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» My Character Q&A
 Posted: Jul 17 2017, 11:53 PM


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Taken from Mills' list of character questions here.


1. For what reason would they start World War III?

"Hmm... Probably the only reason I would start a war of any description is if someone high in power gave me a reason to have a personal vendetta against them. For example, if Doctor Doom, who rules his own country, decided it was a good idea to kidnap Cat.

"...That's working under the assumption that I qualify as a one-man army, though. If not, that's a major international incident you're talking about, and that's probably not happening without the perfect pot of things to go wrong all at the same time if I get severely angry for whatever reason."

2. They have 2 minutes to talk to the creator of the universe, how do they talk to them?

"...So let me get this straight. You made a multiverse where anyone could bring any video game to life just by wanting it hard enough, and just let the resulting and inevitably chaotic result do whatever it damn well pleased... why again? Because, really, fun as this is for me personally, not everyone here sees it as all it's cracked up to be."

5. They've been thrown into a video game of their choice, which game and why do they stay?

"Borderlands. Come for the adventure, stay for the sweet, sweet guns."

6. An orphan child follows you home, what do you do?

"Provided they don't steal anything from me? Treat them with a good meal and a night's sleep at the local inn, explain why I can't take care of them - because I'm not ready, or equipped, to take care of a child and I live out of a goddamn spaceship - and then drop them off, either at the nearest well-funded orphanage or with whoever I know who might be adopting.

"If I DO catch them stealing from me, I take back what they've stolen, if it CAN be taken back, and take them to Ezio at the Assassin's Guild. They always need more recruits, and it'll do the kid good to learn some discipline and hone their skills. Besides, if he can't take care of them, he probably has connections in the criminal elements to find someone who can."

7. They wake up and find someone standing right next to their bed, what is their reaction?

"Depends on why I'm in bed. If it's because I was recently knocked out, I'm probably looking at a doctor or caretaker. If I was just sleeping for the night, that's probably cause for me to light my everything on fire and scare the shit out of whoever the hell is sneaking around my goddamn ship!"

8. They've been kidnapped and released as prey in a hunting ground, how does this end?

"With said hunting ground becoming a smoking crater. The Dragon doesn't like being trapped in just me, you think he's gonna like these pissants?"

9. They're stuck in someone else's body for the rest of they're life. Whose is it, and what do they do?

"Assuming we share or swap control of it? Cat. Putting aside the awkwardness, it would be a good opportunity to help her figure out how to defend herself in the multiverse.... Or just plain do it for her, as the case may be early on. Besides... I don't spend enough time with her, and... well, if I have to be stuck with anyone..." *blushing intensely*

10. How do they feel about the fire, the sky, the wind and the ocean?

"Ocean: love to surf. Wind: eh, could go either way. Sky: fun to dive out of. And fire: it's the element I wield, do you even need to ask?"

14. What would their theme song be?

"Theme song, as in what would play in the background while I royally hand asses to people if my life was an anime or tokusatsu? Probably The Phoenix by Fallout Boy."

18. What color of the sky do they like and why?

"Sunrise, usually. Though that changes really quick if I'm angry enough."

20. What do they see in the mirror, compared to what they see in the water's reflection?

"In the mirror, a reminder of the past stripped away from me. In the water, a demon that lurks within."

21. They woke up in someone else's house, what happened?

"Either I'm sleeping over at a friend's house for whatever reason, or I got knocked out. Possibly both."

23. If there was anything they could change about your look, what would they change and how?

"I don't really know about how - if I did, I'd have done it already - but I'd really like to be an adult again without having to go through puberty twice."

33. What does they're internet browsing history contain?

"Whole lotta mechanic's stuff. Gotta keep up with Duel Runner tech developments somehow. Besides, how am I gonna improve on it if I don't know what I have to work with?"

36. A small girl grabs at they're shirt, making them stoop down. Why was she chasing them?

"Probably to ask for help from being chased by monsters. Which I would happily oblige."

37. They have a choice of fire or water-- What situation is this that they have to make this choice?

"...Probably if my aim is a bit off that day. Then I'd have to choose between fighting my opponent or putting the flames out. I can't absorb them anymore, like I could before the reset.

41. They're running through a burning house, who are they trying to save?

"Literally whoever's inside. I'm immune to fire, so I'm the best choice for the job."

42. They've turned the opposite gender for the week, how does they're behavior change?

"If that ever does happen, I'm taking the opportunity to learn how the other side lives. I'm not confused by girls, but it never hurts to walk in another's shoes if you have the chance."

45. An artist paints a portrait to immortalize their story into legend, what does it depict?

"...Fire. Lots and lots of fire. Probably people and places on fire, too."

49. How would they like to die?

"In a blaze of glory.

"...I apologize for nothing.

"...Alright, serious answer, the joke's not actually far off. If I'm gonna die, it's gonna be protecting someone I care about, and in the most fiery and spectacular fashion possible."

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