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The Interference: Multiverse > Pride Lands > A Wandering Cat

Posted by: Blaizokaran Aug 14 2017, 04:25 PM
In hindsight, Blaze wasn't entirely sure why no one had approached him about up here yet.

The young pyromancer had recently been struck with the realization that there were times where he didn't have control of himself. Nor did he retain any memories of the events. The thing that revealed this to him? Said ailment nearly killing people he considered allies. And he had no idea how to fix it. Oh, he had some clue as to what it was. His awakening into this new multiverse had provided proof enough of that. He just didn't have any active way to fix the fact that the Dragon magically bound to his heart might be actively controlling him when he lets his emotions flare too out of control. Blaze didn't even have it in him to risk bringing Tired into this world, and he had really been looking forward to actually having an intelligent and unhampered conversation with the pup, too.

So Blaze had taken to just lying around on the tallest point of Pride Rock as a lion cub, overlooking the Pride Lands as he ruminated on his problem. He was hoping he could come up with some kind of solution, but right now, the only thing that was coming to mind...

...was the fact that none of the locals seemed to take issue with the neon red lion cub sitting at the highest point of the "king's castle," as it were.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Aug 14 2017, 05:40 PM
In the distance, one might notice the slow falling lightning storm along with several pieces of gumming plummeting to the ground. This was Jacob and his ship.

When everything met the ground, sparks flew out and several loud explosions of thunder could be heard rolling over the Pridelands. Jacob lay on the ground, groaning in pain and gasping for air, but largely unhurt from the fall. After a few minutes, Jacob rose to sit up and look at the devastation around him. "Jesus fuck... Alright, where the fuck am I...?"

His eyes scanned the wasteland area and concluded some sort of savannah. Great, just perfect. Alright... Ship? Broken, hard to repair without a garage or someone who knows how to work gummi.

Jacob cracked his neck and sighed as he began looking through the wreckage of his ship, looking for some very specific components that he wanted to destroy.

Posted by: Blaizokaran Aug 14 2017, 05:57 PM
...Well, so much for an inconspicuous entrance. That's kind of hard to miss.

Knowing that lightning storm catastrophe could only be an Interference, Blaze quickly sprinted his way down Pride Rock and out into the Savannah to see if he could be of any help. When he found someone who was completely human looking around the wreckage of his own ship, he had to stand there at the edge of the landing site for a minute, looking a little dumbfounded, to process this fact.

Even among Interferences, humans weren't something you normally found in the Pride Lands - to Blaze's knowledge, nearly everyone either had a spell to help them blend in, or magical clothes from Merlin or Yen Sid that provided the same for any world that required such. In some cases, even the world itself would step in to make sure you blended in with the locals in some capacity. These things always differed from person to person, but someone who stuck out like a sore thumb this badly was such a rarity, Blaze had never seen or heard of it before this point.

Still, crashed ship, Interference, needed to help.

"Hey," Blaze called out, hoping he could still be understood, "need some help there?"

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Aug 14 2017, 06:05 PM
Jacob turned towards the... At least vaguely human sounding roar of a lion cub. The bright red fur definitely didn't fit any lions he had ever seen before. So he assumed Interference.

"Alright... I'll assume Pridelands. Yeah, some help would be nice, but I don't think you have opposable thumbs, huh?" Jacob glanced back at the wreckage of his ship. "I've gotta destroy whatever remains of the ship's computer before I even try to get back off world with this thing."

He sighed and rubbed the back of his head while sparking a small bit. "Jeez, that landing stung. Glad I jumped out when I did." Which would probably lend as to why he hadn't been transformed into some sort of animal. Not a conventional way of entering the world. "Think you could help me destroy this thing's computer?"

Posted by: Blaizokaran Aug 14 2017, 06:20 PM
...Destroy the Gummi ship's computer drive? Okay, that's a bit odd. But with Interferences, there was always some collection of oddities about them, so Blaze didn't question it. Instead, he pulled out his Dragon Sword, attaching it to his tail so he could attack like a scorpion, and started hunting for the computer.

"On it. So, is there any particular reason you just fell out of the sky like this? Get shot down, something explode, what?"

Blaze was mostly asking for the small talk at this point. It never hurt to know a bit more about whoever you were dealing with at the moment.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Aug 14 2017, 06:28 PM
"Yeah, computer virus." Jacob said as he walked around the destroyed ship. "Ya see, a corrupt AI took control of my ship, so I emp'd it." He sighed as he stepped inside one of the destroyed doors.

"It seems that this was only one fork of her whole mind though, but I want to make sure this part of it doesn't come back to bite me in the ass." He pushed aside a door that lead to the cockpit.

"So what's your deal, the whole, lion thing?"

Posted by: Blaizokaran Aug 14 2017, 06:47 PM
Yeesh, a hostile AI? Yeah, that sounded like something that needed to be taken care of ASAP. The LAST thing this world needed was sentient technology it couldn't handle going on a killing spree.

As for the lion thing... "Actually, I was gonna ask you why you still look human. Most Interferences have a way to make themselves... at least mostly blend in with the locals of the worlds they go to, if human isn't a common species there. Although, to be fair, I'm kinda surprised neon red qualifies as blending in around here."

As he talked, Blaze took to moving over some pieces that were larger than he was, so he could look under them. He did so by pushing his head underneath it and concentrating his fire under his feet so it would push him up. There was some grunting involved with this process.

Eventually, found the broken remains of a computer terminal and slashed it through a couple of times with the Dragon Sword, making sure it would never operate again.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Aug 14 2017, 06:57 PM
"I'm sure humans exist somewhere on this world... But I guess that makes sense. I'll take note to avoid any lions and such." He helped move a fee things and smiled as the computer was cut up.

"Well, that's one portion of her AI destroyed. Or at least one version of her." Jacob sighed. He slumped back on his chair. "Emp'd it, knock it out of orbit, destroy the computer... Now to find a way off this rock." He glanced out the shattered cockpit window.

Posted by: Blaizokaran Aug 14 2017, 07:21 PM
Blaze ran back over to Jacob and put away the sword, having finished with the computer parts.

"If there are any local humans, I've yet to meet them, and the same goes for the local wildlife. Anyway, if you need it, I could give you a ride. Got a Gummi ship waiting in orbit, and Tired is probably getting stir-crazy up there."

Come to think of it, Tired hadn't been out of the ship for quite awhile. Had he been trained yet to use the waste airlock Blaze got installed recently?

...Eh, that pup was unnaturally smart, he probably figured it out on his own by now.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Aug 14 2017, 07:43 PM
Jacob looked back at the lion. "Ah, yeah, that'd be great." He chuckled and picked up a few core pieces of gummi. "By the way, I'm Jacob. You are?" Jacob's hand went into his pocket to put away these things.

"Where's the closest save-point?"

Posted by: Blaizokaran Aug 14 2017, 09:28 PM
"Blaze, nice to meetcha. Closest save point would be..." Blaze took a moment to look around and see which one they were actually closer to before continuing, "back near Pride Rock, in Rafiki's little hovel. This way."

With that, Blaze led the way at what was, for him, a brisk little trot, but was about walking speed for Jacob. Once they got back in the vicinity of Pride Rock, Blaze raised his voice to the crowd of lions that had gathered at the quite hard-to-miss spectacle that Jacob's entrance had been. "Everything's under control, people, nothing to see here! Just need to give my friend here a ride."

At this, the lions uneasily started to grant them a path to Rafiki's hut. Some were looking at Blaze's bright color, but most were looking at Jacob. They didn't seem hostile, though. Blaze was going to put that down to everyone being somewhat used to unusual travelers passing through, since Sora and crew had helped Simba claim the throne, and ever since then, Interferences were running a bit wild.

In any case, Blaze headed straight into Rafiki's hovel... which was strangely empty. Huh. The baboon must have been out on a grocery run or something. Ah well. Into the save point!

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Aug 15 2017, 06:34 AM
Jacob held his hands up with an uneasy smile as he walked theiugh the crowd of lions. "Didn't I just say I was gonna avoid these guys?" It didn't matter though, they were already through the place and at the save point.

"Ah well, thanks. And thanks in advance for the ride." He smiled as he walked towards the save point. "If you need any favors or something I'll give you my contact info, or you could probably find me on the world of Infamous."

Posted by: Blaizokaran Sep 2 2017, 03:17 PM
Blaze took until they were back on his Gummi ship to respond, where he took the opportunity to turn into his thirteen-year-old human body. "No thanks needed. Interferences are a rare breed, so we should help each other where we can," he said as he stretched a bit, joints popping. "Still, I won't say no to trading contact info."

It was at this point Tired trotted up and yipped a friendly greeting at the pair.

"Hey Tired. Anything important happen while I was gone?"

The pup gave a decisive shake of the head, indicating in an unusually human fashion that nothing had happened while Blaze had been gone. He then looked directly at Jacob and cocked his head to the side.

It took Blaze a full second to realize what Tired was trying to ask. "...Oh, this is Jacob. His Gummi ship crashed in the Savannah, and he needs a ride back to where he can get a new one. Jacob, this is Tired, a pet of a good friend that I'm taking care of for the time being."

Tired jumped a bit excitedly at Jacob's feet, wagging his tail. He was always happy to meet new people.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Sep 2 2017, 03:43 PM
Jacob blinked at the excitedly jumping dog and gently pushed its body away from him. "Sorry buddy, I ain't too good with animals... And you probably won't like me anyway either because I am slightly charged with an infinite amount of electricity."

He looked around the ship and decided to sit in one of the few chairs. "So, I'm guessing Radiant Garden would be a good stop to make, yeah? Though I could head to Infamous as well and get my friend to build me one as well, but I don't exactly want to bother him."

Posted by: Blaizokaran Sep 2 2017, 04:47 PM
At the mention of Jacob not being good with animals, as well as his electricity, Tired immediately reigned in his energetic nature. The pup knew how to take a hint, and the hint here was that his normal act was coming on a bit strong for this particular person. He kept his tail wagging, though. That was more instinct than anything else, and it was a near universally known sign of dogs being happy to see or interact with someone.

In any case, Blaze took a seat in the pilot's chair. "Yeah, let's head to Radiant Garden for this one. We could also go to Disney Castle and try to get Chip and Dale to help us, but I've personally found Cid to do pretty reliable work for the prices he charges."

With that, Blaze sets course for Radiant Garden and hits the warp drive.

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