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Kingdom Hearts, drawing, aliens, science fiction, psychic powers, fantasy, Neverwinter Nights, RPGs, Kamen Rider, and Creepy Pasta... occasionally... also, anime, manga, and video games!
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Jan 17 2017, 10:06 AM
Alright boys and girls, it's Activity Check time!

The process is fairly simple - sometime in the next two weeks, drop a post here and just state that you're active, and list your characters. If you have any characters you intend to drop, you can also note that in your post (though it's not required).

If someone doesn't post, they'll be considered on probation list for another week. If we still haven't heard from them after that week has passed, their account will be tagged as Inactive and their characters moved to the appropriate sub-forum.

This check is to be done every 2 months on the seventeenth- unless something happens to make the check run late. Real Life happens, and we should always keep in mind that it comes first.

As for myself, I'll be keeping the following:

Legode Rydrion
Aria Token
Drizzt Do'Urden.

Liv and Dave Stevens- I just feel its time ya know?

Active Members:
Millie Sentinal
Chanlye Alexina
Natalie Emu
Jan 17 2016, 04:03 PM
Liv here! So, after finally deciding to keep track of my summons, here's a list of all eight of them, and this will be updated as links well, happen and grow!

Summon: Fukurou the Owl
Color: Yellow.
Summon Phrase: Fukurou-kun, To whit, to who!
Link: Calvin.
Stage: Currently, at stage three after meeting up with Calvin in the hospital. Fukurou gave Calvin a cloak, so the next time I meet him, our bond should cause Fukurou to max out! Heck, the owl looks a bit more humanoid now too, so I'm looking forward to seeing my owl at max level!

Summon: Neko the Cat.
Color: White
Summon phrase: Neko Chan, lend a hand!
Link: Originally Aaron, but he ditched so my little kitty is currently linked to a guy named Blaze, who claims to have known me and my twin brother, David, in an alternate timeline. Sure, alternate dimensions and universes are a thing to be expected, but actually experiencing it from the point of view of the alternate of someone from that alternate universe or timeline that knew that other well, you? Creepy as hell. But, despite the berserker "Kill anything that moves" mode Blaze has, I guess I'll have to see where it goes.
Stage: Base stage, a cute little kitty with a few brown and black spots and a red collar. She's so adorable and tiny!

Summon: Quilin.
Color: Orange, even if his body's blue.
Summon Phrase: Quilin! Run through the Overture of Life!
Link: Ethan. Also the guy I had my first kiss with, but only because it looked like we were about to die. Ethan also got a gauntlet from Quilin after that incident, and while co-wielding his keyblade, I got my sword Dragonwave out of it as well! Though, my sword is sort of a pseudo keyblade I think. Can't unlock anything, buy it does grant me access to FF spells. And also Bio.
Stage: Final Stage, which means that even if the link is broken, Quilin won't reset! Hell, the guy can also fly now, has ethereal flames on his mostly blue scaly body, and just looks so awesome! Especially in his new black and gold armor!

Summon: Oel.
Color: Green.
Summon Phrase: Oel, march our way to victory!
Link: Formerly Nate, my ex boyfriend... but his pervy nature and well, the fact that I just wasn't actually happy with him kind of ended up breaking the link after I broke up with him. I still hope to be friends, but well, Oel needs a new link partner.
Stage: Starting stage: a young boy in black and gold armor, a helmet that's a bit large on him, and a bright green cape. He has fire powers... and he can eat heartless too. Somehow. I try not to think about it.

Summon: Jak.
Color: Red.
Summon Phrase: Jak! Rock out!
Link: None.
Stage: Starting stage, but no idea what it looks like yet.

Summon: Nature's Beauty
Color: Pink
Summon Phrase: Nature's Beauty, spread your symphony on the winds!
Link: None.
Stage: Starting stage.

Summon: Molla Esecutore.
Color: Purple
Summon Phrase: Molla Esecutore, crescendo!
Link: None.
Stage: Starting stage.

Summon: Pandsor
Color: Blue
Summon Phrase: Pandsor, bring on the finale!
Link: None.
Stage: Starting stage.

Oh yeah! Thanks to that sword I got from that combo I did with Ethan a while back, I now have access to magic! Here's the list of spells I got so far:

White Magic:

Back Magic:









Jan 16 2016, 01:06 PM
The World the druid Legode Rydrion had spent the past couple of tendays investigating seemed to be in some rather large trouble. Not only did she sense that the balance of nature was in deep trouble from her ship, but going down and seeing that towns, and even forests had been turned into crystal deeply troubled her. Of course, while she did hear that the Queen of the Kingdom of Regnant, Anastasia had put together a group of knights to help gather witches to save the world, the druid had decided to keep a close eye on them, while also being careful not to draw attention to herself.

Staying out in the wilderness and only going into towns to listen to rumors helped. Though the town of Port Noir did seem rather corrupt due to an apparent drug ring and a mayor holding sway on the locals' minds, since he had been captured, the Druid didn't have to go sneak into his home and kill him. For now anyway.

Of course, Legode's investigation- which led her to learn about the Witch Hilda and her Harbingers, as well as their apparent plan to use the witch's singing voice to cast the spell that turned the world into Crystal a little at a time (and even then, the idea of only Witches being able to sing was incredibly weird to the druid), had ended up leading her to the land of Amastu. The place it self seemed to remind her of the far eastern part of her home world, based on what her father told her about it anyway, with it's architecture, and the temple where the Priestess and Fire Witch Sakuya lived, as well as the region's culture itself being quite different than what she was used to.

Of course, since there was a festival going on when the druid arrived, cloak over her body and mask hiding her face, while Yethrys walked by her side and grumbling as he had to "play nice" and pretend to be a tamed beast. Of course, while the druid did catch the witch Sakuya, in her red robes, and long black hair pinned back a bit thanks to a rather odd looking decoration that had a claw shaped gem as well as one of the knights- a plain looking young man with black hair, blue eyes, and a red jacket with only one pauldron on it, she didn't even go near them, pretending to be interested in a shop owner's wares as they passed her by. Of course, the priestess's usual bodyguard- a woman with very little clothing, large breasts and a box on her head did follow the two, Legode decided it was probably a precaution and said nothing.

Unfortunately, it was later on during the Priestess' concert to end the festival did things start going wrong. As Legode were at the back of the crowd, she learned rather quickly that Sakuya had lost her voice for some reason, and the taunting of a rather creepy young girl in a rabbit themed hooded coat showing up, taunting the priestess and then kidnapping her before heading to the volcano, Regnant Knights following in hot pursuit didn't help things either.

"Great. Trouble's occurred." Legode said dryly as the people around her panicked, "Well, should we go help then Yethrys, or shall we stay out of it a little further?"

Yethrys's expression easily translating to "I'm bored, I'm tired of pretending to be a damn pet, and I want some action already!" was enough to let Legode smile beneath her mask. Without another word, the druid and her partner then headed towards the volcano, personally hoping not to run into any trouble on the way.

Then again, Legode was overdue for a certain curse on all adventurers kicking in and causing her to get sidetracked before joining the battle.
Apr 30 2015, 12:56 PM
Drizzt Do'Urden, ranger, dark elf, and hero was strolling along the beach, his best friend and sole companion from his homeworld, the magical panther Guenhwyvar by his side. Scratching between the cat's ears, the dark elf had decided to take a moment and get some fresh air after a very long while inside his ship looking for any sign of his homeworld.

The sound of the waves crashing against the beach, followed by the smell of the ocean itself brought back memories of hunting pirates with Deudermont and his beloved Cattie Brie, and also of a few fights along the way. As he had chosen to leave his cloak on his ship due to the world's warm weather, Drizzt was unable to hide his coal black skin and white hair, and so as a result, he had gotten some odd looks from the locals.

At the moment though, he didn't really care.
Mar 14 2015, 01:07 PM
Legode wasn't surprised by how dark and grim this world looked as she stepped out of the save point. Besides the odd looking architecture, the seemingly always autumn weather, and the full moon overhead, it seemed just another odd world in this universe.

And then she realized that something about her felt off. Her hair seemed messier than usual, and her teeth seemed to feel sharper as she felt them with her tongue. Looking down, she also noted her clothes seemed a bit ragged, but also containing more wolf fur and bony plates on her arms similar to Yethrys. Examining her fingers, she noted that she now had claws, and her boots now looked like they were clawed as well.

"This... is weird." Legode then said, and noticed her voice held a bit of a growl to it. Looking around, she started to wonder if Krym would become more beastly on this world. Considering how leonine he seemed, especially when that other personality was about, she probably wouldn't be surprised if he looked even more like a lion.
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