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Welcome to the Interference: Multiverse, a video game crossover roleplayed inspired by The Interference fanfiction series by Newbiespud.

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Traverse Town is under attack! A powerful entity by the name of 0m3ga has descended upon the world, seeking to scatter and destroy the Interferences that call it their home. Click here to join the fight!

The Resistors have amassed a large fleet of spaceships in the Ocean Between. These ships are targeting and destroying Heartless and Nobody ships, and will attempt to detain and question any other ships travelling between worlds. Those wishing to respond to this situation can do so here.

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» Living Around the Block, And adventure of idiots.
Chanlye Alexina
 Posted: Today at 09:08 pm


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"I have a conclusion?" Kyanna frowned at the words, that were misheard. "And yeah, yeah. I'm almost sure I healed myself before. I will try to do it again, though I'm a little dizzy." She placed her hand on her head for emphasis. "Here we go.." Kyanna started to try to concentrate her healing powers, which of course started to charge much slower than usual.

Slowly purple magical threads started to sew her head wound, and she was doing her best to keep the spell going. It was a little hard, but with her last energies she would be able to do it.

After finally closing the wounds, she felt a big pain relief. "I did it." Kyanna looked at Nathaniel, with a very tired expression. Though she's a girl with so much stamina, she is still fragile and a newbie, so a huge tiredness started to invade her body. Her eyes began to close, and though she tried to keep them open, the exhaustion won and she passed out.

Kyanna Wynne - Mushroom Cleric! Or at least she thinks so.
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