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» Master Aqua, Canon
 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 10:02 PM


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Classification: Canon - The Land of Departure

Name: Aqua

Age: 30

Gender: Female

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Aqua is an intelligent woman who frequently rises to the task of defending those she cares about, even at great personal risk. Compassionate and kind, Aqua's sense of right and wrong is said to never waver. As the most responsible and headstrong of her group of friends, she learned to take on a leader-like role, and past failures have molded her into an assertive Keyblade Master.

Aqua's greatest flaw is her passivity when forced to make hard decisions concerning her friends, a flaw that brought great harm to them in the past. She struggles to find a compromise between living up to the title of Master and protecting those she cares about, and this indecision or passivity can leave her reacting too late in critical situations. When she does react, her overly protective nature can lead her to shouldering immense burdens alone, at an obvious detriment to her health and well-being.

The Aqua of the present is a woman hardened from her innumerable years wandering the Realm of Darkness; she's soft-spoken and distant, and one can immediately surmise that smiles rarely come from her. If one were to stay around her, they'd gradually learn more about the woman who sacrificed much for her friends and even strangers she hoped to befriend. Though possessing great skill and more worldly experience than many elderly men, Aqua is consistently humble, rarely using her title of "Master" and ducking out of praise. In spite of that, her actions are reminiscent of a natural leader and stalwart protector; she is quick to shoulder incredible burdens for the sake of others all by herself. Perhaps most humanizing is her seemingly bottomless patience and kindness towards friend and stranger alike; among her two friends, she was considered the most responsible and serious. Those serious, duty-like qualities are also to blame for the hardships she inadvertently caused.

One would be foolish to see Aqua's kindness as weakness. Though she loves her companions and would zealously protect them, so too would she zealously seek the destruction of those who might harm them. The practitioners of evil have brought much hardship into her life, and as such Aqua combats them with a single-minded and merciless drive. This is due in part to her master's teachings on the nature of right and wrong, teachings that ascribe to the idea that there is only the purity of light and the hate and rage of darkness with little in-between.


Aqua's Report

I chronicled the journey that brought me to this point in the hope that if I perish, somewhere, someone might find these notes and learn my fate and the fates of my friends. It is a tragic tale, but it mustn't be forgotten, lest the forces of darkness triumph in the complacency of others. My name is Master Aqua, and this is my story.

I trained on a world known as the Land of Departure under the supervision of Master Eraqus. For a time, I trained with a boy named Terra, and the two of us were joined by a mysterious boy named Ventus, a pupil of a man known as Master Xehanort. I treasure the time we spent training, laughing, and gazing into the stars together. So deep was our friendship that I made trinkets known as Wayfinders for all three of us. With them, we would always be together, even if we were worlds apart.

This story begins in earnest with the Mark of Mastery exam. It was a test for aspiring keyblade wielders who wish to earn the title of Master. I undertook this exam with Terra, but I alone was deemed worthy of the title. Terra failed on account of his inner darkness running about unchecked, and in his anger he left our world, with Ventus in pursuit. Such was my first task: I was to bring the both of them back.

This task took me to several wonderful worlds, each with their own colorful inhabitants. Alas, I always seemed to be one step behind Terra and Ventus, who visited these worlds at one point or another. In my absence, I could not stop Terra from fighting my master, who sought the destruction of Ventus for his purpose in creating a weapon known as the X-Blade. After learning of his death from master Yen Sid, I journeyed to a world known as the Keyblade Graveyard to confront Terra.

I arrived, meeting Terra, who expressed his guilt over his role in our master's death. Ventus had arrived too, and out of fear for what the X-Blade could do, asked us to end him. It was at that point that Xehanort and a masked boy named Vanitas arrived for Ventus and Terra. Although I was insignificant to their machinations, I fought alongside my friends in a battle that consumed Terra. I myself freed Ventus from Vanitas's control, though the process put my friend into a deep sleep. Terra, Ventus and I stopped Xehanort's plans to create the X-Blade and start another Keyblade War, but at a grave price. Terra's body was lost to the old master, and I fear that Ventus will never wake up.

I placed Ventus in the ruins of our old home. Using a technique taught to Keyblade Masters, I transformed our world into a castle that I alone could navigate. From there, I set out to find Terra on a world called "Radiant Garden." There, I faced Master Xehanort and battled him over control of Terra's body. Our battles weakened Xehanort enough for Terra to regain control and thrust his own keyblade into his chest. Weakened, his body fell into a realm of pure darkness, to which I dived in to save him. Unfortunately, the passage out of this dark realm had begun to close, and Terra's body weighed me down; I made the choice to sacrifice my armor and keyblade and enable Terra to escape.

With that, I was trapped within the Realm of Darkness, where I walked for so long I lost track of time itself. Several times, I considered giving up hope, but mementos of my friends gave me the will to stay alive, and such was how I discovered a robed man known as Ansem the Wise. He told he of a boy who would stop Xehanort and finally bring peace to all of the worlds.

This is the end of my account of the events that transpired so long ago. I do not know when I will escape from this realm, nor if I ever will. If a scrap of paper is the only way for me to live on in the hearts of others, then I will be content with that.

My name is Master Aqua, and everything I've done, I've done for friendship.


Magical Prowess - Aqua is a spell-weaver, using her keyblade to unleash magic of many elements ranging from the lick of flames and even small pockets of time. The Keyblade acts as the conduit from which she can either fire spells at her enemies, heal her allies, or protect herself with a well-cast energy Barrier. As time passed, she learned to apply magic in more creative ways, enabling her to augment physical attacks with elemental effects. More passively, Aqua figured out how to use magic for easy traversal by casting a small Barrier spell beneath her and leaping off of it, effectively allowing her to "double jump." Being a seasoned veteran during her first journey, most forms of magic are well-known to her.

Keyblade Mastery - Aqua was dubbed a Keyblade Master not only for her personal traits, but also her well-honed style of sword-play. Using unpredictable and dance-like movements, Aqua floats seamlessly through the battlefield with pirouettes, twirls, and agile air maneuvers that make predicting her strikes a difficult task. In addition, she is capable of making her keyblade levitate a short distance around her to confuse her foes.


Master's Defender - The Keyblade of Aqua's late master, Eraqus. This weapon is lightweight and elegant, functioning both as a blunt instrument and precise cutting tool that few metals can resist. Locks both physical and immaterial fall to it, either from a simple tap or a beam of light that emerges from the blade's end. In addition to being a superb conduit for magic, it can transform into a one-manned flying vehicle when thrown, enabling long-distance travel. Perhaps most importantly is the blade's loyalty; the blade can only be wielded by Aqua, and if she's separated from it, it will always appear in her hand if she calls out for it.

Sample Post:
Aqua jolted awake with a gasp; her keyblade appeared in a flash of light, and she leaped to her feet in a battle-ready stance. The creatures within the Realm of Darkness were unrelenting, and the Keyblade Master couldn't remember the last time she'd slept soundly for more than an hour. The distant sounds of chittering had woken her, and the woman's eyes darted about in an attempt to locate the unseen foe. "I fear not the creatures of the darkness!" Aqua shouted into the night, more for her own confidence than in an attempt to intimidate the unthinking monsters that lurked in the pitch blackness.

In that moment, the ground beneath her gave out, and Aqua fell through the realm, screaming in panic. Time and distance were things one couldn't measure in this Realm of Darkness, and thus Aqua wasn't sure how long or how far she'd fallen. Suddenly, an icy witness hit her full on, and she quickly realized she'd fallen underwater. Looking at what she thought was up, the distortions of light were visible far ahead. With water filling her lungs, she kicked upwards and swam for the surface. Just as the light in her eyes began to fade, she thrust her head above-water and gasped for air.

A blinding light hit her, and Aqua squinted in pain, she'd been so far away from light that it had actually made her eyes hurt. "Where... am I?" The Keyblade Master muttered, gradually opening her eyes to soak in her surroundings. In the distance, she could see a large island with immense structures and an unfamiliar architecture. "This can't be the Realm of Darkness," Aqua muttered, before the realization set in. She was out, she was free.

The girl smiled for the first time in years, "Ven... Terra... I'll find a way to get back to you." Eyeing the island in the distance, Aqua began to swim towards dry land. A second chance... I can't waste it. Aqua thought to herself. Determination strengthened her resolve, and the island drew ever closer.

Aqua / Tracker
 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 10:24 PM

The sun will rise.

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