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Dec 28 2016, 09:38 PM
If there was anything Alyssia Saunders could not do, it was to make sense of what was going on in this world right now. Even after adjusting to life here, there were so many questions unanswered. What was she doing here in this game and how did it even happen? Never once in her life did she ever think she would ever find herself in this sort of situation.

Yet, she had not seen any Nobodies or Heartless appear yet, neither did she feel the need to summon a weapon yet. In fact, Liss had not encountered her own Station of Awakening and she had nothing to fight with but what was with this phenomenon?

Liss licked at her sea salt ice cream, relishing it its sweet and sour taste. It was well blended together. Not many ice cream vendors could pull off a perfect mix of that. If only they had salted caramel...

Dec 28 2016, 09:07 PM
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Dec 28 2016, 06:30 AM
Classification: External Interference
Name: Alyssia "Liss" Taylor Saunders
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Physical: Liss may be vertically challenged, standing at a height of 5"6, but she has an atheletic build and keeping herself fit contributed to that. She is proudest of her well toned body, especially her abdominal muscles. She has choppy hair falling till her chest and her ends have been bleached and dyed a honey blonde at the ends and she sometimes ties it up into a ponytail. Liss also has some freckles decorating her cheeks, although they only become obvious upon closer inspection. Her nails are maintained short and they look chipped due to her nervous habit. Liss personally doesn't like long nails because they are too troublesome to take care of. Liss is mainly Italian-American with Scottish blood somewhere from her ancestry. She's got brown eyes, almond-shaped thanks to her father and a fair complexion.

Liss' fashion sense is very casual and practical, opting for shorts and sneakers and she's a huge fan of wearing layers. Sometimes she can be seen with her flannel shirt on her and other times, it's just around her waist. A feather and fang pendant hangs around her neck, a gift given to her by her little brother just before she became an Interference. It represents Oklahoma, a place she can truly call home. Both her wrists are adorned with bracelets as she doesn't like her wrists feeling empty. On her right wrist, she's got a leather bracelet and on her other hand, an infinity bracelet.

(References: Outfit, Hair Length, Hair Colour, Pendant)
Mental: Liss is a friendly person, independent to a fault. Being the eldest in her family contributed to it and she is also a rebel of the sorts, not liking all sorts of impressions that had been placed on her just because she was her father's daughter. While she truly adored her family, Liss hated to be undermined just because of that. She is an ambitious young lady and carefree too, often prefering to do things her own without any restrictions. Liss can prove to be a little selfish because of that because it also shows that she's a rather conventional person. Unless it has been proven to work for her, she is not as willing to try out new things just yet. Another Liss doesn't know about herself is that she can adapt easily, despite her initial stubbornness. She also prefers to be left alone when she's in confusion and more likely to ask for help when she cannot make sense of things after she has tried ways within her capability. She is also very resourceful, often going around interacting with lots of people to get as much information as possible.

Liss is also a little ignorant due to not being entirely accustomed to being in a video game world yet. She speculates a lot and when she has a lot of thoughts on her mind, it leaves her unfocused and quiet, very unlike her spritely nature. She has a lot of insecurites about herself and she fears being misunderstood the most, so she always makes sure she explains the process behind her actions if she felt like it has offended someone because that's not how she wants to come across as. All she wants is to be a good person without causing too much trouble, but she can be easily misguided as well.

Background: Alyssia was born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma, as the oldest child of the Saunders family with a younger brother. Not only was she a gamer, she was a budding sportsman as well. Fencing was her second biggest passion, apart from gaming, and she excelled very well in it. With her father being the school's fencing coach as well, she was treated differently because she indeed had gotten extra training, as compared to the rest of her peers. As a result, she found it difficult to truly fit in, despite being kind and this pushed her to turn to video games.

Liss and her younger brother had a shared interest in video games and they would often play together. One fine day, she was playing Kingdom Hearts II the second time round and as soon as the game opening came to end, the last scene displaying Roxas appearing in his Station of Awakening was the only thing she remembered before darkness completely enveloped her.

The next thing she knew, Liss had woken up in an apartment similar to her own room but as soon as she looked out of the window, she knew where she was: Twilight Town. Ever since she had been thrown into that world, Liss has been residing there and befriending the town people and doing odd jobs to earn herself some munny to survive.

Abilities: Liss was blessed with something that fit her personality very well: the power of air. She has not learned any way to use her abilities in an offensive manner yet, but she is able to sense disturbances in the air currents. In a way, Liss might as well be a danger sensor. She is also able to use the air around her to increase her agility by boosting it, often useful when she needs to avoid an incoming attack at the last minute. Acrobatics is also now considered to be a natural for the young lass. Liss is also able to do air infusion into weapons, namely her rapier, allowing her to add extra 'oomph' to her weapon so as to maximise its efficiency. She can do only air magic and nothing else for now.

The downside to having an air ability is that if she were to be stuck in a vacuum, she is unable to manipulate the air particles around her. If she were to use her own breath as a form of attack, it would prove dangerous for Liss as her own energy will run low real fast. Liss' fighting method is often using her weapon and she will only resort to reserving her energy if she feels that the enemy is far too big to take down in just a matter of minutes.

Not only that, because of her fencing experience, she is able to do fencing as well and she is the best one in her fencing team in school, due to having received extra training sessions from her father. Liss is able to speak more than one language, namely Italian and German.

Equipment: A standard rapier with its hilt coloured with a beautiful shade of turquoise and its length is about 80cm.
Sample Post: Life here seemed to be more relaxed. There was no need for school and that meant no homework. However, life without her family was a lot of more difficult that she had intended for it to be and Liss found herself struggling to survive on her own. Twilight Town was a small town and its residents often needed the help of youngsters. Liss found herself engaging in all sorts of odd jobs and each experience was very different. Like the real world, Liss still experienced day and night, something that she had never witnessed in the game.

Having her own apartment was also very unique. It was just a simple room, but that was about it. Nothing else. The hole in the wall still existed there and there was a huge difference seeing it from the game and upclose. There was a looming sense of dark energy over it and whenever Liss went closer to it, she could feel her hair standing up. It was no wonder people avoided the hole like the plague, but she knew what lay ahead: Naminè lived there. She wondered how the gameplay would be like here. She hadn't had a chance to actually fight yet, but as she stared into the hole, where she could see where the trees were.

Liss could only wonder how it'd be like to meet her favourite characters.
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