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Nov 29 2015, 02:55 AM
John woke up stretching his arms and scratched his arm. He sat up and rubbed his eyes and looked around to see... nothing. He seemed to be in a dark room with only a small corridor leading to one way. He looked down at his legs.
"Oh no..." He mumbled to himself standing up and wiping gold flowers off of his clothes. "I'm dreaming about that game again, aren't I?"
He decided to continue down the corridor expecting to meet with a little jerk of a flower.
Nov 28 2015, 07:41 PM
Classification: External

Name: John Myers


Gender: Male

Physical: Brown curly hair, Brown eyes, 6'4", 180 lbs, fairly lean with a slight jiggle to him. has a bunch of (not literal) crap on his face from constantly picking at his facial blemishes leaving holes in his face. He always looks pretty tired. Has a mustache and chin beard that he wishes was thicker, maybe if he shaved it more it'd grow back thicker.

Mental: John is like every other dude in his 22 year. filled with regret for little things, filled with anxiety that he covers up with his improv acting skills and his depression which he uses his fantasies to escape from. Though he was never officially diagnosed he just recognizes he has some similar behaviors. If he was put into an alignment it would be somewhere between Neutral Good or Chaotic Good. He'll do most anything for good, maybe even kill but he doesn't like the killing that much. He does however love a good joke and pun and will sometimes go out of his way to do so. He likes music, video games, tv, movies, acting, singing, playing guitar, role playing, and eating. He is extremely attached to his acoustic guitar which he has had for almost 10 years now. If anything were to happen to it he'd be very upset.

Background: John came from a hella Christian family. His dad was an assistant pastor at a church and took his job seriously. John wasn't allowed to date girls until he was 18, wasn't allowed to have friends into certain things, wasn't allowed to play games above his age level, wasn't allowed to do anything except school and computer/console games. He grew up extremely sheltered from the real world and was filled with nothing but schoolwork (in which it was at home), what he saw on tv and in games, in his music, and what was taught in church. When he was young he wanted to learn drums, he took some lessons with the church's drummer but it was hard when he didn't have his own. On John's 13th birthday his dad gave him an acoustic guitar and from then on he started learning how to play it. That lasted 1 semester of a crappy class that had him ending in never wanting to touch it. He had to learn AND PERFORM a new song every week or 2. He was pretty good at school, he got straight A's and the occasional B. That is until he fell in love with a girl and started focusing on her instead of his school. He talked to her everyday and even picked up his acoustic guitar again to woo her. He finally asked her out... of course it was a no. John's life took a change for the worse. He started getting depressed, thinking there was no hope for him. His grades dropped severely; he barely graduated with D's. But he still found a comfort in music and picked up his guitar and continued to practice alone. He then went to college where he took up acting and piano classes. His life was filled with rejection and fear as he continued on, failing his college classes one after another due to his lack of focus and interest. World History was the worst, being called out in class because he was raised to think something different. Finally he decided to give up on love and just make friends. He sent a message to a girl in character on an online dating site as a joke instead of actually trying to find love, he picked up a job, dropped out of college and had a steady income. November 2013, he met the love of his life. She happened to be the same girl he messaged as a joke on that dating site for a friend's cosplay birthday party. After a few weeks she asked John out and he said yes. John also joined an improv group and was loved by many though no matter how welcomed he was he always felt out of place. But he was able to meet many friends, gain many experiences in acting and eventually move in with another actor. Now in November of 2015 John is living with his now fiancee in an apartment with his friend from improv, working with his fiancee at Walmart (surprisingly better than his old job) and looking to a bright future. But now he is 22 and still hasn't broken out as an actor, musician, or really done anything great. Maybe his true dream could be a reality? to be a hero like in the animes or video games?

Abilities: Sickly okay guitar skills, singing, and improv acting.

Equipment: An acoustic guitar and pick, ipod and headphones

Sample Post: Friday the 27th of November 2015 was like any other Friday for John. Hundreds of customers come through his line, make the same joke about free money or products, and he was weak from the lack of food before his shift due to his lack of money. Luckily the break-room was serving sandwiches free of charge for employees. Finally 12:30 came around and John and his fiancee could finally go home. He and his Fiancee cuddled in bed as they watched more of their current Netflix show. Finally, 3:00am came around and John decided it was time for bed because his wife-to-be had work in the morning.
As 2:00pm came around they woke up and John was left alone as his love left to labor lusting for a lucrative pay, he decided to pop open a mike's hard lemonade and play some video games. He sat down and pulled out his laptop and played some Undertale on his Steam account. He started getting drowsy when he got to a large dog in armor and the funnest little song started playing.
"Oh now this shit is way too cute." He coo'd as he reached for his acoustic guitar and pick to try and mimic it but as he plugged in his headphones and tried to strum his exhaustion kicked in and he fell asleep. With a flash of light he woke up suddenly in another world.
Nov 25 2015, 06:32 PM
Hi. I'm Lusoric. I like games, shows, movies, music and crap. Don't have much to say about myself and if my track record continues no one probably cares what I like, do, or am like.
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