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» Erik Mason, The "Geek"
 Posted: Jul 14 2016, 09:32 PM


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Name: Erik Mason

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Physical: Erik is a man of average height. While he isn't heavily muscled, he more than makes up for it by being incredibly well-toned and fit. He normally wears a specially-made jumpsuit that enhances his ability to pilot his Skell in both combat and in general operation. His eyes are purple in color but his hair is a mundane black, which he wears slicked-back against his scalp.

Mental: Stoic and quite, Erik is the picturesque soldier. He prefers to come at a problem from a tactical angle rather than run in guns blazing and will often think upon a problem for long periods of time to insure the most efficient approach. However, that isn't to say that he's a man afraid of a fight. His preference in combat is to rely on his Skell to do battle and he has poured a small fortune into equipping and optimizing his mech. On the ground, he prefers to keep things at a distance to better assess the situation. But in the even that his Skell is damaged, or god forbid, destroyed, he falls into a deep rage that can only be satisfied with a severe beating of the offending party. This obsessive love for his machine has earned him several informal nickname such as "Nerd Rage" or "Geek", however very few people are willing to risk his wrath by calling him such to his face.

Background: Erik was a gifted Skell mechanic on Earth in service to the American Armed Forces. Given the time and resources he was able to take a machine deemed un-salvageable and rebuild it even better than before. His talent was so great that when the alien menace was set to destroy the planet he was given a pass to board the White Whale. When the ship crash landed on the planet Mira, Erik set to work repairing broken Skells. His work earned him quite the sum of credits, which he immediately put towards upgrading his own machines armaments and capabilities. He eventually formally joined BLADE as part of the Harrier division, a group that specializes in hunting down and terminating hostile indgens.

Abilities: Overwhelm - Several enhancements to Erik's mimeosome have allowed him to land precise and debilitating strikes to his foes.

Maximum Voltage - You know how Erik's the King of Geeks? Well, turns out geeks like their toys. I swear, if Erik had the proper plumbing, he'd have skell babies with his ol' girl.


Sometimes, the enemy thinks the safest thing they can do, when he's wielding his Homura, which looks like a giant, flaming demon-sword-from-Hell, it to break it. Hell, I'd think the same thing.

- but they're wrong. See, you know that thing about mommas lifting tons of automobile off their trapped children in moments of crisis? Yeah. Well take that, multiply it a few times over, and add gratuitous amounts of death. Not pretty? Good.

That's Maximum Voltage. He stabs you twelve times, or until you look like everyone's favorite meat sheath, whichever's less. Fuckin' gruesome.

What he means to say is that I can use the energy from my poor fallen skell and use it to amplify my strikes, dealing greater damage.

Slayonet - Sometimes keeping the enemy at a distance isn't really an option. With that in mind, I've upgraded my sniper rifle with a high-density bayonet that transfer's kinetic energy into my follow-ups. That way I'm able to quickly deal with an opponent and return to laying down cover fire from a distance.

Trident Buster - A good lead in to engaging an enemy from afar. The build up of kinetic energy from my attacks can be quickly transferred into my rifle, giving it an extra punch.

Raijin - This is a good way for me to end a melee brawl quickly with myself as the victor. It increases my ability to land precision strikes with my javelin while simultaneously boosting any electricity damage that I deal.

I usually black out when I activate the ability though, possibly due to having absorbed the excess energy from my skell.

Arcing Horn - Not much to tell with this one. It electric damage while simultaneously reducing resistance to it.

Useful for ending a fight quickly.

Afterburner - A personal favorite of mine. I fire several shots in rapid succession to overwhelm my target in ranged combat.

Hawkeye - Just about what you'd expect. The enhancements to my mim become apparent as I hone in on the enemy's weak points and exploit them.

Overdrive: It'd take me to long to explain to someone else. Lots of big words and techno-babel. Go ask Pink. He's better at it than me.

Equipment: Full set of Sukuraba Forza Skell Gear - My suit assists me in the placement of my strikes to maximize damage output in melee. It also maximizes the energy drained while an enemy of sufficient size is 'bound'.

Cermet Bolide Javelin - A Candid & Credible weapon design that increases Electric damage, increases potential, accuracy, and nullifies electric reflect.

Striker Trigger Sniper Rifle- Yet another weapon of C&C make. It deals Electric damage as well as increasing potential, accuracy, and is more stable, reducing the variation in damage.

As Pink would put it, "When this guy shoots, he knows almost exactly how much damage he's going to do."

XS0750 Amdusias ST "Ra" - My masterpiece custom skell. It uses the 50 series of the Amdusias, which I have further modified at great expense. It is equipped with a pair of SKM-R350SA Cracker-BMs thermal grenade launchers, an SHM-XXR450ME Firegun, a SHM-XXR950SA L-Cannon, and the piece d resistance, a SRM-XR5140LA HOMURA.

It's also equipped with a SRM-XXR450GG Phoenix that I had custom built using parts salvaged from an enemy skell (though I'm not entirely sure when I acquired it, or how) as well as a SAM-M141ME Beam-Shield and a SAM-M150SA Shield for increased defense and accuracy.

Sample Post: "Yet another long day," Erik said. As part of the Harriers, it was his job to venture out into the Miran wilds and exterminate indegens deemed to dangerous to be left alone. Normally he wouldn't bother. The others were well-enough equipped to take on a good deal of the nastier creatures on their own. He only received orders to scramble when the target proved to be more of a challenge than a normal skell could handle. Then, he and his "Ra" would deploy to whatever corner of the continents in which they were needed and promptly reduce them to cinders.

Today was one such day and he was eager to get back so that he could make some necessary adjustments to his partner in crime. As the sweet, walled sight of New Los Angeles came into view, Erik just happened to look down and spot a Ganglion skell lurking where it shouldn't. It brought a groan rasping out of his throat as he angled his own skell down to intercept the trespasser. He couldn't just leave it their after all.

It should've been over in a singe hit. Homura would have been drawn, activated, and brought down with devastating force. The enemy skell would've fallen out of the sky a smolder wreck while Erik continued on his merry way.

That was not what happened...

Apparently, this particular skell had a pilot that was halfway decent at the controls. He managed to narrowly avoid the Homura strike and answer with an attack of his own. It stuck something critical and nearly caused "Ra" to explode. Erik narrowly prevented that outcome with time enough to spare for a hasty landing and ejection.

As he looked dejectedly over his damaged and ailing machine, the enemy skell flew down with the intent to end the man now that he was relieved of his only means of fighting an opponent of it's scale.

"Do you know HOW MUCH THIS SKELL COOOOOOOOOSSSTS?!" Erik screamed and he turned with weapon drawn.


A couple of hours later, Erik returned to the hanger and set to work repairing his beloved machine. The remains of the enem skell were discovered later the next day.

Reports say that it'd been torn into several pieces. The operator was never found.

Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Jul 18 2016, 11:07 PM


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