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Mar 27 2014, 08:05 PM
I'm really sorry to just drop again partway into a topic, especially considering that a few of the people who joined did so as their first topic. Every time I sit down to write a post for this forum--either for Jaws of Oblivion or a new topic completely--I just can't work up the motivation to do so. As crappy as it makes me feel, I've decided to give up.

So, I apologize to all of the people who tried to RP with me. As of now, I am officially gone from this forum. I hope you all have fun from here on, but I can't force myself to.
Jan 7 2014, 09:36 AM
He couldn't remember. He couldn't remember anything...

Perhaps that was why there wasn't anything here, he couldn't help but think. There was nothing, nothing but blackness and silence. And yet there was something, because he could feel something.

Then he remembered what feeling was, and realized that these were fingertips. He moved them. Then he became aware that something was touching his skin all over, something was covering his "feet," there was a harness of some sort on his back...

Clothes. Shoes. Weapon and harness...

He remembered that he had been outfitted for combat, and finally, he remembered that he had been on a ship with her, a blue-skinned elf. That was where he always disappeared, while he was on a ship, traveling with some blue-skinned woman. That was how his existence always flickered out, how memory became a whiff of smoke at the end of a blown-out candle...

But they hadn't been the same woman. The first had been asari, whatever that was. The second, the second...

...The second was Legode. And he, himself, was Xelwis. That was his name, or rather, the name he'd given himself so people had something to call him. Because it didn't matter what happened to him, he didn't exist.

What had happened to Legode...? That thought chased Xelwis further into the darkness, until thought and feeling faded and he could think no more.


And then... he was awake. His eyes sprang open and the first thing he saw was what looked like a gigantic tree root, next to him... he was leaning against it, in a sitting position, the gunblade harness on his back pressed uncomfortably against his shoulder blades. Pushing an arm against this root, Xelwis stood up, and looked around. Trees. Trees everywhere, as far as the eye could see, but not just any trees, not just any forest. The trees here were impossibly tall and impossibly thick, a giant forest full of giant trees. It looked familiar, and Xelwis realized his other self must have been aware of whatever game or story this world had come from...

Xelwis began to walk, eyes sweeping the scenery for some sign of something to identify it. "Forest of giant trees" could have been a trope from any number of--

And then he rounded the corner and saw a creature standing there, swaying drunkenly, a naked, sexless giant of a man with its back to Xelwis just beyond that next tree. Naked, with dull gray skin and a vapid wide-eyed grin on its face. A giant? No...

...a Titan... and Xelwis was barely tall enough on his own that he might outclass the monster's ankle.

This was not a good world to find himself marooned on, that was for sure. Legode couldn't be here somewhere, could she?
Oct 11 2013, 07:37 PM
Homeworld: Planet Earth, circa Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan

Name: Melissa Farbanks
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Abilities: Melissa is a member of humanity's military in her home world, specifically the Survey Corps--one of the few who venture beyond the three walls standing between humans and the Titans that seek to consume them. Though Melissa is not one of the Survey Corps elite, her physical strength and agility are both exceptional, as is her sense of balance... all aspects required in order to gracefully operate the Three-Dimensional Manuever Gear utilized by humanity in their battles against the Titans. Melissa is also passable in physical, man-to-man martial arts, as well as marksmanship, although she hasn't gotten nearly as much practice at these with the Survey Corps as she has with her Maneuver Gear and the dual blades used to slay Titans.

Equipment: As with all members of the human military, Melissa is trained in the use of firearms and hand-to-hand combat, but as a member of the Survey Corps., the equipment she makes regular use of is her Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear. This device, combining two grappling hooks with a gas-powered propulsion system, affords its user the ability to move quickly in all directions, changing direction on a moment's--but only if they have the balance, reaction time, and skill to make use of it. Unfortunately, this device is only as useful as the terrain it's used in; a lack of vertical surfaces to grapple from leaves the user with only their feet to work with, a very unfortunate position to be found in if one is confronted with Titans.

Condition: Melissa is in peak physical condition, beyond what is expected (or considered gender-acceptable) for women in most worlds: her physique is muscular and toned, lean and perfectly suited for agile movement, mostly a result of how physically taxing training with Maneuver Gear was. She exercises and trains regularly to keep her condition at its best, knowing this to be one difference between life and death in her profession of choice.

Personality: Formerly quiet and reserved, Melissa gained confidence in her military training, her subsequent operations with the Survey Corps, and the camaraderie that ensued throughout both strengthening both her drive to take initiative and her social courage. The persona she puts forth in moth situations is reserved and cheerful--however, when an emergency happens, Melissa snaps into serious mode, and in the absence of an official authority, will be one of the first to take charge of a situation and attempt to bring order to the efforts those present.

Sadly, her time with the military has left her as scarred as it has developed: Melissa has seen friends die, both during training and to the horror of the Titans. At times, she exhibits classic signs of one with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, although she is quite good at managing it. Such symptoms are unfortunately quite common among the members of the Survey Corps... unless they die, of course, which is nearly as common.

Morality: Formerly somewhat self-focused and intent on securing a comfortable life for herself, the occurrence of the fall of Zhiganshina and most pointedly the government's use of refugees in an "effort" to retake the territory inside their outer wall--in fact, a thinly-veiled culling--while she was still in training prompted her to change her priorities. Melissa's primary concern now is being of use to humanity, even if it costs her life and limb... it is, however, an anxious, tentative priority. The part of her that originally sought a comfortable life in the interior of Wall Sina as a member of the Military Police still exists, and occasionally, she regrets choosing this path more than she ever imagined regretting anything.

On most matters, Melissa is good-natured--she understand what it is to be weak and in need of help, and endeavors to protect those who can't protect themselves. Her family's former situation, lacking in money and influence, has also given her an understanding and empathy for the impoverished. These are aspects of her personality that never come up in her work; Titans don't care how rich you are, and compared to them, all humans are weak.

Appearance: Melissa is quite simply a woman, with all the parts women have. She has blue eyes and brown hair, tied in a simple, practical ponytail that falls no further than her shoulder blades. Her physique is toned and muscular, with well-defined arm, leg, and abdominal muscles that are quite noticeable when she dons her exercising clothes. Most of the time, Melissa wears the uniform of humanity's military, along with the green cloak of the Survey Corps, adorned with the emblem called the "Wings of Freedom," bearing two wings atop a shield-shape: one white and one black.

Her Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear, when worn on her belt, appears quite bulky and eye-catching, and its function is not evident simply by looking. It is accompanied by two large belt-sheathes, in which spare blades are kept for when the ones she is using inevitably wear down or break.

Image of SnK's Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear(Show/Hide)

Background: Melissa Farbanks was born to a simple family of Wall Rose commoners, whose family business was a barbershop. They did well for themselves, for the most part, but like most people outside the luxurious inner wall of humanity's limited territory, they were simply that--commoners, with limited money and limited means. There was no particularly special reason why Melissa chose to join the military--her older brother was to inherit the shop, so she needed to find herself either a job or a husband, and being shy around men, she chose "job" upon turning seventeen.

It was her hope at first to rank among the top ten of her class, earning the right to join the Military Police branch. Failing that, she could at least join the Garrison, charged with guarding humanity's three seemingly-impregnable walls from Titan aggression. Becoming a member of the Survey Corps was the farthest thing from her mind... or, it was, until news reached her training camp that after a hundred years of peace, the Titans had breached the outer wall, Wall Maria, after the appearance of two exceptional Titans--the Colossal Titan, which broke down the outer gate of Zhiganshina, and the Armored Titan, which plowed through the inner gate and opened the way for Titans to pour in and invade the entire outer third of humanity's territory.

The food shortage that resulted from the influx of refugees hit everyone hard, including her own family--their ailing grandmother, already in sorry shape, passed away due to malnutrition during this time, leaving Melissa's family aggrieved. It was this loss that taught Melissa the importance of cause and effect. If there had been more members amongst the ranks of the Survey Corps, she believed, perhaps they would have learned more, made more progress, maybe even earned a victory against the Titans and none of this would have ever happened. Her conflicted thoughts were only solidified when the government ordered a culling--an effort to re-take Wall Maria was made, using the adult refugees as soldier. Very few survived this "effort."

At the last moment, Melissa made up her mind. When the time came to choose between the Garrison and the Survey Corps., she chose the Survey Corps. It was every bit as terrifying as she imagined, and more.

Melissa didn't have what it took to be one of the elite; when she took an active role in a Survey Corps excursion beyond the walls, it was as an outer scout, a role she performed admirably. But this meant that she and her closest comrades were always the first to encounter the Titans, and when things went wrong, she and her comrades were always the ones in the most immediate danger.

The details of how her friends died are best left to the imagination.

It would be wonderful and dramatic if one could say that something of significance happened during Melissa's time as a Survey Corps scout. The sad fact is, nothing of significance ever did, beyond Hanji Zoe being given a few live Titans to experiment on. Not much progress was ever made by the Survey Corps during a short span of time, and far, far too many of their soldiers died whenever the time came to leave the safety of human-controlled territory to establish travel routes between Wall Rose and Wall Maria.

Eventually, a Titan caught Melissa: it snatched her out of the air, twisted her spine and crushed her shoulders with its hands, and then bit her head off. That should have been the end of Melissa's story.

Should have been.
Sep 9 2013, 10:59 AM
Featured In: Devil May Cry 4

Name: Nero

Gender: Male

Species: Human/Demon half(?)breed

Abilities: Nero's demonic blood affords him a number of key advantages over ordinary humans, primarily enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes, allowing him to fight at a level beyond his former comrades in the Order of the Sword. After obtaining Yamato and awakening his inner demon, his demonic characters were enhanced, and he discovered that they also included the ability to survive and quickly heal from injuries that would instantly kill a normal man.

Aside from his formidable sword skills and his ability with a gun, Nero possesses a peculiar, demonic right arm called the Devil Bringer, capable of snatching enemies toward him from a distance (or launching him toward enemies that are too large to snatch), as well as performing devastating grapple attacks when he can get a hold on an opponent.

As long as Nero possesses the demon sword "Yamato," he is able to store energy over time and then release it in the form of his Devil Trigger ability, which manifests as a phantasmal, blue demon-ghost figure hovering over his body. This form, which lasts only for short bursts, enhances his Devil Bringer abilities while active, is capable of hurling small, magically-manifested swords of energy alongside Nero's bullets, and swings its katana alongside Nero's own sword--resulting in follow-up attacks after every slash or stab.

Equipment: Nero is well-versed in swordplay and is quite a hand with a gun, and possesses the following very super-special personalized weapons:

Red Queen - A personally tricked-out, much larger version of the mechanical swords invented for the Order by their head researcher, Agnus. The handle functions in a similar manner to a motorcycle rev handle--when twisted, it sprays propellent along the blade, allowing Nero to activate its Exceed system: a propulsion device that ignites the blade and shoots it through a swing like a rocket. Its size and special customizations make it pretty much impossible for anyone but Nero himself to use it without breaking their arms.

Blue Rose - A beautifully-handcrafted, large, double-barreled revolver made by Nero himself, this handgun holds up to six shots at once and fires two simultaneously with each pull of the trigger. By taking a moment to charge and channel magical energy from his Devil Bringer into a shot, Nero can inject more oomph into every bullet, as well as a few added effects if he has the time to focus more of his power.

Nero's Devil Bringer is also capable of absorbing and containing certain demonic artifacts, the following of which are still contained within from his time in Fortuna:

Yamato - A demonic katana formerly wielded by Dante's twin brother, Vergil. With its power, Nero is able to unleash his inner demon and enter Devil Trigger form.

Evil Legacy - A strange crystal orb inside of a stone skull, this demonic artifact of unknown origins was absorbed into the Devil Bringer and its power granted him the Snatch ability. Literally nothing else about it is known.

Rusalka Corpse - One of the demon Bael's antenna feelers, shaped like a humanoid female. It was absorbed into the Devil Bringer after Nero killed Bael in battle, and its power causes the arm to glow when hidden objects or secrets of demonic origins are nearby.

Sephirothic Fruit - One of the demon Echidna's seeds, absorbed into the Devil Bringer after Nero's battle with her. Its power causes demonic plants to wither and die on contact with his arm. This has no effect on such plants outside of his home universe, however.

Aegis Shield - A shield once held by Nero's former commander, Credo, its power leeched by the Devil Bringer during their fight. It allows Nero to use his Devil Bringer to cling to smaller opponents, holding them aloft to use as living shields.

Condition: For the most part appearing human, Nero's physical condition looks like that of an athletic teenager save for his right arm, which is quite obviously inhuman unless concealed. His actual physical ability (detailed under the Abilities heading) is far beyond that of a human due to his demon ancestry--his physical strength, agility, and ability to react are such that most people wouldn't stand a chance against him, and he is able to survive and quickly recover from injuries that would be fatal to most humans--counting, but not limited to, impalement of the torso.

According to some sources, cutting the heart from the chest of such a person would be fatal regardless of this healing ability. Nero has no way of knowing whether this is actually true, but isn't possessed of a desire to test it.

Personality: Nero can be aloof and rather obnoxious, and is more than a bit of a smartass. His attire marks him as an obvious "cool" guy, and his manner reflects that: he may come off as badass to some and merely crass and overconfident to others. Nero dislikes authority and during his time with the Order of the Sword, he often opted to carry out his work alone rather than fighting alongside his fellow knights. A low-tolerance for "bullshit" and a blunt attitude result in him speaking his mind on pretty much anything, whether it's necessarily polite to do so or not. His wit and taunts can get fairly creative at times--either he's just naturally good at it, or he has the art of mocking down to an artform.

Despite his rougher aspects, Nero isn't particularly ill-willed toward anyone or anything apart from demons--those he takes particular satisfaction in in slaughtering in the most over-the-top and stylish ways he can, treating the act like a game more than anything. To other people he is first aloof and then either caustic or jovial with... depending on whether or not he decides to like them.

Surprisingly, he seems to be a bit more respectful toward women than he might appear at first blush. His first instinct is to look away rather than ogle; partly, this is out of loyalty to his girlfriend, since he you know, already has one of those and probably shouldn't be "window shopping."

Morality: Chaotic Good - Nero isn't inclined toward faith in any god or belief in any specific law, and can be quite obnoxious about both subjects, but his heart is in the right place where it counts: he will gladly protect the weak if the situation calls for it, and is especially protective of the people he cares about (most pointedly his girlfriend, Kyrie).

Official Render of Nero:

Official Render of Nero's Devil Trigger From:

Background: Nero is an orphaned boy, recovered by a cult known as the Order of the Sword (who worshipped the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda as if he were a god) after an incident that no one not even people who played the damn game, because Capcom left so much unexplained it isn't even funny seems to actually know about. He was accepted into the family of Credo, the Order's commander, and Kyrie, his sister, where he became a sort of combination brother/friend/lover to Kyrie and eventually, during an attack, suffered an arm injury that was still apparently in the process of healing when the incident happened.

Said incident took the form of a white-haired man in a long, red coat breaking through the cathedral skylight, putting a bullet in the head of the Order's beloved pope-figure, Sanctus. After putting down the knights present at the scene with ease, this man found himself face-to-face with Nero, and the resemblance between the two was undeniable. The man in red's skill made a mockery of Nero's.

It seemed Nero managed to win after revealing the secret of his demonic right arm, sticking the assassin to the cathedral's now-demolished effigy of Sparda with his own sword. But the man, clearly not human now, shrugged off the impalement as if it were nothing and cheerfully fled the scene, but not before informing Nero that the two were "the same," and so were the felled knights... who, with their helmets removed, were clearly demons.

Nero was sent to pursue this man, but while he explored the island of Fortuna in search of the man in red, felling demons as he went, he discovered that behind the scenes, the Order of the Sword were the true threat: the man in red, the devil hunter Dante, had come to Fortuna to put an end to their plan to animate a false savior idol and trick the world into believing they had saved it from an apocalypse. Nero's path took him through Fortuna Castle, where he discovered an underground laboratory in which the Order's head researcher was producing demon soldiers for the Order. Cornered and nearly killed, Nero's arm reacted with a broken sword stored in the laboratory: an ancient katana called Yamato, which magically mended and flew directly into Nero's waiting hand, awakening his latent demonic powers.

When Nero changed course, making his way to Order headquarters in search of answers, he was waylaid by Credo, who revealed that he had been made into an "angel" (read: demon) by the Order's research. Their fight was a fierce one, but Nero emerged victorious. Before Nero could enter the Order's fortress, however, Agnus appeared, whisking Kyrie away and daring Nero to pursue. Nero and Credo set off on separate paths to rescue the captive girl...

...and Nero's path eventually brought him into a second battle against Dante, who demanded that Nero return Yamato to him, because the sword had once been his brother's. Dante once more proved the superior fighter, but found himself unwilling to deprive the desperate Nero of that power source.

Nero's first showdown with Sanctus did not end well, however. Sanctus, using Kyrie as a shield, succeeded in capturing Nero in the clutches of the colossal Savior he had constructed, revealing that Nero, as a descendent of Sparda's blood, could function as the Savior's core as they had intended to use Dante. Nero was absorbed into the Savior, and Yamato was reclaimed by Sanctus, allowing them to launch the Savior and begin their world-domination scheme...

...until Dante ripped through the demonic hordes in pursuit, destroying all of the island's Hellgates and taking back his brother's sword. Facing off against Sanctus and his Savior in the sky above Fortuna's capital city, Dante managed to force the blade of Yamato through the outer shell of the Savior and into its very core, giving Nero the means he needed to break free and fight his way to Sanctus. Nero then slew Sanctus in mortal combat, disabling the Savior and rescuing Kyrie.

With the sword Sparda on his back and his love in his arms, Nero emerged from the Savior's fallen body and met up with Dante in the aftermath. It seemed like the island's troubles were over. And they were.

But as for Nero? He would later find himself in a whole other kind of mess, when the Interference phenomenon whisked him away to an unknown world full of unknown totally-not-demon things fro him to slay.

Things always gotta be complicated...

Sample Post:

Nero heaved a heavy, exaggerated sigh, his revolver tapping lightly against his left shoulder. His right hand, the demonic Devil Bringer, came to an impatient rest on his waist. He made no move to draw his sword, simply stood there for a moment, coat flapping in the gentle breeze sweeping through this bamboo-ridden nowhere-land, eying the monsters as they closed in. Little big-headed black blobs that looked like plushies made of darkness, cartoon-like humanoids that looked like toy soldiers, and the most hilariously rotund person-thing Nero had ever seen in his life.

"At least," he sighed aloud, "at least it isn't toads. So. You guys the natives? Mind pointing me in the direction of a good burger place? I'm kinda hungry."

The Heartless, of course, did not answer. Two of the black plushie things sunk into the ground and became shadow-like things, streaking along the dirt, around, behind him, rising up--

--and Nero whipped around, swinging out his demon arm, catching the first with the ghostly appendage it summoned, lifting it up over his head--


--and he slammed it down atop the second's head with bone-crushing force, leaving the two atop each other in a heap. He could hear the toy soldier things clanking up behind him, but the two black plushie things were still squirming and that just wouldn't do.

Nero smirked and pumped three quick, point-blank shots into them--one headshot apiece and then a second headshot on the topmost monster for good measure. Then he leapt away, just in time to avoid the first soldier's swipe at his back, and landed on one of their heads, bounding off (and knocking it to the ground like a dented can of chicken soup in the process) and jumping from enemy to enemy as if their helmets were stepping stones. As he went, he slipped his now-empty revolver into its holster beneath his coat and gave the Red Queen three hard revs.

"'Scuse me," he grunted, whipping out the Devil Bringer toward the fat thing's overlarge belly--the demon arm shot out, caught a grip on one of its arms, and pulled him towards the monster like a grappling hook. His sword was out in a flash, and then, with pull of its "trigger" lever, he ignited the propellant, blasting the sword like a rocket through a swing at the fat monster's head.

The head came clean off, and Nero landed, hefting the enormous sword with one hand onto his shoulder, turning around to face the soldiers... who were hesitating, making no move to pursue. The swift extermination of their fellows seemed to have given these primitive monsters some sort of pause.

"So? That burger place I asked about? I'm starving here, man, throw me a bone!" he mock-pleaded. That snapped them out of it, and they came for him, slow, clanking, clumsy...

...In the end, it wasn't even a decent workout.
Sep 7 2013, 04:43 PM
Hey all, some of you remember me and some of you don't, but I'll be trying to get into RPing here again pretty soon. Not sure if I'll be attempting a new character or bringing back one of my old ones just yet. We'll see. I'll probably start tomorrow or Monday, because I'm not feeling too hot this evening. >_>
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