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» Millie Sentinal, When William's transformation is done.
Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Nov 21 2015, 01:22 PM


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Name: Millie Sentinal

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Physical: Millie stands at five foot seven inches tall and weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds, making her thin and lanky. Her breast size isn't much, on the smaller side of an a-cup. She really doesn't look like much, having no real muscle on her arms.

She has a pair of unique eyes, the right blue and the left crimson. Her long black hair that goes down to her mid-back, generally this hair would be put down and brushed straight, a few strands hanging over her right shoulder. Her hair also has a blue streak down the left side of her head. Her skin is pale, as she doesn't tan at all, rather she burns greatly when out in the sun too long.

Millie is rather unique in that she has a few features that most humans would not have. These features are a cat tail, and a pair of cat ears atop her head. Both are black in color.

Her left hand has become cybernetic due to an unpleasant event involving a Grimm Beowolf. This hand is normally covered in a glamour to prevent people from asking. On this same hand is a bracelet. (Bought from Nate and provides the glamour for her hand, said glamour can disguise her whole body as she would like.)

Millie stands straight as she walks, much more reserved in her stance compared to when she first Interfered as a young child. Her own movements are calm and composed, allowing her to look older than she really is. It portrays an air of confidence. Though when she gets nervous she twirls her hair around one of her fingers or bite her nails.

Millie generally wears a black hoodie with a white stripe down one side. Under this is a black t-shirt that has a few holes from wear and tear but otherwise, there’s nothing special about it. Millie’s choice of pants are normally denim jeans that have similarly acquired holes from battles past.

The hand that had been turned to cybernetic also sports a basic transmutation circle.

Mental: Millie is an upbeat and caring individual. Though most the time she hides her emotions behind a mask. She’s constantly worrying about those that she is close to and will defend them to her last breath.

Due to hiding her emotions, after a while, she’s likely to explode in anger or sadness, whichever one is near the surface at the time.

She’s patient with those around her, listening when they need an ear to listen to their troubles. Though she’ll be rather blunt in her assessment of certain people. Be they jackasses or just plain cruel, she won’t like them one bit.

But she's not a cold-hearted character. She is genuinely sweet and will risk her life to save even a random stranger. She's reckless in her emotions and is likely to explode in anger and sadness should she be pushed over the 'edge'. Millie would also be one to argue her point over and over again. She argues intensely, she can't be wrong unless she knows she is completely wrong. When she's proven wrong, well she just gives up on the argument entirely.

She gets bored of some things quite easily, losing interest in a new toy or something along those lines in about an hour when she's done everything she could. Millie has a high interest in living things, watching small animals and bugs go about the business of living.

She has a long-sword stored someplace in the Aether, able to be summoned to her hands in a brilliant flash of light. The blade is colored black, and seems to be chrome at times must be a trick of the light.

Armagus: Arachnae: A blunt dagger like weapon. The blade is colored bright red, the hilt an odd purple color. Crested inside the guard of the dagger is a crystal. This crystal produces a silk like thread stronger than steel. The thread is generally black in color and can be used as a rope or for trap purposes as the thread can act like a spiders web at times.

History/Backstory: Millie was not always the gender she is now. Born as a boy to very loving parents. Two years after the boy known as William was born his younger sister was born. The two of them shared a generally uneventful life... Until William was sucked into his gameboy, accidentally dragging his sister in with him.

The young boy had many adventures, but having been split up from his sister early on could only try and look for her through out the worlds. He eventually did find her... After two months of searching far and wide, Alexis had come to Radiant Garden, and was killed by Heartless right before William's eyes.

A small time after Alexis's death, William traveled with a mage named Nora to the world of Persona. There they faced challenges put forth by the world to conquer their own personalities. This is when the being Animus came to be. Acting as William's counter part, and back seat driver, Animus gave William insight on things that happened around him.
William soon enough dropped Nora off at Radiant Garden... and once again set off to find his now dead sister. After doing that, William found a new world among the Cores, thinking it was important, he went to check it out. But was swallowed by the Whale Monstro before he could land.

Within the whale, William found two women. A pokegirl named Lilly, who seemed to be half pikachu, and her friend Alice, who was practically on her death bed.

William agreed to help Lilly restore her friend by finding the... Toxic Plate. If they got that to Alice then Alice would be cured of her ailments. Only problem was a team of pokemon trainers and criminals had already gotten the plate. So Lilly and William had to fight through the team... That could some how control Heartless.

When the majority of the team had fallen, Lilly was captured inside a pokeball. After hearing a confession of love from Lilly to Alice, William launched himself into an attack on the man that captured her, Eventually William had his blade to the man's neck. Lilly had already freed herself and Alice had gotten the Toxic Plate... They both wre passed out as William and the Admin exchanged words. William, in the end could not act fast enough to kill the man that had captured Lilly. It was a good thing that the Admin had not even bothered to return her to her pokeball...

William walked the two girls back to their ship... And was invited inside for diner... or lunch... or something. He caused a few emotional problems by saying the wrong words and left on his own ship... Finding himself wishing he had company again.

He turned his ship and went to the world he had originally wanted to go to: Amestris, FullMetal Alchemist awaited him on the surface.

When he landed, William was met with a ruined city. Which he promptly explored, talking out loud to his counterpart... That is, until he heard someone speak up. They hadn't heard him which was good. Animus lead him to the two that had been talking... Two females, one seemed to be mute, while the other... Was right in his face asking if he had a 'quarrel with her'. William shook his head and went on his way, but Animus said he detected another person. THis made William stay put until they revealed themselves.

After all introductions were done, the woman, Gloria, that had jumped at Will's face said she was picking up readings of other life forms. William walked out side and found an army.

Army's will to fight: Destroyed.

William lead Gloria to one of the major cities, mostly so he could get a book from one of the libraries. After he got that, him and Gloria went to a diner... And WIlliam had to explain the situation of this all being a game. Gloria didn't react all to well with this sadly. She rushed out of the diner and flew off... William could barely keep up. Once Gloria had calmed down, they both had to return to the city.

Too bad the city police were looking for them, on the crime of 'dine and dash' it was more because they had exhibited superhuman abilities. The two rushed for the teleporter that brought them to Will's ship.

After a small trip through space and all that, they arrived at BlazBlue. They watched a fight... Were requested by Rachel Alucard to fight Ragna the Bloodedge to test his might. After the fight the two flew to the NOL Branch of Kagutsuchi and stole a pair of Armugus. William got a dagger, while Gloria got a cape of lion's fur.

After all this. William dropped Gloria off at Radiant Garden and they split ways. William was once again on his own in the ship.

After a short week with his new dagger, and some experimentation on what it could do, he touched down in Wonderland to see what this thing could really do... That's when it started... the transformation.... That turned him into what he was now... A girl.

Self Sustained Flight: Using the energy found inside her body, Millie is able to fly at top speeds of about 75 mi/h and sustain the speed and height for an hour before having to rest for a time.

Ki Ball: A large ball of Ki energy is generated in her hands, then fired off at a speed determined by the size of it. If its larger than her body it moves rather slowly, if its around the size of her hands, then it can move at blinding speed, but its damage is small.

Ki Wave: She fires off a beam of Ki energy from her hands, in a straight line, it takes a great amount of concentration but she is able to change the course of the beam.

Ki Slash: An attack she learned from watching Gloria in battle. Millie swings her blade and a thin line of Ki energy fires off , taking the form of a curved line flying at a fairly fast speed.

(Locked) Animus State: Millie temporarily fuses with her counter part to gain much more strength and more abilities. Both her eyes become blood red while in this form. Her personality changes completely, she's much more cold and ruthless while in this form.

(Locked) (Animus State only) Bloody Massacre: Millie's blade glows a light tint of red. Her strikes come faster with each consecutive strike, stealing energy from the being she is striking with her sword. With each consecutive hit her blade grows a darker tinge of red. It can be used on multiple enemies in a row, hence the name Massacre.

(Locked) (Animus State only) Black Ki: As the name implies, Millie summons up a black ball of Ki. Anything it touches grows heavier for a time while dealing damage equivalent to the targets weight. It does not distinguish friend from foe.

(Locked) Final Limit: Millie's final last ditch effort to survive, when pushed to the edge of her life, this attack is unleashed as a small shock wave at first, flowing through the ground and air, before she lets out a scream, dark energy encompassing her body. Her attacks become faster, but less accurate. She has a limit of five minutes before she falls unconscious from the effort of using this. All her attacks become empowered by the energy within her Heart. (She cannot use Animus State while this attack is in play.)

Counter Part: Animus

Appearance: A young man; his skin deathly white, with black hair and red eyes, he generally looks like an evil man. He wears a trench coat like jacket the tails of which go down to his feet, always undone, showing off a dark purple shirt. Along with this he has blue denim jeans. On his back is a scab-board left empty.

Personality: Animus picks on his host, though not enough to make her feel like a worse person. He worries about his host, mostly due to the fact that if she goes, so does he. He can be fairly gentle when the situation needs it.

He also will take any opportunity to take control of his host in order to help, either to let her mind rest or to keep her out of danger when she falls unconscious. When he is in control he tries his best to keep acting the same as her, but might be more condescending or rude to others.

Control: Animus takes over Millie's body to protect her from the elements. He only does this when she is too stressed to think clearly or when she falls unconscious in battle.

Mastery of Magic: Animus has a unique standing with magic, if he can some how get a hold of some he can learn it eventually. Unlike Millie who can't learn magic.

Background: He was first gained a Persona during a visit to the Shadow Realm. His past is lost to Millie's memory, but he seems to be much older than he lets on.

Sample post:
Millie stepped out of the save point at Traverse Town... An odd transmission had been coming from her for the past few days and she wanted to check it out. Looking around the First District she noticed several changes from the game world she had originally known.

For one, there were robot like things floating about either bringing things places or taking care of the random Heartless fodder that slinked into view every now and then.

"Well... This is interesting." She said aloud. Quite frankly most people had chosen Radiant Garden as a home, but this place was clearly much safer, maybe a place she could settle down in if she wanted to do so. Don't get your hopes up, you still have to find your sister, and hopefully bring her back home.

"I also have to find a way to change back into a guy, remember?" There was a weird thought in the back of her head that said, but what if I don't want to change back? She shook her head to get rid of the thought. Was the dagger making her thoughts weird? Or was she really doubting herself...?

Millie Sentinal ()
Kantia Rose (Quiet shy girl, that can forge weapons out of the hearts of her allies.)
Sakuya Izayoi (The Perfect and Elegant Maid of the Scarlet Mansion.)
Exsila (Heartless of Alexis Sentinal, and controls a few Heartless.)
Jacob Signar
 Posted: Dec 5 2015, 08:58 PM

The sun will rise.

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