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» Aqua's Tracker, Character Progress & Threads
 Posted: Jul 29 2016, 06:36 PM


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Current Inventory

Master's Defender - My master's keyblade, a somber reminder of times that have long since passed.

Stormfall - A keyblade I discovered during my first adventure, but was lost when I became stranded in the Realm of Darkness. I reclaimed it from a hidden room within Radiant Garden's castle.

Keyblade Armor - Armor that allows me passage through the Lanes Between. I sacrificed it to allow Terra a way out of the Realm of Darkness.

Blue Wayfinder - A trinket I made for myself as a symbol of my friendship with Ventus and Terra, who have the green and red wayfinders, respectively.

Three potions - Healthy invigoration tonics that taste awful, but offer healing to wounded bodies.

Four ethers - Magically purified tonics that restore one's magical willpower, enabling them to cast more spells.


Fire - Fireballs that seek out my enemies, as if drawn to their heat. Its advanced forms are Fira, Firaga, and Flare. Other variants of the spell include Fission Firaga, a ball of fire that creates a small explosion, and Crawling fire, a slow-moving projectile that is said to burn as hot as the stars themselves.

Blizzard - Frozen chunks of ice that chill or freeze my foes. In its advanced form of Blizzara and Blizzaga, these chunks of ice become larger. A very dangerous spell due to its frozen bite.

Thunder - A stream of lightning bolts that strike all around me. In its advanced forms of Thundara and Thundaga, the number of bolts are said to resemble a raging storm itself.

Cure - A healing spell that restores my vitality and closes egregious or life-threatening wounds. The advanced forms of this spell, Cura and Curaga, heal groups of people around me. I have utilized this numerous times in the Realm of Darkness.

Esuna - A simple but effective healing spell that removes all manner of ailments from one's body. Unfortunately, it can't cure the common cold...

Aero - A wind spell that propels a mini tornado before me, blowing away all in its radius. Its advanced forms are Aerora and Aeroga. I have discovered that this spell is useful for propelling one's self into the air.

Magnet - A spell that pulls people and objects into a mini gravitational field, where they rotate around it until the spell ends. Magneta and Megnega increase its range and pull exponentially. Quite useful for crowd management.

Zero-Gravity - A gravity based spell that forces all within its radius to float helplessly in the air. Its advanced forms are Zero-Gravira and Zero-Graviga. Very handy for disabling rowdy individuals.

Stop - A powerful spell that freezes the time of a person or object, locking them in place until the spell wears off. Its advanced variants, Stopra and Stopga, are known to lock small rooms of people in place.

Slow - A spell that forces people or objects to move at a snail's pace, eliminating their momentum entirely. Its advanced forms are Slowga and Slowaga.

Barrier - A spherical energy field that can protect me or someone else from most attacks. The barrier requires an immense amount of magical energy to sustain, and as such I would never keep it up for more than a few seconds at a time.

Confuse - This spell does exactly what its name implies -- it muddles the perceptions of those that are affected by it. Their sense of direction is messed up, even who they see as allies.

People Encountered

Alice - The first person I encountered in Radiant Garden. She's young and excitable, and she seems to hold me in high regard. I'd prefer that she sing my praises less, but... I can fault her enthusiasm.

Drizzt - A man who calls himself a "Drow Elf." We didn't get a chance to talk for long, but he seems like a nice man.

Leon, Cid, Aerith - Three members of the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee, they informed me of the world's state, as well as the Interference Phenomena. I am indebted to them for the shelter they provided me.

Hazama - A boy who belongs to some sort of intelligence organization. I cannot gleam his motivations, nor his personality, but I do know that he is very shady. I'm not sure what to think of him yet.

Worlds Visited

Radiant Garden - This town has changed so much since I last visited... what happened to it?

Castle Oblivion - The former Land of Departure is exactly how I left it, but it appears that there have been visitors in my absence.

To-Do List

- Find Terra

- Find Ventus

- Find my armor

- Make sense of my surroundings

- If possible, find Sora


1. A Groggy Homecoming / Radiant Garden - I awoke in Radiant Garden, much to my own confusion. I don't remember escaping from the Realm of Darkness, so how is this possible? I'm encountering new faces... strange faces.

2. The Reclamation / Radiant Garden- I've gotten my bearings, and my first task is clear: I need to find my armor. Logically, Radiant Garden is the last place it could be. I was directed towards the castle, so that's where my search begins.

3. The Castle's Master / Castle Oblivion - I need to check on Ven. It's been nearly eleven years since I last saw him, and I'm worried... But I mostly just want to see my best friend after so much time away from him.

Aqua / Tracker
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