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Welcome to the Interference: Multiverse, a video game crossover roleplayed inspired by The Interference fanfiction series by Newbiespud.

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Last Updated: 9/8/2016

We've got a shiny new... uh, Newcomer's Guide. If you're new, then go check it out! If you're not new, then check it out anyway, and give some feedback! In particular, we need some frequently asked questions to answer.

September's activity check is live!

The Story So Far...
Traverse Town is under attack! A powerful entity by the name of 0m3ga has descended upon the world, seeking to scatter and destroy the Interferences that call it their home. Click here to join the fight!

The Resistors have amassed a large fleet of spaceships in the Ocean Between. These ships are targeting and destroying Heartless and Nobody ships, and will attempt to detain and question any other ships travelling between worlds. Those wishing to respond to this situation can do so here.

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» Newcomer's Guide, Lost? Come here!
 Posted: Sep 8 2016, 09:53 PM

The sun will rise.

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New and don't know where to start? Then you're in the right place! This guide exists to walk you through the basics of getting started on the forum, so you can get to what you're probably here for - the roleplaying!

Required Reading
If nothing else, be sure to check out these threads. They cover important rules and information about the setting, so you know what we're all about.
  • Forum Rules: The forum rules and guidelines.
  • Setting Notes: Basic information about the forum's world, setting, and major players.
  • Plot: The story so far! While this doesn't cover every event that's happened, the plot thread covers the general trends of the world of the forum.

Other Reading
  • The Interference Saga: A collection of the Interference fanfiction series, on which the forum is based.
  • The Interference Wiki: A fan-maintained Wikia about the Interference, containing information about its characters and summaries of the stories, which can be found here.

Making a Character
  • First, make an account! We are an account per player forum, so please register using your personal username.
  • Then, check out the Application Template, which contains all the information you need to make a new character.
  • Once you've filled out your application, post it in the Profile Creation board for the moderators to evaluate. They may accept your character, or ask you to make changes. If you're asked to make changes, please be sure to respond so that the moderator team knows that changes have been made.
  • Once your character has been accepted, you are free to begin roleplaying in the IC parts of the forum! You can make a thread wherever you want, or jump into a thread if it's marked as open.

Getting Started
  • It's recommended that you put a link to your character's profile in your signature, so that other members can easily refer to it.
  • Making a thread in the Journals and Tracker board is optional, but it's a good way to keep track of your characters threads and relationships.
  • The easiest way to communicate with other forum members is by joining the Discord channel. You don't need an account to join, and you can access it via a web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will be updated when we have some frequently asked questions to answer.
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