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» Eve Garland, External - The Mother
 Posted: Aug 29 2016, 06:33 PM

The sun will rise.

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Classification: External
Name: Eve Garland
Age: 39
Gender: Female
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Eve is an older woman, standing at 5’7”, with pale skin and a willowy frame. Her age shows in light wrinkles of her face, but she has otherwise aged well. Her left eye is a warm brown, hooded and narrow, with a dark, narrow eyebrow arcing above it, while the other is concealed by an eyepatch, dark grey in color. Her hair is long and messy, and even tied up into a high ponytail it grows down to the small of her back. It’s a striking pure white color, as if something had simply drained the color from it - the most visible mark that interfering has left on her.

Eve’s outfit was gifted to her upon interference, and is similarly colorless. It’s far from her style, but it’s magical qualities that keep it clean and maintained make it something worth wearing. A black turtleneck shirt forms the lowest layer, with a dark grey vest with light grey hems over it. She wears patterned tights, one leg striped with black and white, the other black and decorated with white, 4 pointed stars. Over the tights she wears a short, ruffled skirt, in the same dark grey shade as her vest. For shoes she wears tall black boots, laced and tied with light grey laces. Over it all she wears a long coat, dark grey with light grey, cross-shaped markings on the side.

Mental: First impressions of Eve paint her as a quiet woman, with a stern look and manner that’s almost reminiscent of a particularly strict librarian. She doesn’t make much sound as she moves, nor does she have any particularly obvious twitches or nervous habits - but she gives a constant impression of watching and judging the people around her. Most of the time, especially in the multiverse, she is. Her silence shouldn’t be taken for being compliant, however. Eve is a woman driven by a goal that she considers of vital importance, and she’ll let no one sway her from that path: a mission to eliminate the multiverse, and “free” the externals trapped within it.

From Eve’s point of view, the multiverse is a honeypot, a fairyland straight from the darker tales. It’s a place that has stolen away her child, and the children of others, and the very memories of their existence. A world of war and strife and darkness, of a thousand shining lures, each one drawing those who take them furthering into the trap, twisting and changing in body and spirit until they’re something… else. Something that could never return to reality.

There is an undercurrent of desperation that drives her actions, a hope that others will see the what she sees and that she can accomplish her goals without bloodshed. That perhaps others will even join her, and that she’ll no longer be alone in the darkness that’s surrounded her spirit. But at the same time, she also believes that the people of the multiverse can’t see the truth. And, when someone refuses to see the truth, or has gone too far to be able to…

Well, sometimes you have to commit dark acts for the greater good.

Background: Eve Garland was a child with dreams, once.

She grew up in a time of cold war, of looming fear and economic strife, but as a child none of that stuff mattered. Her world was her family, three generations in the same house, and she never wanted for anything. It helped that her desires were simple - books and stories and new experiences were what she craved during that brief time when things were simple and things like popularity didn’t matter.

As time passed, the creeping influence of a world of consumerism and pop culture encroached on her world, and she found herself unable to adapt. Television? Video games? There were so many things she was expected to know and do if she was to get along with other people, things that just didn’t appeal to her, and the things that did appeal to her just weren’t “cool”. She was considered odd, childish, behind the curve… and despite herself, Eve began to see herself that way too.

It was a hard time of her life in a lot of ways, as the careful balance of her family gradually dissolved, as she lost her grandparents and, in a way, her parents as well, to strife and work and a million other things that added up to further isolate her. She closed off the world of her dreams, and threw herself into the world of reality, changing herself piece by piece to fit in and succeeding.

She came out of school with good grades and okay friends, and even a boy she was, at the time, fond of enough to marry, though not fond enough to go out of her way and make time with him. He had his work, and she had her business, and it didn’t take long for the warmth between them to go cool, for the tensions that Eve remembered her parents going through to spark between them as well - in the end, there was nothing that tied the two together. She had seen where that would go, and she wouldn’t go down the same path. She packed up her things and left, striking out into the world on her own... least, that’s how she remembered it going.

Her new apartment she lived in seemed a little too big, a little too empty, a feeling that she couldn’t pinpoint a start to. It would only make sense for it to be due to the divorce, but that was years past, and this feeling felt too raw, too new. She tried to dismiss it as stress from her job, or from life, or just lingering feelings, but it followed her like a shadow through her life.

And one day, she had a realization - why was she living in a two bedroom apartment, and yet had never entered the second room?


Not long after her marriage, Eve had a son.

Bryan had been a bright boy, one interested in computers and cartoons and games. He’d been a rare light in Eve’s life, a glimpse of a world she’d lost long ago. She’d told him the stories she’d been told as a child, bright and dark stories both pulled from some dusty corner of her memory, and smiled as he begged for one more.

How could she have forgotten?


The year that followed was a bad one.

It was bad enough to suddenly remember a whole lifetime of history, a whole person seemingly plucked from her memories like a book from a shelf. Worse to discover that the rest of the world didn’t. It ticked on, heedless of her strife, giving her no one to confide in. Her ex? He didn’t remember, and talk of an imaginary child did little to improve their already strained relationship. Her family? She’d fallen out of touch with them, and she feared the same reaction. She collected whatever she could, bits of proof to prove to herself that she hadn’t simply lost her mind - a room, fully furnished, that until now she’d never even glanced at. A game console that she’d bought for him after months of begging, one she wouldn’t have been able to play even if she tried. Those little inconsistencies in her life, that had never seemed important before were now adding up into a story of horror.

She withdrew, from friends, from work, from the world as a whole. She tried to find an answer, one that wasn’t simply that she had imagined it all, that she’d simply gone insane… but as the days became weeks, her resolve began to waver. Perhaps Bryan had never existed. Perhaps it had all been a dream, conjured into existence by slowly sickening mind. She certainly felt sick now, weighed down by the mere necessities of existence.

And then one day, as she walked past the room that had started this all, she heard a voice from the other side of the door…

Abilities: Nemesis: Upon interfering, Eve was given power of Nemesis, a cold and empty power that infuses her very being. Her presence in a place seems to suck away warmth, and the activation of many of its effects is manifested as a cold wind that chills the soul. This draining cold increases if she makes skin contact with someone.

The primary effects of Nemesis is negation: properly used, Eve can reduce or simply annul any attack thrown her way. She can use it like a barrier against physical attacks, reducing or even eliminating the damage it would have dealt to her. An impact can still toss her aside - she is no immovable object, though at times she can seem that way - but even the most powerful attacks can leave her with little more than bruises.

The black wind that Eve can generate does more than simply chill - it can drain the spirit or shred supernatural effects entirely. She can at any point choose to generate an aura of negative energy, one that drains away powers of spirit and will and shreds mystic and mental arts like fog. It takes energy to maintain this anti-field, and the stronger the attack, the more difficult it can be to negate it, but so long as she has the energy to do so, she can keep it up.

Eve can move using the power of Nemesis, allowing her to move faster than a normal human without any real exertion. Her appearance when doing so is strange and chaotic - as if sequences of motion between one point and another are missing.

Despite its strength, Eve can deal no true damage with Nemesis - she can drain away every scrap of power, soak every blow, chill a person to the core of their soul - but any attacks must be done with mundane methods. And while Eve is in good shape for her age, she is no trained fighter. She can be restrained, or stopped, like any other normal human.

Equipment: N/A
Sample Post: There was conversation drifting from beyond the door, the sounds of laughter and light conversation. And among those voices was his voice. Older, with an unfamiliar cadence, but unmistakable nonetheless.

Eve hesitated at the door for only a moment, crushing the half-full paper cup of water in her hand, and threw the door open.

The room was empty. Dust sparkled in the evening sunlight, stirred up by her sudden entrance. A made bed, dusty shelves, a desk near the window where a monitor flickered and flashed. She stared - there was nothing connected to that monitor anymore. It didn’t even have a power cable. So how…

”Hey, Bryan! Let’s go!”

She was across the room in seconds, grabbing the monitor with both hands, not even caring if water was dripping onto the keyboard. Through the out-of-tune-television haze, she could see him - a flash of a face, the flame of his hair. Smiling, laughing, with a group of people that were completely unfamiliar and didn’t matter to her. He was happy, healthy, alive.

And then the scene changed.

No more clear blue sky. No more happy conversation. A dark room, lit with an unnatural purple glow. The figure of a child, dressed in a military uniform, holding a sword that crackled like lightning.

People, battered and burnt, lying motionless on the ground. Through the static, Eve could see that Bryan lay among them.

The screen went dark.

“No… no!” Eve gripped the edges of the monitor tightly enough that the plastic began to crack. “Bring him back... please, bring back my son!”

The monitor gave her no response and no answers. With a cry of frustration she tossed it across the room, sending it into the wall with a crack. The sound was enough to break through the emotions overwhelming her, allowing a thin finger of sanity to creep through. That… that couldn’t have been real. No, of course not… this was stress and depression combining to throw her into another horrible hallucination. As she watched a thin wisp of smoke rise from the cracked monitor, she was left with a feeling of emptiness.

How did things end up like this…

Eve dropped onto the bed, burying her face in her hands. She didn’t see the smoke continue to flow from the monitor, pooling around her feet like inky black water. She didn’t notice the way it seemed to creep up the walls, blotting out the windows so that the only light that came through was thin and grey. She didn’t notice the way it coiled upwards before her, like a serpent preparing to strike.

She noticed, for a brief second, the pain like a knife in her chest and the spreading cold it left in its wake, for the few seconds before the darkness took her thoughts entirely.

Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Sep 1 2016, 07:10 PM


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