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» Natallie Nikkai, A right terrible creature, this one.
Natalie Emu
 Posted: Aug 24 2014, 09:52 PM


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Name: Natalie Nikkai

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Abilities: Summons a bow and quiver.
Stealth: She shrouds the immediate area in smog and sneaks around, to either strike or run away.

Equipment: Cell phone, lockpick.

Condition: Mentally stable.

Personality: Natalie is outwardly aggressive ready to fight. Natalie is quick to betray others trust and will do anything to escape death. Once Natalie finally trusts someone she starts to act as if a small child, asking for things like to be carried around and will hide behind others that she trusts if shes scared. She is afraid of thunder and lightning. She is a big eater. Nothing can stop her hunger for anything food. She also has some pretty bad anger issues. She hates being called something she is not. An example is saying that she is a person that doesn't care about anything. She also hates being slapped or anything like that by angry people or strangers. She also acts somewhat absentmindedly. She has been known to walk around not knowing where she is going or what is around her. She is also terribly random. She is known for spontaneous acts of pointlessness. This includes ideas and things she says.

Morality: neutral

Appearance: A short skinny girl with brown hair dyed pink, small build, and blue eyes. Small nose and mouth. She has her hair short, to about neck. Small hands, soft skin, and she has a scar on her left leg going across her ankle. She has a seemingly emotionless face.

Background: Natalie lived in a house of thieves. Her parents stole and blackmailed simply to create a stable family setting. As a thief herself, Natalie never really made any friends, as such she never really learned to trust anyone. One day Natalie stole an Xbox 360 with the game Final Fantasy XIII. She played this game restlessly, in her free time, when she should be sleeping, any time she possibly could she would play that game. One day she got an update for the game. Not knowing that the game was no longer being worked on she didn't question it. she was really happy about it in fact. After a while of playing she simply passed out wile playing. When she awoke she found herself in twilight town. "where am I??" she whispered to herself. she feared that she had been kidnapped and relocated but somehow really doubted that. She walked around twilight town a while, puzzled. Eventually she gave up sat down by a tree, afraid and started crying without hope.

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 Posted: Aug 24 2014, 10:29 PM


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Seems fine, though try not to godmode when stealing things as a thief. Just have your posts mention her attempting to steal something, and let the players respond with whether or not she succeeds, okay?


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