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» Belly of the Whale
 Posted: Sep 19 2013, 06:52 PM


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"My world also held the spawn of demons and humans... as well as demons and elves and demons and orcs." Legode said, "Their spawn were called Tieflings, and while they could also have the blood of a devil, they still had features of their inhuman heritage, normally in the form of horns and a tail. The elven version were known as, Fey'ri I think, and they had wings as well. The orcish one, Tana'ruk, I do not know much about however."

As Legode listened to the legend of Sparda, she frowned. "Demons and Devils, were not so noble where I'm from. If a tiefling was born, it was either someone of a demonic bloodline being a parent or ancestor, or... worse methods." She left it at that, hoping her point would be clear as she cleared her throat. Seeing Nero bring out the katana, a type of blade she'd seen before, Legode only quirked an eyebrow. For some reason, she couldn't help but feel that Nero was probably hiding something from her. He had claimed he had met two sons of this "Sparda" being, and the surviving brother had let him keep his late brother's sword. If the demon he spoke of truly was a good being, then it would have made more sense if this "Dante" character had tried to reclaim his brother's sword from whoever was possessing it.

Unless, there was a very interesting reason for letting him keep it. Humming to herself as she opened up the ship, she decided not to ask anymore questions of the man, instead trying to connect with Monstro again to inform him that it was time for his end of the bargain to be met. Taking a deep breath, Legode then connected to the whale's mind, the feat being easier this time, and she let it know of the tormented's defeat.

Thank you! Monstro sang, Get inside your ship, I shall take you to Radiant Garden and let you out when I get to its orbit.

"Thank you." Legode said to the whale, ending the connection. Of course, while it was easier to make this time, it was still tiring as she nearly lost her balance. Using the ship's wall for support, she turned to her two passengers and spoke.

"There is only one bathroom if you wish to get cleaned up, and I advise doing so, as we may be in the ship for a while." she said, heading on board. "If you wish to rest, know that there are only two beds, so please keep that in mind... and Nero? If you enter the room that has a small harp in it, you get out of there immediately, as that is my room. Understand?"

The druid then turned around and entered the ship, sitting down in a chair on the bridge and groaning as Yethrys silently followed her.

It had been a long day.

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 Posted: Sep 20 2013, 01:01 PM

The sun will rise.

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Bastian remained silent throughout the conversation on half-demons and demonic bloodlines. Legode and Nero's worlds must have been strange ones, if their monsters could breed with mortals. Could that kind of thing even happen on Atreia...? He shuddered, his mane momentarily bristling as he shoved the thought aside.

"I assume that the whale is keeping its promise," he said, seeing Legode leaning against the ship. "I was a little worried that it might change its mind."

He glanced back at Nero. "I'm cleaning up first. I'll be quick," he said, before walking into the ship himself. It would be a relief to get out of armor and wash off - he wanted to leave behind this whale and everything associated with it as soon as possible.

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 Posted: Sep 21 2013, 09:43 AM


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Nero winced at the words worse methods. He didn't doubt that some demon, somewhere, had done that to someone... were there other part-demon children in the his own world, then? Maybe not even aware that they had inhuman blood in their veins? ...Well, whatever. There was no sense thinking about crappy aspects of the world he couldn't change, and--

--and he wasn't even sure he believed the "other worlds" story yet, anyway, so why was he even thinking about this right now?

Nero nodded carelessly when Legode warned him not to go poking around in her room, and then said, "Well, sweetheart, I have a girlfriend. So I'm not about to go poking around in your underwear drawer. And, no offense... I just don't care for harps."

And then he was up into the ship. Bastian wanted to clean himself up first? Fine, then. Nero had hardly even broken a sweat fighting those demons earlier, anyway. The only thing that needed any cleaning was his coat, and that would need a somewhat more specialized touch.

The boy took off his coat and hung it over the back of his seat, and then sat down, fishing a pair of wireless headphones out of one of the inside pockets. A press of a button and loud music--most prominently guitars--started playing audibly enough to be heard clearly. It probably sounded very unlike the sort of music Legode was used to. He promptly sealed his ears off and waited for his turn in the bathroom, even though--with his coat off as it was--he didn't look like he really needed it.

Question-and-answer time could wait until Bastian was there to hear it, after all.

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