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» The Journal of Legode Rydrion, Volume 2
 Posted: Mar 14 2015, 12:39 PM


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Since my first journal was getting rather full, I felt it was time to start a new one.

Spells gained so far

---Cure Minor Wounds: Basic healing spell, heals a little bit of damage.
--- Flare: blast of heat weakens target’s attack.
---Light: creates a magical light source either by having a ball of light appear over a person’s head or temporarily enchanting items to give off light when equipped.
---Resistance: Temporarily boosts defense.
---Virtue: Temporarily boosts a target’s health for the duration of a battle.

1st level
---Camoflauge: Caster or target blends into their environment, useful for hiding or a sneak attack.
---Cure Light Wounds: a little stronger than Cure Minor Wounds, still heals a small amount of damage though, most likely will take three casts of it to heal a broken bone.
---Endure Elements: increases caster's and targets defense against the elements, but I'm not sure just what besides fire, water, earth, and air could count as elements here.
---Entangle: vines come out of the ground in an area of about 20 feet I believe, and ensnare an enemy to immobilize them. I hate it when this spell is used on me though.
---Grease: Covers the area in a layer of grease that comes out of the ground, causing people to slip and lose their footing. I wonder if I can use it to speed myself up a bit in a battle? It'd take some practice though but I'll look into it later.
---Magic Fang: This boosts Yethrys' power in battle, but for some reason it needs to be cast on myself instead of him.
---Sleep: Puts a target to sleep, unless they're either elven or have a resistance to it.
---Summon Creature, First Level: allows me to summon a dire badger into the fray, this will be useful in future battles, I know it.
---Ultravision: Magically enhances the target's eyesight, so that they can see not just in natural darkness, but magical darkness as well.
---Foundation of Stone: a spell that mysteriously appeared in my spellbook. It seems to let me prevent a target from being knocked down.
---Lesser Vigor: this lets me give minor and slow regeneration to an ally.
---Snake's Swiftness: An ally gets sped up a bit, like in the haste spell.

2nd level
---Barkskin: Covers target in a layer of bark from head to toe, lasts until resting after a battle, or until a certain amount of damage is recieved. Increases defense... except against fire.
---Blood Frenzy: Turns the caster into a berserking warrior with an increase in health and strength. To be used in emergencies only.
---Bull's Strength: increases the target's strength for a short time. Safer to use than Blood Frenzy.
---Charm Person or Animal: Allows me to better my chances to get information from people, and convincing animals to come fight by my side... of course the second part is a bit pointless due to animal empathy, but charming people might work. It won't work to well if the target's will is stronger though, and it lasts a short time in any event.
---Flame Lash: one of my favorites, flaming whips come from my hands, which I can use as a weapon in a battle. Useful against Zombies, Trolls, and other things weak to fire. Also cooking something on a spit.
---Hold Animal: immobilizes an animal.
---Lesser Dispel: Removes weak magical effects.
---Lesser Restoration: Removes magical ailments, will not lift a curse or cure a disease.
---One With The Land: increases my ties to nature, allowing an increase in animal empathy, a better chance at hiding from enemies and moving silently, and setting traps. Since I don't carry any trap kits though, that last one isn't very useful.
---Resists Elements: a stronger version of the spell Endure Elements.
---Summon Creature, Second Level: I can summon a Dire Boar to help in battle. Unforuntately, if I used a different level of summon creature spell before hand, the previous summon will disappear.
---Bear's Endurance: Increases a target's health.
---Cat's Grace: Increases a target's dexterity.
---Owl's Wisdom: Increases a target's wisdom.
---Animalistic Power: This seems to let me give an ally an attribute of an animal, at least for strength, constitution, and dexterity.
---Body of the Sun: Allows me to hurt anyone near me. Could be useful if I'm outnumbered and surrounded.
---Creeping Cold: Let's me deal a bit of ice damage that lasts for a certain amount of time.
---Flame Weapon: Allows me to enchant a weapon with the power of fire.
---Gust of wind: Exactly what you think.
---Mass Camoflauge and Mass Snake's Swiftness: Like their single target versions, but now I can cast it on a group.
---Reduce Animal: It... lets me shrink beasts. Not sure how to make use of this yet.

3rd level
Spells regained: 3rd Level
---Call Lightning: Brings down a couple of bolts of Lightning down near an enemy, damaging them, and also causing the destruction of any and all objects in tthe area... does not however, destroy items being stored inside some of objects ddestroyed.
---Contagion: Gives a target a disease from Faerun such as Blinding Sickness (lowers one's strength and can also cause temporary blindness), Cackle Fever (lowers Wisdom, not one I wish to get myself as my spells rely on my wisdom in the first place), Mindfire (Lowers intelligence, which is bad for Wizards and their spellcasting), Red Ache, Shakes (Both Red Ache and Shakes are diseases that lowers the afflicted's strength though a little more so than Blinding Sickness), Slimy Doom (attacks a person's dexterity and also very... gross), or occasionally Filth Fever (Attacks Intelligence and Constitution a little bit, definitely not wanted in any situation.)
---Cure Moderate Wounds:Heals a little more than Cure Light Wounds does, healing intermediate amounts of damage.
---Dominate Animal:Temporarily allows me to control a beast into a temporary ally, it goes back to being an enemy if it is around when I stop to rest, or I send it out of range. However, for it to be successful, my will must be stronger than the animal I cast it on. Another Druid once tried to use it on Yethrys... and well, let's just say it did not end nicely for them as Yethrys bit their arm off and used the club the limb was holding against that other druid by holding the club in his mouth and hitting them repeatedly with it. I have wondered several times since then just how intelligent Yethrys truly is, and it frightens me some days.
---Greater Magic Fang:Makes an Animal Companion more powerful in battle, and Yethrys loves when I use this spell. Oddly enough, it can only be cast on the being the animal is a companion to, meaning I must cast it on myself for Yethrys to feel the effects.
---Healing Sting: While it requires me to touch a person, it deals a bit of damage to the enemy and heals me, which is useful in a pinch.
---Infestation of Maggots:Another one that requires me to touch a target. Instead of doing anything to heal me however, the target is infected with well, maggots that hurt them for a little while before either death or disappearing.
---Neutralize Poison:Removes Poison, counters the Poison spell. Pretty simple really.
---Poison:Poisons a victim with poison similar to that of a Large Scorpion. I'll only use this when I have no other option, I just hope that never happens.
---Protection From Elements:Protects from Fire, Ice, Electrical, Acid and Sonic Damage for a time.
---Quillfire: Allows me to fire poisonous quills from my finger tips,though the poison taking effect is up to chance.
---Remove Disease: Counters the Contagion Spell, and removes most diseases that aren't caused by the spell... except the diseases that seem to require a lot of fetching in order for the cure to be created...
---Spike Growth:A spell that effects everyone and causes spikes to come out of the ground.
---Summon Creature, Third Level:Summons another Dire Wolf to assist me in battle.
---Dehydrate: Lets me dry out an enemy by slowly taking out the water in their bodies. Could be rather useful against oozes.
---Hypothermia: Gives a target hypothermia and cold damage. I'll... save this one for emergencies along with Dehydration.
---Mass Lesser Vigor:Gives all my allies slow regeneration.
---Spiderskin: Makes a target's skin like a spiders, and also helps them resist poison... also a bit creepy. Okay, very creepy.
---Vigor Single target gets regular regeneration.

~Spectacular Landing~
23rd day of Flamerule, 1372
Just when I get back to Radiant Garden to resupply after dropping off The Batter, things just get... insane for me. I met a man named Krym who apparently knows me, or at least knew an alternate me that according to another personality of his, was someone he loved. Then, after learning Alexis died and became a heartless, Krym kisses me, ends up as my servant, and also a new traveling companion! I... I really don't know how to feel about all of this, part of me kind of likes the guy, but I'm also frightened by how much he knows of me thanks to that 'other' me he met!

Anyway, the whole day was such a confusing day, I didn't realize my spellbook had updated until I checked on our way to the next world. I now have my fourth level spells back, finally. I wrote them down so that I'll be able to keep track of them as well, though, it seems something happened to add some new spells to my previously acquired ones. Those, I've added to my spell list:

New Spells, 4th level

---Arc of Lightning: I pick two targets, and lightning goes between them and anything else that walks into the arc. Could be quite fun if applied properly.
---Cure Serious Wounds: Exactly what you think. There are still stronger healing spells though.
---Flame Strike: I call down a pillar of divine flame unto an enemy... and perhaps anything else close to it. This will perhaps be very useful.
---Freedom of Movement: This will keep me from getting stuck in Entangle, or a spider web! Or well, being impeded in my movements at all! I love this spell!
---Greater Creeping Cold: More powerful than the usual Creeping Cold.
---Greater Resistance: Adds more defense than the cantrip Resistance.
---Hold Monster: Lets me paralyze a monster in its tracks. Could be useful for the very fast ones.
---Ice Storm: I bring in a hail storm that lasts a few minutes. Not only is it cold, it can also break apart skeletons with bludgeoning damage. Balls of ice do that you know.
---Moonbolt: Apparently, it can weaken the strength of the living, but knockdown undead. Not sure how to use this yet.
---Stoneskin: Gives a target a layer of stone on their bodies to protect them.
---Summon Creature, fourth level: Summons a dire spider to help me in battle.

~Hallowed Nights~
24th Day of Flamerule, 1372

So, today Krym and I arrived in Halloween town, where our bodies were altered slightly to look, well, frightening. I myself looked a bit like a dire wolf, while Krym just looked like a were-wolf in general. Also, I discovered the drow ability to levitate, and also met Bastian again, even if he did look undead in that world. Oh, there was also a boy named Shulk, but he seemed to have wandered off on his own... as well as some mage named Tippy, but I didn't really like him, since he blasted a tendril that tried to kidnap me... and well, when we unfortunately lost the trail while attempting to track it afterward.

1st day of Kythorn, 1373
It's hard to believe how long I've been in the Multiverse now. However, while training on more natural worlds, like the forests of the Kingdom of Baron, a world where monsters can be freed of their madness while they wander within giant moving structures known as Titans by those who try and reach the arc of each Titan, just to gain a wish (though, I never entered the Titans themselves, as something felt... incredibly off, so I simply stayed out in the wilds. Also, young monsters in that world seem human, before they reach a certain age and change completely.) and finally a place called the Goaracchia Forest on a world called Aselia. However, I made sure not to get involved with events on any of those worlds, and simply focused on my training. In these past few months however, I've regained more of my magic, having reached my seventh level of magic, and I am also close to being back where I was before I became an interference. I have also grown wiser, stronger, dexterous, smarter and a bit more healthy as well. My Charisma however... well, it hasn't changed as I kept from interacting with people, and I left Krym behind in Radiant Garden while I trained with just Yethrys.

In any event, here are my new spells:

New Spells, 5th, 6th and 7th level

5th Level
---Awaken: A spell that helps me add strength, health, and wisdom to an animal for as long as they remain by my side. In other words, it only works on my animal companion, Yethrys. I've already cast it once, and my partner has actually grown into more of a clau because of it.
---Cure Critical Wounds: A stronger cure spell, which lets me heal a lot more than I could before.
---Call Lightning Storm: a much more powerful version of Call Lightning. Mainly because I'm able to call down more lightning bolts at once. Very useful for breaking multiple altars in a temple, and also for scaring locals into thinking a local deity is pissed off... on other worlds at least.
---Death Ward: Grants immunity to Death Spells, and protects against negative energy, so not only will I or anyone I cast this spell on will be harder to kill, we won't have to deal with a drain of our life either.
---Heal Animal Companion: Let's me heal Yethrys completely. At least I won't have to use my Cure Wounds spells anymore on him, so that's a good thing.
---Inferno: Fire. Lots, and lots of Fire. Can even be used to burn enemies alive if I feel like watching them run around like a chicken with it's head cut off.
---Owl's Insight: Allows me to boost wisdom for myself, or another person. Could be useful for a complete idiot... or for giving clarity to an insane person.
---Rejuvenation Cocoon: Surrounds a target in a cocoon, immobilizing them but also cures diseases, poisons, and adds temporary regeneration. The downside is of course, the inability to move. I best save this for emergencies.
---Monstrous Regeneration: Whoever I use this spell on have their injuries heal a little faster. Can't regrow lost limbs though.
---Restoration: Originally, I couldn't cast this spell, but I assume something changed that so that druids could counter level drain, blindness, and other annoying problems caused by certain monsters.
---Slay Living: Basically, a spell to kill a target. If I need to. Though, if someone is lucky enough or has some good fortitude, they'll just be weakened by negative energy... unless they qualify as undead.
---Spell Resistance: It increases my, or another person's magic resistance. That's... pretty much it.
---Summon Creature V: Summons a Dire Bear, or a Shadow Mastiff to aid me and Yethrys. It... depends on location for which one. More natural areas gets me a bear, more urban places gets me the Mastiff.
---Wall of Fire: Calls in a... wall of fire. Burns people as it is set up, and burns those stupid enough to walk through it. Usually undead like Zombies.
---Vine Mine: I trap spell that, when I set it, can do one of three things: Entangle whoever steps on it, hampers movement for a large area, unless one has Freedom, or be used as camouflage for myself and allies. However, to be useful on a large area, I need to set several of them.

6th Level
---Crumble: It destroys Constructs.
---Mass Cure Light Wounds: Yay... I can heal a crowd of deep cuts and large bruises...
---Greater Dispel Magic: Lets me remove all spells on an enemy or the strongest spell on each member of a group of enemies.
---Drown: I fill a living opponents lungs with water, and almost die. Usually.
---Energy Immunity: I cast this spell, and select one type of energy for a person to become immune too out of Fire, Cold, Acid, Lightning, and Sonic (as in soundwaves, not the Hedgehog Drizzt told me about once when we ran into each other on the world with the living dungeons.) Should be useful against dragons from my world... or anything similar.
---Extract Water Elemental: If I understand this correctly, if this spell kills a target, I summon a water elemental from them... most likely due to actually draining the water out of a living being and leaving them as a dried out husk. If it doesn't kill someone, it may still be useful for torture.
---Mass Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace and Owl's Wisdom: Increases Constitution, Strength, Dexterity and Wisdom respectively for a group.
---Regenerate: Lets a target heal a good deal of health quickly during battle, and also regrow lost limbs.
---Stonehold: Lets me conjure a cloud that encases a target in stone and immobilizes them.
---Greater Stoneskin: Like normal Stone Skin, but better and lasts longer.
---Summon Creature VI:Summons a Dire Tiger to aid me and Yethrys. I've seen many a bandit run and scream in fear when they've come across me thanks to this one.
---Superior Resistance: Makes a person much more resiliant. Obviously.
---Tortoise Shell: Adds a bit to one's armor, useful for keeping mages alive for a while longer.. or for using on a heavily armored person and turning them into an impenetrable wall between you and a large group of enemies.
---Vigorous Cycle: Lets me, and all my allies heal quickly while the spell lasts. If my allies summon familiars of their own? Well, that means a bigger army of self healers as there doesn't seem to be a limit for this spell.

7th Level
---Aura of Vitality: Increases my allies' strength, dexterity and constitution by quite a bit.
---Creeping Doom: Swarm of insects for each level of Druid Magic I can do. And guess what? This spell can add on to those swarms if used again while still in effect. Also, can poison a bit, and completely bypass spells like Stoneskin. And also spell resistance as it's not tied to a certain element, as well as doesn't expose my presence if I use it while invisible. So, this will be rather useful for more... stealthy adventures.
---Mass Cure Moderate Wounds: Oh, now I can heal a group's broken bones as well as nonfatal wounds.
---Fire Storm: A rain of divine fire upon my enemies. If I come across a devil or demon, the fire may not hurt them but the divine power behind it certainly will.
---Harm: I touch a person, they feel pain. Lots. And lots. Of pain.
---Heal: The opposite of Harm, and I don't have to touch a living person to use it. Heals damage, poisons, diseases and even mental conditions. On the other hand, I will have to touch Undead if I want to kill them with this spell.
---Summon Creature VII: Now I am able to summon Huge Elementals of fire, water, wind, or earth. It cycles through each one every four times I've cast it.
---Sunbeam: Whatever it was that caused the changes to my magic must have decided to let druids get this spell a bit early. Used to, I had to be at 8th Level to use it AND Sunburst at all. Anyway, this spell lets me summon a globe of divine light that blinds everyone who fails to react in time, and also deals some damage, more to undead like Vampires than the living.
---Swamp Lung: Fills a target's lungs with well, swamp water, which not just knocks them onto their back for a few seconds but also makes them diseased. If they aren't, well, dead from having their lungs filled with water.
---True Seeing: Allows me to see the Ethereal, the Invisible, as well as through magical darkness to see things as they actually are. So, illusions and magical disguises won't work while this spell is in effect.

Legode Rydrion, the Blue Skinned Druid(Please keep in mind that while Legode is female, she looks highly bifauxnen/ manly in appearance. She never really developed in the chest area. Also has a Dire Wolf as her druidic animal companion. Do not call said companion a puppy/treat him like a house pet.)
Drizzt Do'Urden(Canon Character)
Aria Token(Mute, Hotblooded, Battling Ballerina)
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