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» Elizabeth, "A very nice vampire."
Natalie Emu
 Posted: Mar 28 2015, 12:10 AM


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Name: Elizabeth

Age: 363

Gender: Female

Physical: Elizabeth appears human, but is in fact a vampire. Elizabeth is 4'2" and 68 pounds in spite of her age, because vamperism. Elizabeth has thick, straight nut brown hair cut unevenly, ending at her shoulders. She wears what once was a rather extravagant pink dress which is now tattered, dirty. What was once a nice pink is now just a dirt covered white. At a time she still had shoes, but eventually she just got rid of them. What's the point of trying to wear them when it's nearly impossible to do so?

Her eyes were a pale shade of grey, though she can make them glow red, which has a multitude of uses. A scar remains on her neck where she was first bitten and she acquired a few new scars in places like her feet, hands and arms along her extensive time traveling.

Mental: Elizabeth is a somewhat quiet girl. She'll initiate conversation with others if need be, but she usually prefers to stay quiet, though this is subject to change in the company of trusted people and friends. She's outwardly very wary upon first meeting someone, but not overly hostile. It's when she is met with aggression that she returns the aggression, often a bit too much aggression.

The tiny vampire is wise beyond what her years ever should have been, however she doesn't always choose to be very wise. On occasion, she will act almost like a normal 10 year old, being carefree and easily excited. It's quite enjoyably for her when she finds herself acting like this. She's just super happy and can't really control it, though it's not as if she would stop it, even if she could. Occasional sarcasm and childish jokes included.


Elizabeth was born human. She was raised by loving parents who lived quite far from any of the towns as it was quiet and peaceful there. She was to grow up a normal girl and live a normal life. That didn't happen. In the dead of night, A stray band of vampires raided their home, hoping to turn it into a base of sorts. The vampires had killed her parents in their sleep. Elizabeth was also asleep. They came to Elizabeth's room and stepped on a loose board. A very loud loose board. Elizabeth woke up to a vampire at her bedside.

They wouldn't waste a meal now, could they? Instead of screaming, as Elizabeth was too scared to do, she stayed there, motionless. Without a sound. The vampire started to bite her. It hurt, and she started to cry, but the vampire didn't seem to notice. After that was over, the Vampires threw her and her parents in a pile. Elizabeth was very dizzy and lightheaded. After all, she did lose a lot of blood. Her parents were dead. She wanted to cry, she just didn't have the energy. She felt her consciousness slip away and she let it.

Elizabeth woke up, which was almost surprising. She thought for sure she would be dead after that. She didn't know how long she slept, however the sun was now up.
Elizabeth slowly remembered what happened and started to cry. She cried for her parents. She cried for herself. She cried for a few hours, actually.

Once she could cry no more, she got up. She decided that she had to leave this place. Her father once told her that if something were to ever happen to her mother and himself, to leave for town. Her father was pretty well known. He knew the dangers of living this distance from people, but for reasons unknown, he chose to live away from population and safety in numbers. Elizabeth finally set off to town. Only, there was a slight problem. She didn't know where town was.

Elizabeth wandered about for a long time. She didn't know where she was. She didn't know what was going to happen next. She was scared. Then, she was hungry. She had a craving, but for what, she didn't yet know. She simply knew she wanted it. Finally, she happened to stumble upon a town. She went to the inn there and asked if anyone knew her father. No one knew her father.

Luckily, the town she stumbled upon was large enough to have an orphanage, a place she could find shelter. At the orphanage, no matter how much she ate or what it was, it didn't satisfy the hunger that now seemed to starve her and one night, it became very apparent what she hungered for. She acted on hunger, a sort of new acquired instinct. She went to a random orphan's sleeping place, Billy, if she remembered correctly, and started to bite his neck. Elizabeth was awake and quite aware of what she was doing, but couldn't stop herself. Her body simply did what it had to do. She drank his blood, and didn't stop. She killed the boy, sucked his blood dry. Something she would feel guilty about for a very long time to come.

It was but the morning after that someone cried murder. Murder by vampire, no less. It was now less than safe for Elizabeth to remain where she was, but, even so, she forced herself to stay for a while. As long as no one knew, she wouldn't be hunted down, right? As it turned out, people are very quick to point at the one who appears irregular after something like this happens, and since Elizabeth wasn't joining them when they freaked out, she was the one they pointed at. The second someone called her vampire was the same second she ran as fast and as far away as her legs would take her.

Eventually, when she had gotten far enough away from the town, she set out to find a place to live. A place where she would not be able to kill anyone else. She traveled for two years. Everywhere she went either had humans or was unfit to live in. That or she simply didn't like the place. On her journey it had started raining harder then Elizabeth had ever seen. She needed to find shelter, and as luck would have it, she stumbled upon a cave. She started a fire, careful not to get too close as she feared it would hurt quite a lot and soon enough, she fell asleep.

She awoke to the sound of someone humming a tune of which she had never heard before. She sat up and saw an old woman, looking about eighty cooking with a pot over the fire she had started. "Awake are we? Good. You ain't dead. Don't make a big deal of hiding it around me, I know your a vampire. So am I. Since you are all the way out here, I'm going to assume you have either lost your way or never found it in the first place. Now then, tell me. Why are you here?"

The old woman stopped talking and Elizabeth explained her past to the old lady who was listening and nodding throughout. "Ah, I see. You're still a new vampire. You have much to learn. As an old lady, I don't have much to do. And if you decided to attack, I wouldn't much be able to defend myself so I might as well teach you our ways of life. So how about it, Sound good to you?" Elizabeth nodded. "Great. We can start now."

Elizabeth and the woman lived with one another for three hundred years, the old lady teaching her how to live and function as a vampire and how to suppress her hunger to a longer extent and eventually to eliminate it. The old woman gave Elizabeth an iron dagger for protection if she was ever to venture out and the Bloodring. A mysterious silver ring with a gemstone that appeared to be made out of blood. Elizabeth asked what it was, to which the old woman replied, "Pretty."

At times, Elizabeth acted like a ten year old child, as that part of her never left. She was at the mental age of ten and yet at the age of so many years older. While being with the old woman, the old woman also taught her a basic magic spell for hiding her pretense. When Elizabeth started being a trouble, the old woman gave her quite the look, which she soon picked up on as well.

Fifty-one more years passed. Elizabeth lived happily with the woman as the woman did with her. They were happy to have one another to talk to and be with. One day, the old woman died. Plain and simple. Elizabeth had not known why. The woman was completely fine just minutes before. In her last breath the woman looked at Elisabeth. "All that lives must die. Remember that." Elizabeth had not known what had done in the old vampire, whether it truly was old age or if she died of other ailments she had never shown.

Elizabeth had felt such anguish and sadness before but not to this extent. It was a feeling of which had no comparison. The old woman had been with her for three-hundred fifty years. The old woman had been everything to her. She mourned the loss of the old woman for six months before leaving the cave. Being alive for so long made those months seem like days. She wished to not live anymore as she had nothing, however she knew that the old woman would not want that, so she lived. She lived and after six more months, she was able to be happy again.

She was now three-hundred sixty-three years old. When the day of her birth came around, she had a small birthday celebration for herself and continued about her day. She roamed the land aimlessly now so that she would have something to do. This life wasn't one she quite liked, but what else was she to do? She felt too much sadness in the cave, she still didn't like being near humans, as she feared that she would attack them. She wandered still.

At the end of the day, Elizabeth came to a beach. She was mystified by the sea and it's waters. She had never seen the sea before nor had she seen a beach. Suddenly, she had decided that this would be her home. She was tired upon reaching the beach so before building, she made a small fire, away from the push and pull of the water that came upon the sand. Upon closing her eyes she saw a strange bright light.

When she awoke, she had no idea where she was. She had been completely relocated from a beach. This place was worlds different. She pulled out the old iron dagger she had kept from that time, so long ago. She was ready to defend herself as she was clueless as to what was in store in the road ahead. She walked around, looking to find someone or something to no immediate luck. She sighed and sat on the ground. She decided that she would try to think this whole thing over before she proceeded further into a place unknown, but before she knew it, she grew weary of all the thought and fell asleep.

Once she awoke again, she had spotted a person. Of course the first course of action was to watch and wait, but as that didn't exactly work, Elizabeth approached the person. A person she later learned was a girl named Kantara. There were lots of people where they were, much to Elizabeth's dismay, and shortly after the slightly eventful encounter, Elizabeth and Kantara were separated by a strange doorway of sorts.

Of course, Elizabeth went through the doorway in an attempt to be reunited with her new companion, to no avail. She simply arrived in another place she had never been before. "My, I have never been so confused or scared in all my years..."

Abilities: Sun Immunity: She is completely unaffected by the sun.

Disappearing act: Elizabeth is able to hide herself by making her body harder to see from far away, however this ability is tiresome and is hard to keep up for long periods of time.

Sucking blood: She drinks someone's blood, it both feeds her and gives her energy. (Didn't see that one coming did you?)

Equipment: Iron dagger. Bloodring: A silver ring with a rounded gem of that appears like blood.

Sample post: Elizabeth awoke in a place quite different to the one she had last rested her head. This isn't good. It's strange, and I really don't like it. Especially the part where I have no idea how I got here or where here is.

Though she was scared, it did not appear as if she was imprisoned. It was dark, but there was nothing there stopping her from leaving the spot she was in. Though, instead of wandering off, she decided to think about where she was. This method was much better for her as there was much less of a chance for her to encounter many humans.

Eventually, after a long time of pondering the situation to no avail, the girl grew weary once again and gave in, lying her head on the ground and drifting off to sleep.

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 Posted: Apr 1 2015, 05:53 PM


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