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» An Outspoken Silence, Elissa first thread: Take Two!
Natalie Emu
 Posted: May 25 2017, 07:29 AM


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The girl's breaths were heavy, a strange noise when not effected by the sound of a voice. She was weary before and now she felt as if a death-like sleep was upon her. Adrenaline had dissipated from her veins and the crash was imminent.

That was a talking horse what the hell was that why was that and how is it possible?

She approached a tree and crumbled at it's base. Her limbs were weary and she slowly began to care less and less about the talking pony. The day had hit her like a bullet train at full speed crashing into her. Her world was light, then blurred, then black. With closed eyes and mind too tired to think, Elissa passed out at the base of that tree without so much as a sound or signal.

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