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» Melissa, A damn good cook.
Natalie Emu
 Posted: May 24 2017, 08:33 AM


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Name: Melissa

Info: Melissa is a large woman, though not overly huge. She stands at about 5'8" Melissa has brown, wavy hair cut just at the collar bone. Upon close inspection, it can be noticed that she has light blue eyes. She wears coveralls and red shirts when she's cooking, doesn't wear much else. Don't let her looks foll you, though. She is outwardly a very nice person but she knows how to handle herself or break up a fight. Even a kind person can bare the fangs of a wolf if need be.

Melissa is kind to all those in need and friendly still to those who aren't. A kind hand for those who have fallen, a plate full for those who haven't eaten. Her kindness isn't her only feature though. Melissa is prone to making the occasional joke and having a hearty laugh about it. To her own personal taste, her waitresses wear maid-style dresses and the waiters wear butler suits. She won't wear a maid outfit herself, though. Doesn't believe she has the body for it.

She will not, though, accept any passes at the waitresses or other such behavior in her establishment and she knows how to make herself fierce in the face of the fiercest opponent, though most things are resolved with a yell and a slam on the counter and no violence.

She doesn't have any supernatural abilities, unless you count making damn good food no matter what she uses.

Melissa's life wasn't all too eventful. She grew up, fell in love, got heartbroken a few times, grew up some more, then ended up owning her own diner in Radiant Garden. Now all she wants to do is feed anyone who walks in those doors and help those who need it.

Status: Melissa resides in Radiant garden, owning a Maid Cafe-Diner fusion place (Of which currently has not a name or a menu) As the owner and chef of the establishment, Melissa has many employees and is always willing to hire an extra hand.

Threads Appeared In:

A Door Left Open

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(If you use her you don't have to tell me so I can put the thread here, but I would certainly like to for sake of my not-actually-OCD)

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