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Jan 2 2017, 04:34 PM
Seeing as 0m3ga has become the main villain of the newest site-wide plot, I have taken upon myself to create an array of forces for his use in challenging the Interferences. Please note that this is an ongoing list and that suggestions are VERY MUCH WELCOME; this includes names and descriptions for units, possible names for the overall force, etc. Also worth noting is the fact that fact that these won't be implemented until shortly after the Scratch Event. After this event, you may ask for me to role an invasion force for your thread should you so chose and I shall do so. You may either ask me to act as a sort of DM for these forces or you may run the encounters yourself, however I ask that you be reasonable if the latter option is chosen and maintain the right to assume control of the forces in the thread should I feel that they are not being properly represented.

So without further a due here is the list of possible enemies:

0m3ga Legion Enemy Types


Augments—the most common enemy encountered in on worlds controlled by the 0m3ga Legion. Most are humans that have been kidnapped from doomed worlds though there are some other species among their ranks. They are equipped with the most basic of weapons and only ever pose a threat to non-mundane individuals in large groups.

Reaver—a better equipped type of augment. They are genetically engineered to be tougher, stronger, larger, and faster than normal humans, incorporating elements of krogan and asari biology. This gives them natural armor and affinity with biotics. Reavers are further augmented with cybernetic implants and sealed within advanced battle armor to further enhance their abilities and are armed with guass rifles.

Inquisitor—an integral piece of every force. While they are purely support units, their strengths lay in the fact they are constructed from the same biomass used in 0m3ga’s frame, which grants them the same abilities therein. Each inquisitor drains away arcane and supernatural energy and transfers it to other units to improve their capabilities.

Harbinger—nothing less that tanks on leg, Harbinger units are the most heavily armed and armored infantry-classed components of any force. The chassis of each Harbinger has been integrated with twin-linked heavy bolters based upon designs pulled from the 40k universe as well as an array of anti-armor weaponry. They are designed to do nothing less than fill the air with munitions as the trundle along.

Infiltrators—another specialized augment. Lightweight and fast, these units focus primarily on scouting and assassination. Stealth generators allow them to remain undetected by most forms of observation. Like inquisitors, infiltrators are little more than biomass manipulated by nanites into whatever shape they wish. They also carry the Pariah Gene, making them undetectable by any magical or supernatural means. This combination makes them perfect spies. They are equipped with anti-material rifles that easily rip holes through most armors

Hellzone Shocktroops—an extremely powerful enemy encountered primarily on the forefront of any assault made by the Legion. Heavily-armed and heavily armored, they are designed to withstand copious amounts of damage while still advancing with heavy weapons and blades in hand in hand. Each shocktroop is equipped with a jump pack that allows them to rapidly redeploy across the battlefield.

Phalanx—another heavy unit focused on forward defense. Blending the ancient wisdom of shield formations and high-technology, phalanxes are never seen in anything less than groups of six. They are equipped with large shields that protect most their bodies as well as transformative battle rifles.


Oct 24 2016, 10:13 PM
Traverse Town. A center of Interference activity in the inner worlds as well as the Multiverse as a greater whole. It was a hub for many of the most powerful Interferences in all the Worlds. A reluctant knight, a psychotic blacksmith, a spineless tinkerer, an overly curious wizard; and these were only some of the ones worthy of note. Some considered themselves to be protectors, heroes destined to make a difference. How ironic that many of them had been responsible for a great many incidents they supposedly protected against. Every instance of chaos and destruction; it in some way, shape or form all led back here; back to this festering hive of fools and children masquerading as gods. They were—all of them—unworthy of the gifts they possessed.

0m3ga would show them their folly.

It would begin here. It would shatter this world and any that would stand against him. It would shatter their preconceptions of their lives and show them the futility of resistance. There would be no stopping it; there would be no challenging it; there would only be a choice: to leave this place and scatter to the winds, or to remain, to fight, and to die at his hands.

0m3ga settled his warframe into a stationary orbit around the dimly lit world, close enough to feel the pulsing of the eldritch might, far enough as to be invisible to the naked eye. The world was positively aglow with unnatural power. There would be more than enough for his purposes.
The AI would remain where it was for a time and begin syphoning the energy it knew was there, gathering its strength for the coming assault. Perhaps the inhabitants of the world would discover his work, perhaps not. The discovery would matter not.

The end had come to Traverse town and nothing would stop it.

With its strength properly gathered, 0m3ga began his decent into what he records referred to as the Third District. It ran calculations and simulations on possible situations it might encounter.
Oct 12 2016, 09:48 PM
Classification: Internal, Warframe

Name: 0m3ga 2213

Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Physical: 0m3ga’s frame is almost completely unadorned and purely utilitarian in design. The carapace of his armor forms a humanoid shape and is gunmetal gray, possessing a sinister quality in the simplicity of its design. Its body is comprised primarily of bioorganic nanites that interconnect to build a much larger form based upon the genetic template logged in its programing. The gifts of krogan physiology have given him redundant organs as well as a number of other advantages possessed by the race. Further enhancements from rediscovered Orokin technology has given him an impressive physique that leaves him towering at nearly 2 meters tall and weighing in at almost 363 kilograms.

Mental: Having seen the horrors inflicted on the various worlds in the multiverse, 0m3ga has come to see the Interference phenomena, and those produced by it, as a threat. Their curiosity and propensity for visiting worlds as little more than raiders and thieves has further solidified this observation. Thus, it has determined that the danger presented by the Interferences must be brought to an end. It is driven solely by the unfeeling logic engine grafted to its organic brain and cares nothing for the ruin that it leaves in the wake of its mission, using whatever mean necessary to complete its goal.

Background: The Tenno known as Masamune has seen much in his adventures through the multiverse; places of wonder and light, acts of great kindness and courage. He has even made many friends among the beings that call the vast expanse of worlds their home. His desire to protect them is great.

And yet for every safe world, for every beacon of light and hope, there are ten more that have fallen to darkness and been destroyed. There are those among the beings that dwell in these worlds, the ones called Interferences, with enough power and resources to shatter the delicate balance between the worlds and plunge them into chaos. Adding to his fears are the various forces working to unravel the peace of the worlds for their own gains. All this, along with his paranoid determination to prevent what happened to his homeworld from taking place again, drove Masamune to seek a solution.

0mega was to be that solution. A warframe unlike any other, capable of operating in conjunction with the Tenno warrior to guard against the results of the Interferences various adventures and misusages of power.

But the artificial intelligence linked with the warframe’s organic mind has found another solution. Instead of simply guarding against such occurrences, it would completely prevent them by eliminating them at the source: the Interferences and their meddling with forces beyond their understanding.

It has separated from Masamune’s control and now makes its way towards a new objective.

Abilities: Aside from his abilities as a Tenno, elements of 0mega’s construction have given him additional strengths. Because the Siva nanites comprising his body are composed primarily of element zero, 0mega is able to create and manipulate powerful mass effect fields with a great deal of control. He has also assimilated biomass from the world of Maj’Eyal that gives him the ability to adapt to and resist any magical or supernatural abilities, making him a major threat to any that use them. His nanites also replicate in response to the presence of magic and supernatural abilities and spread spores that attach to any magically imbued being or item, rendering them incapable of working magic or otherwise using otherworldly powers. A final ability granted to him allows him to drain his opponents of the source of their power and redirect it as a blast of energy that rips others apart on the molecular level. He is also massively intelligent thanks to the highly-sophisticated artificial intelligence integrated into his brain and spinal cord. Incidentally, the AI is additionally able to operate the warframe even if the organic portions of its mind are compromised. In addition, the 0m3ga AI has downloaded the entire Akashi database, which gives him a working knowledge of every thought ever given form by the human mind throughout all periods of history. How it will use this knowledge is yet to be seen. The Pariah gene melded into his genetic makeup also makes him immune to psionic abilities as well as completely nullifying his presence in the Warp and other such metaphysical planes.

Equipment: Ragnarok-class warframe

Revelation - a weapon the morphs between three forms at the flip of a switch to fulfill a variety of roles in combat. These forms include: a high-powered battle rifle, a powerful anti-vehicle cannon, and a fully automatic but inaccurate assault rifle

Galatine - a heavy blade that delivers crushing blows to opponents

Siva Nanite Cannon – a simple piece of equipment that fires a burst of Siva nanites that rapidly dismantle anything they come in contact with. These nanites also have the ability to assume control over any piece of technology.

Mana Siphon Aura mod - a fusion of the Energy Siphon mod and the wizardlets created in the wake of George’s efforts in Vigilante Man’s construction that drains all sources of magic and supernatural power to fuel his warframe.

Sample Post: You believe yourselves to be the greatest in all of creation. You see the cities you build as beacons in the dark, the laws that govern you as empirical wisdom, the monuments you raise as proof of your false glory. You presume power and privilege to be your birthright, and that all things should bow to your whims.

How wrong you are.

Your cities are but dust before the winds, your laws a symptom of your ignorance, your monuments relics of your destruction. You and your ilk are the lesser sons and daughters of greater sires. And now we shall show you your proper place
Designation: to be determined

Mission parameters set.

Weapons systems hot.

Ability matrix online.

Objective: the elimination of any and all Interferences and the Interference Phenomena.

Let the end begin.
Jul 30 2016, 01:58 PM
Vandal was bored out of his mind. He hadn't seen Dessy in a while and that meant that there weren't any missions coming down the pipe. No one ever came willingly to the World that Never Was that wasn't another Heartless or Nobody looking to join the swelling ranks of his armies, and they weren't very talkative. Even blowing things up at random seemed to have lost its entertainment. So, with nothing little else to do, he'd decided to train his little dance troop of wights for his amusement.

At least, he would if they hadn't up and disappeared.

Even after sending dozens of Shadows to scour the castle, there wasn't a single sight of the gangling, bandage-covered Heartless, which lead him to believe that the group of seven had taken the show on the road.

Vandal shrugged; no big deal. Instead of being angry, he just grabbed another group of Wights and forced them to start dancing. It'd be funnier to see a new group try and bust some moves.


Under the light of the full moon, the distinct sounds of music could be heard. An undulating beat played in the lonely confines of a graveyard, bringing a bit of color to the place. Dozens of Heartless were flitting about, draw by the lure of the song. And at the back of the cemetery was a truly strange sight.

A group of seven Wights was dancing in rhythm to the beat provided by the music. Six of the mysterious dancing creatures were dressed in a variety of torn, dusty dresses and faded tuxedos. At the center of the group was the solitary example of color in the otherwise dreary place. A Wight, obviously the leader of the group, led the others through a routine that each knew by heart (whatever was left of them). It wore a pair of tight red jeans and an orange leather jacket over a short-sleeved shirt of the same color and what seemed to be a wig of curly black locks.

The more mundane Heartless looked on in amazement at the display of skill presented by their brethren as the group brought itself into the final steps of the dance and the music rose to its crescendo. Soon, the performance ended and was met with thunderous applause from the onlooking Heartless, dozens of which clamored to join the group. Once several had joined, the leader pointed snazzily at another of its kind bearing a radio and gave a nod. The other heartless responded and reset the tape so the dance could begin anew along with the new additions to the performance.
Jul 15 2016, 10:17 PM
Name: Lothia

Info: Though she normally uses a glamour spell to appear as a human, Lothia is a demon from the plane of Innistrad. While the glamour is active, Lothia appears a human dressed in a crimson dress with a low-cut collar, raven hair, alabaster skin, and green eyes. When the glamour is dropped her true form is revealed. Her dress becomes more revealing and her skin takes on an ashen quality. Cunning and manipulative, she often speaks to others in husky, imperious tones that show just how confident in herself she is.

She originally began as succubus under the command of the demon Griselband. After the latter's death, Lothia spent her time gathering a small cult her own as well as a large retinue of zombies. Eventually, however, she quickly grew bored and began to seek something to hold her interest. She found it in the form of Xollin, an Interference. She drew the man to her lair in Innistrad, where she tested him. After succeeding, Xollin formed a pact with Lothia that both empowered him and bound him to the demoness; this pact allows the two of them to communicate telepathically. In addition to her ability to use various forms of dark magic, Lothia has an innate knowledge of anything that may be of interest to the demonic realm.

Status: Lothia is currently roaming the Multiverse with Xollin. She occasionally provides him with bit of information that lead to him becoming even more powerful, but she is know to wander off on her own when left with nothing to do for too long.
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