

Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Jul 3 2016, 04:26 PM


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