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» Sakuya Izayoi (Canon), The Perfect and Elegant Maid
Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Jan 13 2015, 09:21 PM


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Featured In: Touhou ESD and onward

Name: Sakuya Izayoi

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (Looks to be around 16-20)

Species: Human? (Even some of the characters question if she is human.)

Abilities: She possesses an ability to manipulate time, where she's able to change the speed of the flow of time, such as speeding up time, slowing it down and stopping time altogether. She can reverse time to an extent, but people will still have the memories, and she can't fix broken objects, she cannot bring back the dead, nor repair broken items with this ability.

She has accurate throwing range of about 36 meters and can hit an apple atop a Fairies head quite easily.

Non-combat abilities: She is an excellent cook, her cooking skills on par with her knife throwing skills, she has knowledge of several dishes and ways to make them unique.

Note: Do to the Interference phenomena she cannot manipulate time as well as she can in Gensokyo. She can only accelerate it, slow it down, and stop it, but only stop it for short instances.

She uses her ability to stop time to both dodge and place throwing knives that will start moving once she resumes time.

Time stop: Last about a minute and stops time around her.

Accelerate time: Every second is half a second faster around her, making things such as her enemies and allies attacks faster. Last for five minutes unless she stops it herself

Slow time: Every second is half a second slower, making everything around her slower, possibly increasing her perception and reaction time. Last for five minutes unless she stops it herself

(This is of course this is weakened by the interference event making the time stop only last for a minute at most.)
Equipment: A very large amount of silver throwing knives.

Condition: She is sane, and in good physical condition, even though Remilia makes her do some crazy things...

Personality: She gives basic respect to others she has recently met. She is not kind to most most humans, as her abilities and whom she works for have distanced her from the other humans. After knowing someone for a while she begin to warm up to them. Sakuya is very protective of her home and the residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Sakuya is not one to slack off only taking breaks after the job is done. She is also very caring for her co-workers- strict too, taking Meiling inside as to prevent her from getting heat-stroke when she falls asleep guarding the gate to the mansion. She will then scorn said sleeping gate-keeper; as this happens often.

Morality: She does not care weather her actions are good or evil, she will normally simply follow orders from Remilia, even if they won't work.

Appearance: Her official appearance: That other one that is really well done:

Background: Sakuya is not her real name, it is an unknown, nor is she from Gensokyo. She was once a vampire hunter; as such she had defeated many demons to train and thinking herself strong enough enough she went to find one. She found one by the name of Remilia Scarlet who had easily beaten her. Remilia gave her a new name that gave her the opposite fate: Sakuya Izayoi. She became the head maid of the Scarlet Mansion, before it was moved to Gensokyo.

Sakuya was the last line of defense before anyone could face Remilia during the 'Scarlet Mist Incident", and was defeated by both Reimu and Marisa, Sakuya had been cleaning at the time. Reimu had demanded to talk to her mistress and was turned down. Reimu forced her way past Sakuya, Marisa on the other hand snooped around and found Flandre Scarlet, sister to her Mistress.

The next incident as the other residents of Gensokyo called it was that of when spring would not come. Sakuya concerned that it would make her Mistress unhappy, went out in search of the cause to the incident. Having dealt with countless 'small-fry' as she called it, Sakuya found someone claiming to be the mastermind to the incident... Who was not the mastermind and was taken down easily. She continued on, facing countless youkai, a cat youkai a human, and three Poltergeist, eventually heading into the Nether world. There she found Youmu, a half ghost, playing the same role she did during the Scarlet Mist incident. They battled, the conclusion leading to her fighting against Yuyuko. The reason behind why they were stealing spring was to make a cherry blossom tree, the Saigyou Ayakashi bloom for the second time.

Remilia got upset with the fact that Sakuya didn't catch the hint that she wanted her to solve the disappearance of the moon, that had been replaced with a fake one. Remilia had gone into the night, with Sakuya faithfully following. Sakuya used her time manipulation to slow down the course of the night. Facing a bug, a bird, and many Fairies before coming across Reimu. Reimu wanted them to stop freezing the night, and misunderstood what it was they were doing. They had to push through her to get where they needed to go. A mansion had appeared in view, it just happened to be the destination. Upon entering the mansion they are confronted by a Moon Rabbit by the name of Reisen Undongien Inaba. Who said it was too late and she had already sealed all the doors.

Another female entered, exchanged a few words, then told Reisen to take care of Sakuya and Remilia. The fight commences with Remilia and Sakuya the victors. Choosing not to follow the direct path, the spotted a decoy of the girl from earlier. Who was easily defeated. Upon her defeat the mastermind of this incident appeared. Kaguya Houraisan. A few words of pre battle banter were exchanged, and the fight commences. Kaguya is defeated, and then she revives, and is defeated once more. After the fight the moon is returned, the incident resolved.

Spring time has once again arrived in Gensokyo, and flowers are blooming uncontrollably across the land. Flowers not just from that season, but every season started blooming at the same time.

Sakuya decided to look for answers, but more out of a curiosity than actually trying to solve the incident. Coming to the end of her journey, figuring out that the event was nothing more than a natural phenomenon. Remilia was surprised that Sakuya wasn't trying to solve the incident. Sakuya had decided it would have been best to leave it up to Reimu and that this would all solve itself in due time.

Touhou DDC: Weapons and tools becoming sentient beings called Tsukumogami, Sakuya's knife/knives becoming them as well. Also Youkai were rampaging all across Gensokyo. Remilia charged Sakuya to find the source of the problem, which was odd of the vampire. Although she didn't listen to the rest, and set off.

Sakuya found that her knife had started moving on it's own, so setting out to the Misty Lake, she brought the knife as well. Arriving at the lake, after defeating Cirno, ran into Wakasagihime. Sakuya was surprised because she had thought only Fairies had lived near the lake, but had found a Youkai as well. Defeating the half-fish Youkai rather easily she continued on.

Traveling along a canal, running along side the Human Village, Sakuya ran into the Dullahan Sekibanki. Sakuya openly said she had wanted to cut a few necks, but found she didn't need to when she encountered Sekibanki, as her head floated around. after a short battle the winner was Sakuya.

She fought a wolf-woman, and left her scared of humans... And a duo of tsukumogami, created from instruments, who directed her to the inverted castle.

Entering the castle she found Seija, who at first thought Sakuya was on her side, and revealed the plan of a revolt against the ruling class. Sakuya turned down the offer, stating she was part of the ruling side, and that any uprising would be dealt with accordingly. Seija had the power to disorient Sakuya, by turning the world on it's sides or upside-down. But after a while Sakuya emerges victorious. Going deeper into the castle Sakuya finds Shinmyoumaru, Descendant of the Inchlings. After Sakuya wins, Shinmyoumaru doesn't follow through with her plan to start a resistance, and Sakuya returns to the Scarlet Devil Mansion with her cursed blade. She hides it from the others for a while, until Remilia notices the odd behavior and Sakuya tells her about it.

Sample Post: Sakuya looked at the portal, this was the closest one to the mansion. They had been springing up everywhere, enough of them to be deemed an incident. Remilia had told her to watch it, and she had, for the better part of an hour now. The others soon arrived, Remilia in the lead of course. Then her mistress jumped into the portal head first. She looked to the others.

"Please try to keep the mansion in one piece, I'm going after her." She was worried, no one knew what was on the other side of these after all. She then jumped into the portal, feeling it's magic. While it didn't seem to really do much, she could tell "it did something.

Coming out of the portal, she saw the ground below her, coming up fast, she did a flip to even herself out, and landed a few feet away from her mistress, who had face planted.

Millie Sentinal ()
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Sakuya Izayoi (The Perfect and Elegant Maid of the Scarlet Mansion.)
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Jacob Signar
 Posted: Mar 14 2015, 06:24 PM


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