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» Jacob Signar, Biri-biri
Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Nov 26 2015, 10:05 PM


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Name: Jacob Signar

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Physical: He stands at five foot eight inches tall weighing 178 pounds. His skin is a fair tan and his eyes are a chocolate brown. His hair is rather long, extending to about his shoulders in length and dirty blond in color. He also has a scraggly beard growing in of the same color.

His clothing generally consist of a red colored T-shirt and blue denim jeans. He also likes wearing a black leather jacket that seems to be rather beaten up.

Mental: Jacob is in control of his emotions and rarely cries or gives a burst of anger. But he does have a few buttons that if pressed will make him lose his cool. He is fairly nice to others.

He doesn't like people who seem to think they are better than him and doesn't take all to kindly to being pushed around or shunted to the side.

If he wants something he WILL find a way to get it, even if it could be illegal.

Background: Jacob was raised in loving care with a sister and two brothers, Jacob being the oldest. The family didn't have much money but they were able to afford a few luxuries. Including video games. Video games were one of the few things Jacob could excel at, along with working with his father on the electrical grid within his own home.

The first 14 years of his life passed without incident. At age fourteen Jacob's father died in a car crash. While it was a horrific thing, Jacob was the one to cope with it best. He comforted the others in the house. Of course his comforting didn't exactly help for the most part and he turned himself to the games he always played. The next few years or so nothing of importance happened.

Age twenty he finally got a job as an electrician and while the pay was fairly good he couldn't support himself well on his own yet. He still found several ways to get things he wanted like a computer and even persuaded his mother to get internet hooked up in the house. The next three years of his life he was put under much more pressure as well, having a job that demanded him be at work took away from his time to play games.

He found ways to make others take his place and even got paid for hours he didn't work.

In his spare time he found himself playing Final Fantasy 14. He was now twenty three years old, and it seemed the servers would be going down soon, so he was making the most of his time.


Electromancy: The ability to control all things electronic, ranging from a simple static cling to railgun like power. With it he can climb up magnetic and some stone surfaces with ease. He can redirect electrical currents in the air and ground to send at his enemies. He also has a degree of control over his nerves and muscles by sending electricity through his own body.

(Locked) Iron Sand Sword: Using the power over magnetism he collects tiny particles of iron that exist within the air. With this ability he is never without a weapon. The iron particles vibrate quickly and make cutting things easy.

(Locked) Railgun: Using his Electromancy he can pick up a small object and eject it from his hand with enough force to send it flying at three times the speed of sound.

Equipment: None but the clothing on his back.

Sample Post: The screen was flashing, was the timer up? Were the servers going down? He felt some sort of tug as his computer screen blinded him.

When he came too he could see the a dragon soaring high above, seeming to gather some sort of energy. Shit! Shit, shit! He scrambled to his feet and began running, knowing that this thing could surely obliterate anything it hit with that attack.

The world then lit up. He could see the impending explosion easily outpacing him... When it reached him he could feel it burning his skin.

Then it stopped. And he stood upon a platform suspended in a black void.

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Jacob Signar
 Posted: Nov 27 2015, 12:37 AM

The sun will rise.

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