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» Merry Mary, She's anything but...
Natalie Emu
 Posted: May 15 2017, 08:42 AM


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"Well... This is new..." Mary spoke to no one in particular. Her voice was as shaky as her body. For some odd reason, the weight and darkness of dread washed over her and sat in her belly. She had recalled where she had fallen asleep, which was in her room on her bed, or on her sister's bed. She wasn't sure and it didn't really matter anyway. The main part is she was home then. Now she's not.

The surrounding area was strange. Less of off-the-walls bonkers strange, more like it's just a place Mary had never seen before. She got up and walked from the alleyway she had been lying in. She looked back to the wall she had rested on just for a moment then walked out.

People. There were people here. All kinds of people. Short, tall, big, small. Mary looked down to her own attire and frowned. Still in uniform... At least that hasn't changed.

She asked a few people where she was and how she got here and got little variation in answer. "This is Radiant Garden. As for how you got here, couldn't tell you. Shouldn't you know?" Often, the answer was something to that effect.

After what had felt like hours, Mary took a moment to calm herself. Running around asking the same question to countless people only to get the same answer had taken a lot out of her, both emotionally and physically. She laughed at the spot she chose to calm herself and catch her breath.

"What type of irony is this?" She said, sounding sarcastic and bitter. She had taken refuge at a diner where maid dresses were in use. She laughed more, in a bitter laugh. She was served a glass of water without asking.

"It's on the house, just so you know. Order something small to eat, you look like you could use something." A woman spoke to her in a deep voice. "You're all worn out, ain't ya..."

"Mary. My name is Mary."

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