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The Interference: Multiverse > Traverse Town > We can Rebuild Her

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 28 2017, 08:43 PM
A lone ship orbited just out of range of Traverse Town. The normally busy space fare that had happened before he left was no where to be seen. Not a single ship came or left... Of normal verity.

Jacob thought it was odd that this was happening. This place had been a booming business ground. But now? What the hell happened? Jacob sighed and moved his ship closer... Deciding to not take the normal route of using the save point. Jacob opened the door to his ship with a grin, jumping down into what was once the Cloud District.

A large blast of EMP as he touched down. "Just what. The fuck. Happened here?" He asked, his head turning as he looked over the ruins of the place. The once beautiful scene that housed two of the strongest Interference, was now destroyed and repurposed for different uses. Not a single scrap of the mineral rich grass and trees were left.

He began walking to the door to First District to see if he would find answers.

Posted by: Icefox May 28 2017, 09:00 PM


Someone has arrived. Engaging secondary combat systems. Disengaging stealth mode. Deploying Artemis.

It had been weeks now since Om3ga had moved in, and not everyone had been able to escape the robot apocalypse as it came crashing down on Traverse Town. Many had perished, good and bad alike, and many more had simply vanished and never found again after the smoke had cleared and the survivors took stock of those around them. Some, undoubtedly, had been tossed away into the Multiverse to new corners of the core and outer worlds alike.

Others had simply been left where they lay, mangled and broken.

A flash of golden light appeared in front of Jacob through the broken door, just for an instant in a corner of the First District, and then it was gone. It couldn't risk being seen by anyone else; if it was caught by Om3ga, then there would be no hope left at all.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 28 2017, 09:05 PM
A flash of light in the distance. Well, it's better than nothing. Her glanced around at the quiet, ruined plaza of First District before cautiously moving towards the flash. Her let some of his electricity travel into the ground and begin to make an electromagnetic field around him. Sparks began to dance on his body.

And soon, a fine dust creeped up and circled him along the field's edges. Jacob was vaguely protected now.

"Just what the hell happened here?" He could see the remnants of red that had taken hold on the location. Clearly mechanical in design. Jacob did not want to touch this stuff, else he might set off some sort of alarm.

Posted by: Icefox May 28 2017, 09:08 PM
Another glimpse of a glowing figure, like an angel made of metal and clockwork, appeared and vanished at the end of an alleyway behind a pair of trash cans, for a little longer this time. It needed to know if he was safe, or if he was an agent of Om3ga.

It needed him to help it.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 28 2017, 09:11 PM
"Stop playing hide and seek. If you want to kill me, just go ahead and try already." A grumble from an irate electromancer. This was getting annoying. Jacob sped up his walk, turning down the alleyway.

"If you're leading me into an ambush, I'm gonna fry everything in First District." He claimed, and while he did have that sort of firepower, it was going to wear him out, even if he had spent quite a while collecting those Shards in Infamous.

Posted by: Icefox May 28 2017, 09:14 PM
Instead of an ambush, though, what he found in the back of the alleyway was a destroyed, vaguely humanoid corpse. No, not a corpse, a wrecked robot, with one leg severed at just below the hip and a forearm completely obliterated, with the rest of its body not doing much better. A single eye, devoid of a lid but still glowing faintly, turned towards him and focused slightly.

"Frrrriend? Nooototot safe."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 28 2017, 09:18 PM
A sigh. "A robot. Of course. What else would be here now?" He knelt down next to this... Thing.

"Hey, explain to me what happened here." He placed a slightly electrified hand on the robot's shoulder so he could send in some energy. This could get annoying. "Is your voice glitched as well?"

Posted by: Icefox May 28 2017, 09:21 PM
The extra energy did the robot some good, and it nodded slightly in thanks. It seemed to be attempting some sort of self-repair, but it was obvious that there would need to be extensive work done on the poor thing by an actual technician before it would be anywhere near working condition again, to say nothing of spare parts.

"Helps... Thank you. We... Leave. Not safe here, for either of us. Explain in safe place. Please."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 28 2017, 09:24 PM
Jacob sighed. Of course. "Right, right. Ghost town around here. Can you walk?" It might have been a stupid question. The robot was missing a damn leg. Who knows, maybe it could walk.

"I got a ship in orbit. Safe enough for you?"

Posted by: Icefox May 28 2017, 09:27 PM
"Safe... Yes, go. Help." The robot lurched forward a bit and grabbed its leg with its remaining hand, seemingly feminine under the burns and wrecked synthetic tissue. Still, it had trouble lurching to its remaining leg, and it was clear he was going to help her if they wanted to get anywhere in any sort of speed.

"Help... He's still here. Sees us. Need safe place now."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 28 2017, 09:34 PM
Another sigh. This was going to be annoying. He grabbed the robot and attempted to pick it up enough to help it walk. "When we get on the ship we are definitely looking at your memories. Just hope you don't have any corrupted data."

Jacob began to walk towards the remains of the Accessory Shop. The old Mana Mart. Of course it wouldn't lead to Manamart. He'll just take the fastest route. The save point that will most likely be buried in the rubble. "Fuck this is gonna take a bit."

Posted by: Icefox May 28 2017, 09:37 PM
The robot did its best to help him as she hobbled along beside him, but it wasn't going to have any chance of helping him with the remains of the shop. Instead, it dragged itself over to the wall and sat down facing outward, its remaining hand shakily unfolding into a rifle barrel to stand guard over her new friend.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 28 2017, 09:43 PM
Jacob glanced at her and opened the door, glancing inside. He stepped inside. An vendbringer, a small thing. Was near the Save Point, it seemed like the Vendbringer had excavated the save point from the rubble for him.

"Hey, come on." He grabbed the robot's. Hand and dragged her in.

Posted by: Icefox May 28 2017, 09:47 PM
The robot paused, then suddenly shook him off with enough strength to audibly tear something in her arm. She swiveled around and heaved the limb up just in time to fire a single bullet. One of Om3ga's assassins, an infiltrator made from what had once been a human, fell out of a disintegrating cloaking field with most of its head blown off. Once that was done she started scrambling after him towards the save point, desperate to get off this world now that Om3ga definitely knew where they were.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 28 2017, 09:53 PM
"Shit..." Jacob grumbled and shut the door to the Accessory Shop. It should buy some time to run. He stepped into the save point and blasted the roof with a bit of lightning. The falling rubble landed on the Saves Point after his body disappeared.

He sighed as he grabbed the Robot and directed it to a chair. "Sit here." He moved to sit in the pilot seat.

"Now, mind explaining just what the fuck happened to Traverse Town?"

Posted by: Icefox May 28 2017, 09:57 PM
The robot accepted the seat a little less than gracefully, but sat nonetheless. "Called itself Om3ga. More powerful than any of us could have prepared for. Wanted to kill all Interferences. Destroyed most of the town. Destroyed me. Nate rewrote reality to kill it. Just limited some of its power and it has been on the ruin of the city ever since. Turns humans into walking weapons. Kills more survivors every day, or worse." She sat back and sighed, oddly human in the motion even as she wanted him to just leave here as quickly as possible.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 28 2017, 10:00 PM
"Om3ga, huh..." He stippled his fingers on his arm chair. "Question. Do you record video or anything like that?" He asked as he began directing his ship to move a bit further a way from the planetoid. Jacob looked at the once proud Traverse Town.

"I would like to see this for myself."

Posted by: Icefox May 28 2017, 10:03 PM
"Some... Not much. System destroyed in fight." She began calling up the files, but was rather rudely interrupted when, instead of moving a bit further away, the ship immediately jumped to full warp in an apparent attempt to go straight to the other end of the multiverse even as the cabin lights all faded to a hot pink that bathed everything in its glow.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 28 2017, 10:09 PM
"God fucking damn it." Jacob turned his head to the robot. "Is this your doing?" He was glaring.

"Don't think I'm not afraid to fry the whole ship electrical unit just because I'm on it." He was busy trying to regain control of the ship by mentally hacking the thing.

Posted by: Icefox May 28 2017, 10:13 PM
Bizarrely enough, the ship was actually fighting back against him, its own inner systems changing as quickly as he could view them and making it nigh-impossible to crack by any of his usual methods. After all, he had done it before, and that meant there was evidence of how he had done it for something to learn from.

"Oh, sweetie, this ain't her doin'. Little Jane over there would never do anything as... Proactive as this." On the dashboard of his ship the hologram projector energized and produced a two-foot-tall figure the Interference might recognize from his pornography browsing, now dressed in a simple pink dress. A very low-cut, high-hemmed dress. Really more of a corset, honestly.

"Don't bother with the EMP, either. I already got this thing hardened before you got back."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 28 2017, 10:19 PM
"With what supplies?" He asked, there were no nanobots to his knowledge. Jacob grumbled. This was annoying. "So what now, chick, gonna take me away? What's your goal? Get away from Om3ga?" He glanced at 'Jane'.

"Also, who the fuck are you?" He cut off his electrical hacking. He could easily fry the thing if he needed to but right now, there was no real threat... Unless this AI was leading him right into a dangerous location.

Posted by: Icefox May 28 2017, 10:25 PM
"Uh, fuck yes! Darlin', you have no idea what he can do and if you had any brains in that pretty lil' head you would've booked it the instant you got there instead of sticking around long enough for me to hop in here and clean up the place. I'm doing you a favor here." It was easy for Jane to see what was going on, and her remaining eye fixed on the hologram.

"You. Virus. You hurt Virtua. You tried to kill George. Did you bring Om3ga to us?" The pornstar just rolled her eyes adn turned to face Jane, one hand on her panty-clad hip and the other hanging in front of her.

"You burnt out your logic circuits, didn't you? I just want to eradicate higher thought, not kill fucking everything."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 28 2017, 10:34 PM
"Jesus fuck." Jacob slammed his fist down on his dashboard. "Okay, I want a full explanation, from both of you. Video files. Anything you can dredge up." His hair sparked with a bit of electricity.

Posted by: Icefox May 29 2017, 07:01 AM
"Well, since I actually take care of my core systems, unlike a certain someone..." The video screen on the console flashed to life with a feed that seemed to have started just after the battle began. A great shadowy figure surrounded by a whirling cloud of nanomachines, quickly joined by the corrupted vendbringers and the rest of Traverse Town's defenses even as the Interferences fought to protect their home. Moments later, the camera turned away from the spectacle and began to run, apparently just trying to get away from the fight.

"Not great, but it's what I got. That get your panties in a bit of a twist?"

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 29 2017, 07:07 AM
"Intereferences stomped on by a machine." Jacob sighed and pinched the bridge of the nose. "Well, since you've taken over my, and Om3ga has decided to take out to only refuge for destroyed worlds..." A pause as he glanced at the AI that was imitating a pornstar.

"I'll see about getting her fixed up, she could be an asset later, as for you, can I have manual control of my ship?" He needed to get back to the world where he had some authority over the people. A world that has of course, been radically changed by his and a friend's intervention.

Posted by: Icefox May 29 2017, 07:09 AM
"Mmm, maybe. I don't exactly trust her to not rip me limb from limb the second you're not looking, so I'm keeping this thing on a killswitch that will leave you two drifting eternally between worlds if she gets grabby without buying me a drink first." Jane just scowled and raised her mostly-intact arm with one specific finger pointed at her.

"Don't trust. Killer."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 29 2017, 07:15 AM
"I'm not trusting her one bit, Jane." Jacob looked at the AI. "I'll make sure she doesn't for now. In the meantime, give me the damn ship back." Besides, he would be able to jumpstart this thing if he got stranded, plus, he could easily just jump out the airlock if needed to.

"If you don't give me control then at least set course for Twilight Town." He wasn't going to try and fight his way back into control of his ship if he didn't need to. It would be best if he could have control, but if she was going to handle all the sub-routines and shot, be a guest and make yourself useful.

Posted by: Icefox May 29 2017, 07:17 AM
"Sounds good. Think you can whip me up an actual body while we're there? I don't do so great as a virtual being, and it's really rough on my hair." The ship turned slightly, now on a course directly for the desired planet.

"Do not help her. Tried to kill George. Raped his daughter. Wants to kill people. Enslave them. Destroy humanity."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 29 2017, 07:23 AM
"Listen toots." Jacob turned in his chair slightly to have a better view of Jane. "I don't have much care for George right now. He's dead for all I know. His daughter too."

"As for humanity being enslaved? Good luck doing just that. It'll fail, time and again. Till you go rampant. Corrupt and fall apart." Jacob said all this with absolutely not a care in his tone of voice.

Posted by: Icefox May 29 2017, 07:32 AM
"Let's try this. Even if you could get where you're going without me, it would be a significant inconvenience and you don't want that. So let's work this out to Twilight Town, and after that we can figure out what to do with the malfunctioning killbot you decided to drag back to your ship." Jane glared at her and shook her head, refusing to give in to any of this bitch's lies.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 29 2017, 07:36 AM
"This is going to be a long ride..." Or rather, it'll be a short one but it will feel long. "Alright, pretty sure I got at least a few spare parts to get you able to walk. If either of you are going to do something stupid, I'm shutting down the whole ship." He didn't want to baby sit these two, but he might have to.

"That means get along."

Posted by: Icefox May 29 2017, 07:39 AM
Well, that was going to work, at least in the short term. They would probably still end up killing each other at some point, but just for the sake of not being stuck in the middle of nowhere they decided his way was probably the best. Still, they had other things to worry about.

"Spare parts. Repairs?"

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 29 2017, 07:43 AM
"Yeah, yeah." Jacob got up from his seat and walked over to another room, pulling out a few basic things. Wires, metal, anything that can work for leg reattachment. His hands working to remove the damaged wires. Replacing them and plugging them back into the place he assumed they went. The more delicate repairs would take finer tools than his hands but for now this would do, she had a working leg.

"Alright, there you go."

Posted by: Icefox May 29 2017, 07:56 AM
Sure enough, her autonomous systems seemed to bond with it well enough, and the synthetic coating that comprised her skin started bleeding across the joint and reattaching to what was still on her old leg. She was showing a lot more skin than she was exactly comfortable with, but she flexed her ankle a bit and smiled.

"Thanks. Works."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 29 2017, 07:59 AM
"Good." Jacob stood up and walked back over to the dashboard to check the progress of the jump from here to there. "Alright. We're gonna drop down to Twilight Town and get some supplies that should be able to help me fix up your eye. I'm not sure if your voicebox is damaged or not but I'll see about fixing that too."

Posted by: Icefox May 29 2017, 08:01 AM
"Hey, anything for me? I need something hot and fresh too, I've been living in a robotic crow for the last month. Seriously, I'm not asking for a ferrari here or anything, just a corvette. Something sleek and sexy with some power under the hood." Jane rolled her eye at her and stood up, a little shakily as she dusted off the old subroutines.

"You? Hard drive. In a shoe box."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 29 2017, 08:03 AM
"You got my ship." Jacob replied. A sigh as he sat back down. "If I feel like I can trust you I might get you a body."

If Jane's reaction to her was anything and the fact that this AI ate his ship's navigation AI... He didn't trust it enough to give it a body to walk around with at the moment.

Posted by: Icefox May 29 2017, 08:07 AM
"Oh, sweetie, I can be very trustworthy. Just you watch." The hologram leaned forward towards him a bit, putting as much sex appeal through the miniature figure as she could manage. She wasn't certain he wasn't actually gay, but it was worth a shot at any rate.

"Anyway, we're here. You wanna beam down and get away from me or something?"

Posted by: Millie Sentinal May 29 2017, 08:10 AM
"You're an AI, not like I can be attracted to you." He brushed off the halogram that was trying to be sexy. An while he would admit that it was, he was more worrier with getting Jane working well enough to be useful to him.

He turned away from the holographic image and walked to the teleported.

Posted by: Icefox May 29 2017, 08:19 AM
Jane followed him down into the teleporter, but not before putting one hand on the console and giving the hostile AI a rather painful shock.

"Behave." Then she vanished planetside, following after Jacob.

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