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» Xalie (Heartless), Once again, complete. Again.
Natalie Emu
 Posted: Apr 29 2015, 07:54 PM


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Name: Xalie (Heartless of Natalie Nikkai)

Age: 15

Gender: Female


Summon Heartless: The user can summon weaker heartless to aid them. The scale of how weak depends on the users strength.

On the walls: The user sticks themselves to a surface that one would not normally be able to get on. (Example: sheer cliff faces, trees, Ect.) Lasts for about 30 minutes.

Tastes like chicken: Xalie eats heartless to heal slightly.

Endless arrow: A never ending supply of arrows, too bad they aren't anything special.

Not-so-shining Armor: The user creates armor out of darkness. Hard to use for long, but effective against moderate damage. Won't save a life from a devastating blow.

The "Maybe Great Escape": Small burst of uncontrollable speed. Best used for running in straight lines, and away. Trying to turn will end badly, always.

That's just cold...: Form a symmetrical ball of ice in the users hand. Good for being an evil little shit in a snowball fight. As long as the user can bear the weight, the ball of ice can become as big as they want it to be.

Equipment: Dual Daggers, Bow and quiver.

Condition: Well, she doesn't have a heart, so that's a thing. Other then that and the fact that she has a new hunger for hearts, she's pretty stable.

Personality: To spite her personality when she was alive, Xalie was much quieter, and vastly calm most of the time. Instead of acting on impulse and idiocy, she thought out her action more seriously, though she'd still just wing it at times. A new ability of hers is that she can now be reasoned with. Well, you'd at least have time to try and reason with her before she does whatever she is going to do. She rather likes to have fun at other expense as well.

Morality: Chaotic neutral

Appearance: Her appearance didn't change much. Her once pink hair, now matted and streaked with the original brown. She is skinny and short. Her hair runs down to her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep, almost purple blue. She wears denim jeans that were frayed and torn at the ankle and a white shirt which was also a bit torn and beaten. She has a scar running down her left leg to her ankle. She had a rather sad look on her face.

Background: Natalie didn't do too much when she became an Interference, other then surviving in a whale and creating quite a few issues in Radiant Garden via theft. She had also left someone frozen in the beginning. In the end, it was her greed that had lead to her fate.

As a new heartless, she was a runt. Tiny and weak. Though as she consumed hearts, she became faster, smarter, stronger. She regained memories that only provided scraps of knowledge of who she was before. At first, Xalie didn't know what to make of her memories, they felt distant, as if they were from someone else. Once she realized they were her own memories, she grew even more confused.

But none of that mattered anymore. She smelled hearts. She smelled prey.

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Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Oct 30 2015, 08:56 PM


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