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Mar 14 2015, 07:07 PM
So I got bored and thought I should probably write down stuff because.. Well I had issues remembering some memories. This way its in written form and I'll read it so I am not completely lost. I can't use the normal dates here because .. I don't know what day it is. So I'll just go by days, like a Journal.

Feb 26 2015, 08:22 AM
The open expanse and arid wasteland held nothing of note this day. The air was dry and the heat unbearable. A bright flash appeared in the sky some 50ft feet above a rocky plateau and a blue/white streak slammed down to the rocky outcropping headfirst. Curse Portal Physics. A loud " ARRRRGGHH " filled the area... which didnt mean much better once the noise caused the plateau to buckle and send the streak tumbling down 20 or so more feet quite unceremoniously.

The streak.. turned out to be a man. One who was now heavily bruised and battered with multiple cuts and a slight concussion. He looked around, nothing seemed familiar at all, including the ground he walked on. Wait what was his name? " Krym ", his lips spoke before he had to think on it. The better question was.. WHERE was he?
Feb 26 2015, 06:55 AM
Homeworld: Golarion (Pathfinder Online)

Name: Krym Kasho

Age: 23 years ( Or Older.. not sure)

Gender: Male

Species: Human (Taldon)


--Channel Energy: Krym can channel the facets of positive and negative energy in a burst around himself in 30 ft. This is due to his goddess's will, though when he does negative it is weaker. Thus he can heal or harm living creatures and vice versa.

--Cleric Spells : Krym retained some of his divine spark on the trip though lesser than he had.
---- Light : Create an Aurora as bright as a torch on a target or item.
---- Detect Magic : Sense magical auras
---- Stabilize : Keeps a person alive from range
---- Create Water : Provide about 6 gallons of fresh clean water. Disappears after 24 hours
---- Cure Light Wounds : heals a fair bit of damage
---- Divine Favor : Boost Personal Attack and Damage slightly for a short time
---- Bless : Boost all allies Attack for an encounter
---- Bestow Weapon Proficiency : Allows use of any weapon for no penalty ( lasts encounter)
---- Bull Strength : Bolsters physical strength greatly (Encounter)
---- Cure Moderate Wounds : Heals a moderate amount of damage.

-- Domain Powers
---- Rebuke Death: With applications, slowly brings target back from fatal wounds. Can only be used on downed targets.

---- Bleeding Touch: With a touch causes the targets past wounds to open up and bleed ( 2 posts )

-- Arm Seal: Not really a power but a limiter and very important to Krym not to break. Currently his arm is in a fully sealed state, the strongest it can be. Thus the arm is gray-black. It lowly turns more and more crimson as the seal weakens. Instilled is Great Chaos. if broken it changes his personality but allows brutal attacks to be unleashed. this should not be an issue any time soon.


-- Solemn Gale : A magical fire-forged steel Nodachi and one of his few remaining keepsakes of his old land. It is wickedly sharp and when exposed to the required amount of fire lights ablaze itself. It also allows Krym to channel his other abilities through it. So far it is only that of his Death Domain ability.

-- A silver dagger
-- A Cold Iron Greatsword
-- A katana
-- A Longsword
-- A Shortsword
-- A Bastard Sword

-- A backpack
-- 3 pouches
-- Spell component pouch
-- Fimbutlver Level Arm Seal and Holy Symbol (Mark III: Final): The Chains keeping his curse in check. Has multiple religion but the Spiral of Pharasma is the strongest.

-- Comfortable Heavy vest: Flame Retardant, great for weight training
-- Heavy Pants
-- Steel-toed Boots

-- Multiple Sheathes.
-- 50ft of Hemp Rope

Condition: Amnesia; Currently causing pain at key times when it comes to certain portions of his past OR too far back.

Personality: Krym himself is fairly laid back. he enjoys the spirit of adventure and adapts quickly. Currently the pain is an issue but he doesn't force that on anyone if he doesn't have to. Fairly reliable, always there to listen and general supportive to others needs. He isn't a gloryhog and will often relegate himself to the background. He also likes a nap from time to time. Sometimes even in fierce combat he will do the lay thing rather than something extreme. Now, that doesnt mean he cannot get impassioned. Such moments are rare, but should the arise he can even rival the more hotblooded persons in fervor.

Morality: Chaotic Neutral. This is partly due to the curses influence as naturally Krym gravitated towards good as a child. Over time the seed seeped through and eventually he had to get the seal. He will help people but is just as likely not to. Sometimes he might do what is considered evil to get something done or without knowledge it was such. Same with good acts. His personal code he tends to hold above any such law.. especially when it comes to laziness. He has no issue killing people at all, how else would you secure the souls of the damned or resisting?

Appearance: Krym is about 6'3" with creamy white skin, well muscled and tanned where there are clearly no clothes. He wears a leather vest with Fur near the collar that bellows out; his chest is otherwise exposed a scar running across it. Most of his clothes are blue white and black. He sports a headband, spiky leonine hair and red eyes. Upon his back are 7 different swords with varying designs. His arm is the most peculiar sight as it is grayed at the shoulder, down to the hand and covered in chains and holy symbols, the hand is clawed.

Picwise a fusion between these two for easier visualization


Krym was born in Nirmathas and area smack dab in the middle of the inner sea region. That was to his Mother and Father (Of Tian Descent thus the last name), who loved him much like any responsible parent would. The young boy enjoyed his life as he wanted until about the age of 7. That is when he started to get what he thought was.. a rash. And also when the good natured boy start to get much more... aggressive. The curse showed itself as the rash grew to his hand and made it clawed. At that time his parents, who were afraid, knew what to do.

Countermeasures had been secured in advance for the curse was one passed down his fathers line. One that would continue to do so unless the recipient fused the entity with their soul and died without making any children. Or somehow became powerful enough to quell it themselves.. though that required magic outside of a mortal. Until then special chains were forged in multiple churches to eventually form a bonding effect to slow the course of the curse. Krym was admitted into an Abbey of Pharasma, The Lady of Bones to become one of their order and receive his first chain and seal.

He accepted the honor waning to do his parents proud and not endanger people. He studied tirelessly to become a strong cleric in her order and as he grew so did the strength of the curse. Each time the next step into seal was applied until the age of 19 when the final seal came to be and his efforts succeeded. He was allowed to adventure the world. He had shown the ability to hold back the urges and better yet hold the teachings of his family and the church well. It was at that point he set out to make his mission to defeat his own misfortune as well as become something greater, an Arbiter of his Goddess.

He met a group of adventurers on a quest to save the world of Golarion from a fiend known as Erebus and delve into their world. He made friends, enemies, gains and mistakes. His job often simply to keep the louder more outspoken members alive and adding his blade whenever needed. And he was good at it, exceptionally so. Enough that the group until fairly within their stay were unaware or forgot.. he could conjure magic spells.

Time pressed on.. years went by and Krym of course grew stronger and well known by both the forces of good and evil. Allies came and went but overall his ideal on life.. stayed the same. And that worried him,as he gained so much power but it came to not... he was all on his own. His goddess was there.. but he could only do so much. At tat time one particular Lass had joined his party for a time. She said she was from another land and though she did not get along with the party, he seemed to be a different case. The Lass told of how magical her world was in comparison and the duty she had to complete. How odd her family was. It was an enjoyable experience as up to this point not many wished to just talk to him for being him and in the party, clear relationships were set.

After an epic battle the Lass completed her duty and with a wisp left. Krym had not felt sadness but the world seemed less bright. It was not too long after that the party Finally descended upon Erebus to find out he was an incomplete god. Many perils assailed them but he kept his members strong to his last breath. When he awoke.. the battle was won and the evil being's divinity had split to some of them as a reward. Krym had become a Demi-God of Life and Death and Arbiter of his deity as he had set out and so.. expected there to be eternal happiness from then on.

He was wrong. Surely he had the power to suppress his curse, but at this point the influence was as much of him as himself. Even worse.. any relationship he would try would never be solely based on his own merits, it was his title. When he tried disguises his lack of experience outside of listening and camaraderie often ended in either friendships or dissolved relations due to them finding out through lore or he simply wasn't that interesting. His mind drifted to the Lass.. and it became that way for 100 years.

Until he became tired of it, He had enough time.. enough drive to polish some of his.. lesser skills and decided to try out his magic. Travel to another world outside of his plane of existence. Summoning his divinity.. he loosed it in a great blast and shunted himself into the multiverse. However along the way his inexperience with the system was jarring and he lost far more than he would know. Mainly due to the Amnesia from the turbulence upon entry. Now he tries to figure out where he is, who he is, and what life has in store for him.
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