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Welcome to the Interference: Multiverse, a video game crossover roleplayed inspired by The Interference fanfiction series by Newbiespud.

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The Resistors have amassed a large fleet of spaceships in the Ocean Between. These ships are targeting and destroying Heartless and Nobody ships, and will attempt to detain and question any other ships travelling between worlds. Those wishing to respond to this situation can do so here.

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» The Interference IV Continues, itshappening.gif
 Posted: Jun 14 2017, 02:59 PM


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Yeah, it was about time.

And if this convinces any of you to support me financially via Patreon so I can stay alive while writing this, that'd be sweet too: (For some reason, Patreon is a banned word on Weird.)

So what's happening? Well, since the previous portion of TI4 was something I wrote five years ago, I kind of wanted a stylistic separation between the writer I was then and the writer I am now. So what I wrote then is now "Book 1" with a little extra epilogue at the end, and everything forward will be "Book 2."

Starting now.

Book 1 Chapter 15 (Epilogue)

Book 2 Foreword

Book 2 Chapter 16

I still don't think I've really got time to do the play-by-post roleplaying thing, but that'll let me focus more on the main story's writing anyway, on top of all my other projects.

I'm back again.
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