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» Nyx's Save Slot, Where his progress is saved!
Soulforger [Xon]
 Posted: Oct 27 2015, 11:43 AM


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Name - Jonathan 'Nyx' Nicté Escobedo
Level - 3 >>> 4
Location - Castle Oblivion, 11th Basement

Story so far
After an alarm woke Jonathan up, he found himself in a place that he believed it existed only within a videogame. To "worse" the situation, he discovered the origin of the alarm sound in a pair of semi-transparent windows, which made him believe he had the same, unique ability of the webtoon protagonist Han Jee-Han, "The Gamer". He later discovered it wasn't exactly like his due the differences in the status, inventory and skill list windows.
Another adventurer, Exsila, found him and explained him slightly about the Interference phenomena, after a rough beginning. With her help and a quest reward item, they gained access within the 12th floor, in a memory-based Radiant Garden. While dungeon diving, Exsila aid him through her summons, but he didn't want to leave her all the job (and XP) so he tried to be useful. Within these rooms, people of her past appeared, revealing him more about her past... as Alexis.
Things went chaotic when an army of real Heartless along with a controlled Alexis went against him. He wanted to help her to recover her senses, but was unable to do it. Somehow, he recived the help of an unknown ally know as 'Imperial' by absorbing Alexis' HP, after she recovered her senses and destroy the enemies.
Alexis wanted to leave the Castle with Nyx, but he refused to do it. After a discussion with her about how realistic the multiverse is, they parted ways but he left her one of the gloves dropped by a memory-based Soldier Heartless.
Now, Nyx was continuing the exploration of the basements on his own.

  • STR - 6 >>> 7 >>> 10
  • VIT - 3 >>> 8 >>> 10
  • DEX - 4 >>> 7
  • INT - 10
  • WIS - 8 >>> 9
  • LUK - 12 >>> 17 (12+5)
  • Civilian Clothes (short-sleeve white shirt, black t-shirt, jeans, enclosed sandals)
  • Silver Necklace + Padlock (+5 Luck)
  • Soldier's Right Glove (Left one given to Alexis)
  • Oblivion Style's Black Card - (Key Item locked into Nyx)
  • Lucid Gem * 1 - (KH 358/2 Crafting Item)
  • Iron * 1 - (KH 358/2 Crafting Item)
  • Cure Mastery - Bronze - (Skill book to learn the Cure element)
  • Fire Mastery - Bronze - (Skill book to learn the Fire element)
  • Gamer's Mind - Lv MAX
  • Gamer's Body - Lv MAX
  • Interference's Heart - Lv MAX
  • Physical Endurance - Lv 4 >>> 5
  • Grip - Lv 1 >>> 3
  • Power Strike - Lv 1 >>> 2
  • Blunt Weapon Mastery - Lv 4 >>> 5
  • Apprentice Heartless Hunter [Bonus in 30% damage, 30% defense and + 5 stats while facing Heartless]


Jonathan 'Nyx' Nicté Escobedo - Interference & Gamer
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