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» Self-Insert: Brent Pierce
 Posted: Sep 13 2012, 01:22 PM


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Name: Brent Pierce

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Natural: Brent has had about a year’s college experience in IT and computer networking thanks to a high school dual-enrollment program, so he knows quite a bit about real-world modern-day computers and how information gets passed between them. He’s also currently getting into learning computer code languages and can do some basic programming with C++. While his mind normally works on a slow and steady pace, figuring the ins and outs of most puzzles with some form of logic behind them tend to be of little challenge to him, though mystery cases pose more variable and difficulty for him and abstract pieces may only serve to confuse. Apart from that, he has had a good number of years trained in martial arts, so he’s a decent close-quarters fighter, if a non-enhanced one.

Interference-added: Brent, upon Interfering, has gained the ability to use Magic: The Gathering cards as spells. As of the start, he can only control Fire magic and non-elemental spells, but as his power grows, he can spread it to other spells and elements.

Equipment: His Magic: The Gathering card collection and his laptop with all the necessary equipment, kept in a compact case. That’s all as of the start, though an etherspace backpack will probably be one of the first things he picks up.

Condition: He’s nearsighted, and constantly wears glasses for it. Though his physical condition is anything but athletic, he does have a good number of years of martial arts training under his belt, so to speak, having been close to black belt by the time he dropped out. His magical abilities are about as strong as expected of a beginner once his mana’s amassed, but he’s still limited in what he can currently control. Also, do NOT step on the big toe of his left foot if you value your sense of hearing; the infection on the inside of that thing is nasty.

Personality: Brent isn’t exactly sociable by nature, to say the least. Get him talking about something he’s interested in, and he’ll talk with someone just fine, but anything else, and he listens more than talks, often staying so quiet it’s not uncommon for people to forget that he’s there. Catch him alone, and you might find his mind wandering to other places, some of which might embarrassingly escape out of his mouth or through limb movement. Get him focused on something, though, and damn if you’ll be able to stop him from getting a job that needs done, done. He’s something of a deadpan snarker, but it’s all in good humor, though unneeded amounts of stupidity might get you a bump on the back of your head courtesy of his palm. Also, having been raised in the country, he doesn’t take a lot of crap from those he’s not on a friendly basis with. Thou hast been warned.

Morality: Lawful Good

Appearance:Caucasian, 5’11”. Brown, untidily kept hair that he doesn’t really like to have cut, olive eyes. Five-foot-eleven, wearing a red t-shirt with a white dragon head graphic on the front, blue jeans, blue and white shoes. Average physique, and brown glasses complete his look. Constantly carries his equipment around with him, and will most likely get a backpack for them early on.

Background: Brent was born and raised in a little village in Elwood, Iowa, to a rather large extended family: at least five or six uncles and aunts related by blood alone on either side, and almost all of them married and parenting children. His social upbringing was... unusual, to say the least: while he got to see his relatives rather often and his parents took him out to other places, Brent had barely been around any of his peers prior to his first school, and therefore took to socializing with anyone mostly outside that group. Being the firstborn of the family by three years short a day didn’t help matters, either; combine that with autism being diagnosed at an early age, and reading and video games quickly becoming his favored hobbies at a time when his parents had the internet sharing time slots with the phone line, and it was clear he wasn’t making any friends fast.

Instead, Brent took more to characters in books, TV shows, and video games as his “companions,” and let the lessons they were taught, along with some of the ones naturally drilled into his head by his parents, guide his actions. Incidentally, these were also the things that would entertain his rather bored mind at times when he couldn’t occupy it with something else, letting his mind fly to other places when it had no need to be where he was. As such, he was quickly labeled an odd child, and while he was on decent speaking terms with mostly everyone, it was a habit of mind-your-own-business that would develop between him and most others.

It wasn’t until high school that any of this started to change. Writing for himself became a habit as he tried to improve his skills at getting self-expression down on paper, and a couple of oddballs did wind up becoming his friends in real life for a time. However, it wasn’t as great for him as one might think. One of the friends was just clingy as all hell, calling almost every night incessantly for the longest time, until finally Brent was just forced to stop answering his calls. The other... well, let’s just say there was an event that involved Erica (Brent’s younger sister), the police, and an event that would scar for life. His relationship with the guy would never be the same again.

During the summer before he would head off to college, Brent was in the den, in his usual seat, playing a round of nostalgia on his PS3 with Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time. He was about to warp to a new sector Ratchet had recently gotten the coordinates to, but when he tried to, something odd happened. The camera followed the ship. It went into an odd first-person view of it, and when the warp happened, a white light lit up the screen blindingly. Brent was forced to shield his eyes, and he quickly fell unconscious as he crashed into the multiverse of video games, a new Interference.

 Posted: Sep 22 2012, 11:57 PM


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Looks good Blaze.


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