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» Althea Enyo, She likes guns.
Natalie Emu
 Posted: Feb 2 2015, 09:30 PM


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Name: Althea Enyo

Age: 19 Born February 3, 1998

Gender: Female

Physical: Althea's unwieldy hair rests at neck length. It's a mess that, if brushed, would be much longer than it is. Her hair is a dull red, due to it's messiness it is very hard to thoroughly wash. Althea is most seen wearing denim jeans that have produced holes and rips in placed due to wear and tear and a t-shirt cut just below the belly button and black shoes. Althea's skin is lightly tan up to her shoulders and neck. Her whole body, of course, is not tan. Althea's eyes are a smooth chocolate-caramel brown. The flame-haired girl is 5 Foot 8, weighing 140 pounds. She has a few scars, one of them being a slash from the end of one shoulder blade to about mid-back region that has since healed and faded. Another, being a deep wound to her stomach that is still quite visible. Althea has a small scar just above her left eyebrow, one she has had for a long time. Althea wears no makeup, not too concerned with looks, but it works well for her. Althea has relatively soft facial features. Her nose is a bit on the small side and her eyes are slated. Althea has freckles on her cheeks and nose. If it weren't for her usual stance of legs spread slightly and chest puffed, one would think her more cute than in power.

Mental: Althea is one crude, gun loving tomboy. She is quick to anger and won't hold back on showing it. Ironically, the tomboy is has a phobia of insects and arachnids that she cannot hide. She is also afraid of strange people, a bit of a subjective and strange fear, this one she can hide. The girl doesn't trust very easily. It's not too likely she will make the move to get closer to someone unless she feels the need to help them or she has come to like that person.

Though she is unlikely to admit it even in a court of law, Althea is prone to loneliness. She does her best not to get too intimate with anyone or show much of how she really feels at all and she's not all too sure why. She resents herself for being unable to trust others and tell them how she really feels.

Her two main modes of keeping distance are either being a complete ass to someone or being incredibly flirty with them. She flirts with the girls and is an ass to the guys. Althea determined at some point that these were the two best ways to keep distance from people. Of course, being a general ass to someone is a good way of keeping them away but the flirting could be seen as a bit odd. If flirting was the answer, why not flirt with everyone? That stems from her being uninterested in the opposite sex from a relationship standpoint. Not saying she wouldn't befriend a guy, she just doesn't want to send a message that tells them they have a chance.

The flirting with girls is a compromise between not wanting to get too close and not wanting to be too mean to girls because she's attracted to them. She can't be flirty all the time though. She doesn't do well with sweetened words and compliments directed towards her. She'll fumble and fluster about with her words when complimented. She can dish the compliments but not receive it. Another thing that'll stop her is if someone gets serious. If someone is serious about liking her, it isn't exactly easy to continue and complement them especially if she likes them back. Of course if they get set up as an item, the flirting and compliments would be back in force. Althea would be quite a bit more open with them as well.

Background: Althea's father and mother both worked for a living, leaving it to her grandfather alone to take care of the young Althea, as her grandmother had died just after she was born. Her parents often took her to see her grandfather even on the weekends, she quite liked his company. As She grew up, she was always her grandfather's little girl. She loved him to death, and he loved her back, the only problem being, he was a complete gun nut and wasn't afraid to teach Althea. He taught her how to handle guns, much to Althea's parents dismay. Althea had always looked up to her grandfather, going so far as to idolize him, thinking he was unable to do wrong, though he himself denied it. Many of her life lessons came from him.

Her whole attitude changed on the date of her grandfather's passing when she was 14. He died of a heart attack in his sleep while Althea was over, leaving her to be the one to discover his death first and blame herself. Her grandfather was everything to her, and without the proper support from her parents, her grieving was quite the volatile thing. Althea began to fight, stay out late and had given up school, getting mixed up with the less... desirable crowds of people, though due to her grandfather's words, she never let herself do drugs or sleep with people. Even in death, she valued his words as law.

His funeral was a painful event for her. She cried before, during, and after the services. At one point A girl around her age hugged her for a while. Althea had seen her only once at an uncle’s funeral. Now it was Althea’s turn to be comforted, it seemed. The other red haired girl’s name was Mary.

She turned 15 uneventfully.

One thing she did, however, get into was fighting people. For fun, really. Just to release anger and stress. She had tried bullying weaker people, but it just wasn't fun that way. She had to fight people who were strong, which attracted quite a bit of company and awarded her a nickname that she absolutely hated. "Grandpa's Battle Princess." She had told one close friend about her situation and the girl had spread it far and wide. She proceeded to beat the everliving shit out of her "friend."

The fight was pretty fierce, but not what most would expect from the usual "cat fight." Althea came unarmed, but her friend brought her man. When Althea was winning, her ran in and cut along Althea's back, giving her a nasty wound. Althea proceeded to turn on him and kick him in the chest, rendering him unable to move for the moment. The girlfriend mad a charge for Althea and stabbed her stomach pretty good. Althea pushed her away, the knife being pulled out with her.

As much as Althea wanted to continue the fight, she knew better. She ran off to the nearest hospital. Her parents were called and her visit was payed for. Her parents, though concerned, had grown afraid of their own daughter. They visited Althea and Althea welcomed them, much to their surprise. She didn't really hold it against them. She had known that in her childhood her parents had to work their hours to keep the house afloat. She understood it, so she bore no grudge against them.

From there, she gave up fighting, which greatly pleased her parents. Her name was lost to the wind after a year of not going out and fighting. She didn't give up practicing her fighting skills though, and after her grandfather's death she had always kept up her marksman practice. For her 17th birthday, she picked up a console and a copy of kingdom hearts 2. She invested herself heavily in the game, even though she should have been going back to school and learning. It's not as if she was stupid either, Althea was (and is) very intelligent. Althea played the game whenever she wasn't practicing her fighting or shooting her gun. With time, she did realize that she had to think of different ways to interact with people and adopted her ways of interaction. Flirting or being cold. It was a good turnabout for a former delinquent. Her parents had tried many times, most unsuccessful, to get her to go outside with them. When it worked was when she learned she was bad at social interactions.

She turned eighteen and became more social. Her new ways of interaction had been relatively successful. She was finally coming back to things as a working human being. Of course, she was still a former delinquent. Her cursing and rudeness didn't leave so easily. That and now she was a hardcore nerd. One day, shortly after her birthday, she played into the morning, grinding for that smooth max level everything. She was so close. She even grabbed her favorite gun for luck...

That's when it happened. Althea passed out and just before passing out she saw a really bright light. Althea later woke up in an unknown land. "Where the hell am I?" She questioned. "Tch... as if anyone is here to hear me... I'm in the middle of nowhere damn it!" Althea walked around for a bit, then decided to sit down. With a sigh she said "I'll rest here. If anyone tries anything I'll shoot them, I guess..." And just like that, she just fell asleep.


Gunslinger's ammo box: She doesn't run out of ammo. It takes time to regenerate, but it comes back. Eventually.

Gunslinger's Selection: Althea can will her gun to change forms, but to what, She will never know as it is completely random unless she's trying to get it to go to it's original form. Clip size and ammo type of the weapon effects Gunslinger's Ammo box by either shortening or prolonging the time it takes for the ammo to regenerate.

Equipment: One Colt Python with an eight inch barrel and a necklace her grandfather willed to her in his passing. It had a pretty green emerald in it and the chain was made out of silver.

Althena Enyo Redheaded gun girl.
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Xalie A heartless, or something.
 Posted: Feb 3 2015, 08:39 PM


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