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Jul 29 2016, 06:36 PM
Current Inventory

Master's Defender - My master's keyblade, a somber reminder of times that have long since passed.

Stormfall - A keyblade I discovered during my first adventure, but was lost when I became stranded in the Realm of Darkness. I reclaimed it from a hidden room within Radiant Garden's castle.

Keyblade Armor - Armor that allows me passage through the Lanes Between. I sacrificed it to allow Terra a way out of the Realm of Darkness.

Blue Wayfinder - A trinket I made for myself as a symbol of my friendship with Ventus and Terra, who have the green and red wayfinders, respectively.

Three potions - Healthy invigoration tonics that taste awful, but offer healing to wounded bodies.

Four ethers - Magically purified tonics that restore one's magical willpower, enabling them to cast more spells.


Fire - Fireballs that seek out my enemies, as if drawn to their heat. Its advanced forms are Fira, Firaga, and Flare. Other variants of the spell include Fission Firaga, a ball of fire that creates a small explosion, and Crawling fire, a slow-moving projectile that is said to burn as hot as the stars themselves.

Blizzard - Frozen chunks of ice that chill or freeze my foes. In its advanced form of Blizzara and Blizzaga, these chunks of ice become larger. A very dangerous spell due to its frozen bite.

Thunder - A stream of lightning bolts that strike all around me. In its advanced forms of Thundara and Thundaga, the number of bolts are said to resemble a raging storm itself.

Cure - A healing spell that restores my vitality and closes egregious or life-threatening wounds. The advanced forms of this spell, Cura and Curaga, heal groups of people around me. I have utilized this numerous times in the Realm of Darkness.

Esuna - A simple but effective healing spell that removes all manner of ailments from one's body. Unfortunately, it can't cure the common cold...

Aero - A wind spell that propels a mini tornado before me, blowing away all in its radius. Its advanced forms are Aerora and Aeroga. I have discovered that this spell is useful for propelling one's self into the air.

Magnet - A spell that pulls people and objects into a mini gravitational field, where they rotate around it until the spell ends. Magneta and Megnega increase its range and pull exponentially. Quite useful for crowd management.

Zero-Gravity - A gravity based spell that forces all within its radius to float helplessly in the air. Its advanced forms are Zero-Gravira and Zero-Graviga. Very handy for disabling rowdy individuals.

Stop - A powerful spell that freezes the time of a person or object, locking them in place until the spell wears off. Its advanced variants, Stopra and Stopga, are known to lock small rooms of people in place.

Slow - A spell that forces people or objects to move at a snail's pace, eliminating their momentum entirely. Its advanced forms are Slowga and Slowaga.

Barrier - A spherical energy field that can protect me or someone else from most attacks. The barrier requires an immense amount of magical energy to sustain, and as such I would never keep it up for more than a few seconds at a time.

Confuse - This spell does exactly what its name implies -- it muddles the perceptions of those that are affected by it. Their sense of direction is messed up, even who they see as allies.

People Encountered

Alice - The first person I encountered in Radiant Garden. She's young and excitable, and she seems to hold me in high regard. I'd prefer that she sing my praises less, but... I can fault her enthusiasm.

Drizzt - A man who calls himself a "Drow Elf." We didn't get a chance to talk for long, but he seems like a nice man.

Leon, Cid, Aerith - Three members of the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee, they informed me of the world's state, as well as the Interference Phenomena. I am indebted to them for the shelter they provided me.

Hazama - A boy who belongs to some sort of intelligence organization. I cannot gleam his motivations, nor his personality, but I do know that he is very shady. I'm not sure what to think of him yet.

Worlds Visited

Radiant Garden - This town has changed so much since I last visited... what happened to it?

Castle Oblivion - The former Land of Departure is exactly how I left it, but it appears that there have been visitors in my absence.

To-Do List

- Find Terra

- Find Ventus

- Find my armor

- Make sense of my surroundings

- If possible, find Sora


1. A Groggy Homecoming / Radiant Garden - I awoke in Radiant Garden, much to my own confusion. I don't remember escaping from the Realm of Darkness, so how is this possible? I'm encountering new faces... strange faces.

2. The Reclamation / Radiant Garden- I've gotten my bearings, and my first task is clear: I need to find my armor. Logically, Radiant Garden is the last place it could be. I was directed towards the castle, so that's where my search begins.

3. The Castle's Master / Castle Oblivion - I need to check on Ven. It's been nearly eleven years since I last saw him, and I'm worried... But I mostly just want to see my best friend after so much time away from him.
Jul 29 2016, 07:32 AM
The Land of Departure was a world perpetually blanketed in nightfall; atop the ruined plateau stood a pristine castle, larger than most anyone could hope to see. This castle's master had been lost to the universe, and though other inhabitants had adopted Castle Oblivion as their home, none could truly claim ownership of it... until now. A woman was walking towards the grand structure with a cool determination in her eye. "It's just as I left it..." Aqua muttered to herself. The castle was ugly, nothing like the splendor and grace of its ancient form, but that was Aqua's fault. The castle wasn't designed with aesthetic beauty in mind, and the wild mass of stone only served to protect one person who was very dear to her.

Ven... I'll see you soon. She'd last uttered those words nearly eleven years ago, before things went horribly wrong, before she'd been unable to look over the friend she'd locked away in this labyrinthine castle. Of course, Aqua was sure that Ven was safe, even Xehanort's mad genius couldn't break the castle's spell; only the master of the castle knew how to navigate it.

That master had returned.

As Aqua stood before the castle's gigantic entrance-way, she took a deep breath and began to push the doors open.
Jul 25 2016, 03:10 AM
The Recreation Room was sparse; the forum's various characters were all chatting away. Aqua found it odd to see sworn enemies chatting each other up like old friends, but they assured her that those threads were just practicing for the upcoming musical. Still, there was a friendly amount of competition today, for the group discussion topic for the day was thus: "Who are the most powerful characters?" Personally, the Keyblade Master didn't have much of a stake in this discussion. Sure, she was the most powerful character in her original adventure, but it was in bad taste to brag.

Naturally, as soon as she started to think that, a couple of eyes turned her way. "Oh, well, um..." Aqua had been caught completely off guard, and at the moment she looked like a deer in the headlights. "My magic is... proficient, but that's only because I trained with it extensively." She thought back to that one thread; the Heartless had been all but annihilated by her Thundaga. "I'm not too powerful, it's just that most of the Heartless are weaker than the ones in the Realm of Darkness," she explained, out of fear that she'd be labelled "overpowered" for knowing such advanced spells right off the bat.

"I'm not weak, but I'm not overly powerful, and that's perfectly fine. I'm above average," Aqua replied more confidently, albeit a bit too humbly. "What about you?" She looked to the person across from her, eager to pass the discussion to someone else.
Jul 24 2016, 08:00 AM
The ruined office of Ansem the Wise had a rare visitor today: a blue-haired woman seeking what she'd given up many years ago. After her much needed rest and recuperation, Aqua decided that her first task was to reclaim the Keyblade Armor she'd abandoned for the sake of Terra's safety. The Radiant Garden Restoration Committee pointed her to the ruined castle; the building was older than most of the world's citizens, and if its enigmatic residents wanted to hide anything, they'd do so there. She'd declined their offers to accompany; partially out of a desire to avoid burdening them with her presence, and mostly because she was confident that she could handle this world's Heartless all on her own. Thankfully, Aqua's presumption was correct -- Radiant Garden's Heartless were far weaker than the more primal breeds in the World of Darkness, and she'd cut a swath through them with ease on her way to the decrepit mechanical castle that loomed over the town.

Through the winding hallways, Aqua found the office that Leon had described, and it was just as messy as he said it would be. The Keyblade Master's eyes were drawn to the striking portrait in the corner of the room; it was the unmistakable visage of her friend... still twisted by Xehanort's possession. Aqua approached the portrait and knelt before it to get a better look, "I thought I was doing the right thing by saving you, Terra, but..." Aqua muttered solemnly, she recalled her efforts to break the old Masters grip on Terra's body, but it seemed those efforts were for naught. "It's been over eleven years, how many people have you hurt, Xehanort?" Aqua whispered, her voice shook with barely restrained anger.

"I'll find a way to free you, Terra. I promise." She stood up and started walking down the hallway, "You, Ven and I... we'll be together again, I know it." Aqua had repeated those words countless times in the Realm of Darkness. There, they had kept her spirit steady and pushed her to have hope in a desperate bid to survive. Now, those words were a solemn oath made by a woman with iron-clad determination. She was not going to fail again.

Aqua emerged into a room full of strange machinery, one of which she recognized as a computer -- Cid had introduced her to them in the Restoration Committee HQ. Out of the window, a vast chamber full of tubes lined across the walls waited for their observer to soak everything in. If she remembered right, that room had been used to create artificial Heartless -- for what purpose, Aqua didn't want to fathom it.

"This must be Ansem's computer," Aqua said to herself, leaning over to inspect the machine and its keyboard. The monitor was covered in words and images that the Keyblade Master couldn't make heads or tails of. She didn't have any experience with computers, so it seemed fruitless to try and probe it for hidden rooms. Ahead, a door beckoned her, so Aqua moved on until she found herself descending to a lower level. Walking out onto the circular platform, the Keyblade Master felt extremely small in such a gargantuan room. "Where should I start looking?" Aqua wondered aloud, and she began to pace back and forth, deep in thought on the nature of hidden chambers.

Aqua decide to inspect the plain white ground, and something soon stuck out to her scrutinizing stares. A thin line stretched out wide, forming the shape of a rectangle straight in the middle of the floor. "Maybe... but how do I get in?" Aqua didn't see a switch of any kind nearby, much less a button or a lever. Inexplicably, Aqua asked herself a question right as it popped in her head, "What would Terra do...?"

In a flash, Aqua's keyblade appeared in-hand. She held it down at the floor, which was looking very sturdy from her point of view. "Flare!" She shouted, and the keyblade shuddered before a large ball of molten fire blasted out of the end. As soon as it came into contact with the floor, Aqua faced away to shield her eyes from the blinding flash and fierce heat wave that passed over her. When she looked back, there was a charred hole in the floor... and it led to a long, winding path downwards.

"Sorry, Leon." Aqua said, not wanting to imagine the reactions she had to tell him about the destruction she caused. For the moment, at least, Aqua was happy to have discovered this chamber so quickly. She wasted little time in starting her walk down the slope.

There was aught but the sound of her footsteps in the air, but for some reason, Aqua felt like she was being watched...
Jul 22 2016, 11:15 PM
The streets of Radiant Garden's marketplace were bustling as they always were around this time of the day. Various peddlers hawked their wares, be they vegetables for mothers and fathers or painstakingly crafted weapons for would-be warriors. Everyone seemed to be busy, save for a blue-haired woman who was sluggishly walking through the crowds. Dark bags were lined beneath eyes that were fixed to the ground, and it looked as though each step was a labor for her. I can't remember the last time I slept, the woman thought miserably, and soon she was clear from the crowd. Descending a set of steps, she walked aimlessly until she found herself in an alleyway of sorts.

Aqua rested her back on the wall of a building and slid down into a sitting position. A decade of tireless wandering, fighting, and hopeful thoughts for salvation had finally caught up with her in this moment of reprieve. I'll just... rest for a moment, she tried convincing herself to just accept this. Her eyes flitted, then closed, and she drifted off to sleep near instantly.

Within her dreams, she tried to recall the world she'd ended up in. The place seemed familiar, and when she saw the castle far in the distance, she instantly recognized her locale as Radiant Garden, albeit it was much worse for wear than when she last remembered it. I hope Kairi is doing well, thought Aqua, who remembered the little girl whose light shone brighter than any other person she'd met before.

Then, just like that, her dreams faded into an incomprehensible mixture of memories. Treasured friends turned into deplorable foes, cheerful occurrences shattered under painful recollections of bitter battles. For every pleasant dream, Aqua had three nightmares.

In the waking realm, the Keyblade Master's face was peaceful in her sleep, save for the occasional troubled wince.
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