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» Exsila (Heartless), The Heartless of Alexis
Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Dec 7 2014, 02:01 AM


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Name:Exsila (Alexis Sentinal's Heartless)

Age: Does it matter? (13)



Midnight Spells: There are four main variations, and a multitude of sub-variations, but Exsila uses only one: Fire.

Midnight Flames: The flames are made of the surrounding Darkness, creating a darkening effect instead of the brilliant light that goes along with the flames. The Midnight Flames are a straight forward burst of flames made of darkness that can go after one target at a time. As she gains more control, she can split them apart into smaller flames to go after different targets.

Eruption: A powerful eruption of flames centered around her, causing damage to everything in the area, but leaving her unscathed.

Ignite: Light a Heartless on fire, adding fire damage to it's attacks.

Detonate: Follow up of ignite, basically allows her to detonate the Heartless she has set on fire with a fiery explosion. Cruel, yes, but she's a Heartless what emotion does she have?

Heartless control: She is able to control certain Heartless as she grows stronger.

Equipment: Bow and Arrow.

Condition: Well there is the fact that she no longer has a Heart, but she is otherwise fine.

Personality: She doesn't tend to speak often, only when necessary, and even then it's short. She sometimes pets the smaller Shadows, she would've thought they were cute in her past life if they didn't try to kill her. She's smarter than most Heartless, and runs from fights she will surely lose. She gets excited with the idea of a potential Heart added to her collection, but it is suppressed by the fact that she doesn't have a Heart of her own.

She uses her old memories to learn from, but doesn't remember much of her old life, and she can't remember her death.

Morality: chaotic neutral, on no side, and doesn't differentiate between good and bad.

Appearance: She looks as she used too, the orange streaks in her blond hair are no longer there. Her eyes have turned from blue to yellow. She has the Heartless emblem on her left shoulder covered by her shirt sleeve. She still wears her orange tinted tee-shirt, but it's darker, and she now wears a black sweatshirt over it, and normally has it zipped closed. She generally wears a hood to make sure people can't see her eyes.

She has a few scars on her neck and chest, from her previous life. Her fingers sometimes appear to be sharpened as claws as if to make it easier to gather Hearts.

Background: The girl didn't really have many interesting stuff happen before her interference. A few months after though she was killed by a Heartless and became on of them. Upon becoming a Heartless she was weak, a tiny thing really. But she began to grow, as she consumed Hearts, and after a while memories began to come back.

She at one point was trapped in a whale. She had helped a newer Interference get to a safe place, albeit the Interference she helped had left her frozen. The Heartless found her just as she unthawed. She ran, and soon found her brother, as the fight ended her Heart was stolen by a Neo-Shadow that had appeared behind her, to the distress of her brother. As she was held in an unknown man's arms, she was thinking... maybe, she could survive... find him again, find them both... before her body vanished.

The Heartless opened her eyes, how long had she been here, without realizing it? It didn't matter, she could sense Hearts nearby, she went to capture them.

Millie Sentinal ()
Kantia Rose (Quiet shy girl, that can forge weapons out of the hearts of her allies.)
Sakuya Izayoi (The Perfect and Elegant Maid of the Scarlet Mansion.)
Exsila (Heartless of Alexis Sentinal, and controls a few Heartless.)
Jacob Signar
 Posted: Feb 15 2015, 08:03 PM

The sun will rise.

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