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Feb 27 2016, 08:47 PM

This is more of a masterpost of stuff on Pat since I prefer to post stuff on google docs. The actual JOURNAL entries will be posted after this post.

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The Story So Far...(TBA)
Feb 10 2016, 10:16 PM
Classification: Internal OC, comes from The Lucky Land AKA the JJBA world.
Name: Pat Suzuki (It’s just Pat.)
Age: 22
Gender: Nonbinary, uses they/them pronouns.

Pat is one may call an “angry short person”. They are 4’10” and very muscular from years of fighting and training to be a vigilante. There are some scars on their body from all this fighting, the most prominent one being the one on their face that cuts straight down from their forehead through their right eye and ending at their jaw. Pat does not wish to have cosmetic surgery on them--they consider the scars to be trophies. Pat is in peak physical condition and won’t hesitate to flex and show off their muscles.

They have spikey, anime-esque blonde hair and green eyes.


If Pat could be summed up as short as possible, it would be the phrase “shounen hero”.

Outwardly, Pat is a cheery kind of person who loves memes and is always around to crack a friendly joke. Even if they do get obnoxiously loud and annoying sometimes, their heart generally is always in the right place. They also like to show off for attention, as well. But generally, their attention-seeking is harmless. They appear to be a massive egotist as well. They are quick to fight people, as well and get aggressive easily.

Inside, Pat is an emotional hellstorm, crying at the drop of a hat and getting angry at small things. They also have a very strong moral code, and can’t stand to see innocents suffer. They hate it when anybody demeans them or makes them feel smaller than they already are. They hate themselves enough, they don’t need OTHER people putting them down too. Which is why, outwardly, they brag and show off frequently for positive attention, as they have a tough time loving themselves.

Pat has a lot of intense willpower, as well. While their determination is their biggest strength, however, it is also their biggest flaw. It is why Best Shot’s projectiles continue to chase the target even after the target has left Pat’s sight, and why Pat cannot stop the projectiles once they have been shot off. They hate running away and won’t ever do it, even if the fight is hopeless, forcing others to drag them away from the battle.

Pat hates it when people are used as tools or are forcefully controlled in some ways.

They think it’s cool and funny to swear and are always screaming.

Pat is also panromantic and demisexual, too. Sex isn’t a BIG priority to them.


Pat was always smaller than all the kids at school. They also had severe emotional problems and cried easily (It was a result of their abuse at home, but in most cases of child abuse, nobody knew it was abuse.), and as a result, they were picked on frequently by the other kids at school.

“Oh, they’re just jealous!” Advised many adults. Pat didn’t understand that. They never did.

“Ask them to stop!” Told another. That didn’t work. “Ignore them!” An adult cheerily said.

Pat didn’t understand, wouldn’t they just go to hurt someone else if they just ignored the bullies? But Pat ignored them anyway.

The bullies didn’t like that.

One flung a punch at Pat’s face. And hit them.

Pat had enough of being bullied. The adults were wrong. Pat knew, at that moment, that authority figures sometimes didn’t have the best idea how to handle things. That victims had to help themselves.

They didn’t cry. But they did scream and lunge at the bully, knocking him over and started smacking him around. An invisible force joined in the beatdown, also helping them punch him.

The kids ran away and told the teacher, leaving out the part where the bully punched Pat.

Pat was suspended for a week and the bully was sent home for the day. Pat was punished severely for embarrassing the family.

While Pat was crying in their room, the same force sat down next to them. It hugged Pat and wiped away their tears. That force was Pat’s stand, which they named Best Shot. Perhaps that small voice was Pat’s own willpower, the potential to have a stand.

They started to distrust adults, and by extension, authority figures, after this. They distrusted their own family, too. Nobody had come to their rescue. Their family didn’t believe them and scolded them, as usual, for embarrassing them instead of validating Pat’s suffering.

Pat hated injustice, because of all this. They hated how the strong bullied the weak and got away with it. They wanted to be better than everyone who hurt them. They didn’t deserve it, but the bully did. They never bullied others, never wanted to hurt anybody, but the bully did. They didn’t deserve the terrible treatment they got from their parents, as well. Perhaps it was because recognizing how shitty they had it, and knowing they didn’t deserve it, allowed them to keep going in life. It didn’t make the pain go away, but it did nullify the effects.

They didn’t trust any other kids, however. They found it hard to trust people or to get close to them, because they thought they didn’t deserve any friendship or think they had any good points. But their Stand, however, stuck with them and always comforted them. In a way, Best Shot was more than just their own Stand. It was their friend.

They watched shounen anime on TV, and loved it. Shounen heroes were beloved, always fought injustice, and had a lot of friends. With lots of comedy. Pat’s perfect life. Shounen heroes deserved friendship because they were friendly, determined, and cared for people.

Pat wanted to be a shounen hero, too. Perhaps that’s why they’re the way they are. They molded themselves to be like one, because they admired shounen heroes. They wanted to be strong and have lots of friends, too. But it felt unattainable. But maybe, maybe if they were a hero, they’d have friends too.

Pat grew up in Los Angeles. Los Angeles in this world had a vibrant stand-using population. They met other Stand users later on, and made connections with other Stand users. As a result of many Stand users in one place, clashes happened. Mainly over immoral stand users using their powers to hurt unknowing humans and others taking issue with it. As all stand users were drawn to each other, being connected to a stand user made one more likely to be the victim of another Stand User. Many stand users had to protect their families. Pat didn’t care much for protecting their own family. But, they didn’t want innocents to suffer under the heel of other Stand Users. Pat, at age 14, started fighting other Stand Users, under the title of Best Shot. Named after their Stand, of course. They joined the LA Stand Users League, a coalition of Stand Users who came together under the intent to protect the populace. As well as protecting people from crime, as well.

Good and evil stand users fought each other behind the scenes. Pat learned from other stand users about their stand. Pat felt empowered, for once in their life. They fit in. This was an exciting life for them, just like the shounen anime they loved. While Pat didn’t believe it, they were also respected, highly, for their determination and dedication to the cause.

One day, on patrol, Pat noticed a group of suspicious looking grunts take a cylinder on board a strange-looking vessel. They followed the grunts to the vessel. It took off at once, with Pat still onboard the ship. This vessel was a Gummy Ship.

Abilities: Pat has a stand called Best Shot, a stand who’s abilities make thrown punches from both the stand and user and projectiles (Including thrown knives and shot bullets) undodgeable (but not unblockable.).

Pat also displays some Ripple capability and has been subconsciously using it, however as of this moment Pat cannot do much of anything with it, because they are not aware Ripple is a thing and has not honed it yet. Think of it more like a buff as of right now, making Pat’s strikes and projectiles harder hitting and more penetrating.

Equipment: Pat has a bunch of knives on their person. They keep them in the same place Joseph kept that giant gun he pulled out in Battle Tendency. That is to say, who the hell knows. Or hammerspace. Pat prefers knives because they’re quick, silent, and don’t have recoil.

Pat also has two revolvers on them in their pockets. Yeah, probably not the best kind of gun for being a vigilante (Semi-automatics are better for all intents and purposes) but they’re stylish and cool. The guns are usually a last resort anyway. Pat doesn’t need a lot of ammo here, since their shots are undodgeable. However they do have four reloads on them for the revolvers.

Pat also has a hookshot-like device they use to swing from rooftop to rooftop, a birthday present from another Stand User in the League.

Sample Post:

“Ey, Fucko.” Pat in their Best Shot costume leaned nonchalantly against the doorway of the dark hideout, Best Shot looming over them from right behind. A loaded revolver, slack in Pat’s hand.

A man was hunched down, feeding raw meat to his little glowing purple dragon stand from his hand. He straightened his back and turned to face them.

Why the hell is he in that getup? He’ll trip over that long coat. Pat thought, but refrained from voicing their comment.

“You’re the Merc with Imagine Dragons. That’s your stand right?” Pat motioned to the dragon.

“Why yes, it is. It’s small now, though. It’ll grow in size. You’re that screaming vigilante that was chasing me until I lost you. They weren’t kidding about your stand. Your knives just kept following me so I had to have one of my many powerful dragon swarms take them for me. They didn’t hurt much, though.” The man said, making long, theatrical gestures and dramatic poses. Jesus christ, Thought Pat. Again with the posing. Posing should have been saved for actual dramatic moments.

“I’ve calmed down since then, but I’m still going to take you in or KILL you, no matter what. Although I don’t know how bloody you’ll be once I’m done. That’s what I’m not sure of.” Pat said.

“Kind of presumptuous, don’t you think? I’m stronger than you.” Replied the merc.

“Not really. I could kill you right at this very moment, actually. The LA Stand User’s League doesn’t have an obligation to keep you alive, not after the shit you did downtown and wrecked all those buses up and killed all those civilians with your huge dragon swarm. We’re kind of struggling to keep Stands under wraps here, too. You’re NOT making the job any easier. Please stop what you’re doing, and either leave or don’t do it again. Okay?” Pat’s tone became accusatory and rose to a loud volume, starting after they had mentioned the civilians.

“Eh, I’m a merc. I don’t care if others die or not in the crossfire if they won’t blow my cover. I kill for a living. One of those buses had my target in it. I’m not going to leave or stop what I’m doing. Begone. Your pitiful bullets and knives can’t stop me. My stand is a dragon.” Imagine Dragons grew to almost fill the room. It breathed heavily, almost excitedly, in anticipation for its next meal. The back of Pat’s head heated up, their whole body immediately tensing. Their green eyes narrowed, and they ground their teeth. Water fogged their eyes.

Didn’t he care!?! About the dead innocents!?! They didn’t deserve to die! Why would he be so nonchalant about killing people who didn’t deserve it!?!


He wouldn’t be hurting anyone anymore.

A red, glowing crosshair formed on the dragon’s chest. Pat swiftly pointed the revolver at it.

“WRONG ANSWER, DICKFUCK.” They screamed.

Pat blasted two shots. One connected to the dragon’s chest. The merc’s chest started to bleed, but he didn’t seem to care.

“ONE bullet isn’t going t-” The other bullet went clean through the merc’s head. He fell over. Imagine Dragons faded away at once, blood trickling down from the back of it’s head.

On the back of his head, a crosshair faded away.

“Gets them every time. Put a target on the back of their head when their back’s turned and catch them off guard.” They snickered to themselves. As if they hadn’t had an angry flare-up just then.

Pat whipped out a smartphone and texted someone.

“[TEXT: Pat] Puff The Magic Dragon didn’t comply. Refused to leave or cease dangerous activities. Puff The Magic Dragon is dead. Made that shitty fucking goofy-ass mistake of bragging constantly instead of trying to kill me immediately, too.”

“[TEXT: Cosmo Urie] You do it too, Pat.”

“[TEXT] Well. YEAH. But at least uh--it’s charming and endearing, because I’m a good guy. Y’know? Not when evil people do it. Requesting body cleanup. Not sure if the cops were aware of the scuffle.”

“[TEXT: Cosmo Urie] I’m pretty sure they are, if you fired off your gun. How far away are you from the crime scene?”

“[TEXT: Pat] I’m already driving off. I’m on the 4th Street Bridge.”

“[TEXT: Cosmo Urie] Quit texting and focus on the road then!”
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