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» Noel Valentine, The Squirrel of... Things.
Natalie Emu
 Posted: Dec 2 2015, 08:08 PM


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Classification: Internal, The world of remnant. (RWBY: Grimm Eclipse)
Name: Noel Valentine

Age: 18 December 17

Gender: Female

Physical: She’s 4’6” 113.4 lbs. Her height makes watching her fight with a twinblade rather fun to watch as it’s almost as tall as she is, though she is incredibly skilled with it. Her eye color is gray with specs of green around the pupil. She has jet black hair down to her shoulders, fluffy and wild. She wears a gray hoodie always with the hood up to cover her faunus (People with animal traits such as ears, horns, a tail, etc.) heritage. She has the circular ears of a squirrel which have short soft fuzz. Her tail much the same in color, just longer fur that is fluffier and hard to control. She tucks her tail in front of her by her stomach making her look much bigger than she actually is, leading to a few jokes on her weight, even if she isn't obese in the slightest. She wears shorts, cut just above the knee. Her skin is a light shade of tan. She has a rather distant expression, eyes not too focused, mostly due to her often being lost in thought.

Halloween Town Attire: Noel wears a baggy black T-shirt that has been ripped and has holes torn into it by the stomach, but not going too far up. Her ears ant tail are exposed for the world to see, her tail being lined with black bows that have silver knots in the middle. Her hair, similarly adorned with a black bow, appearing like a bigger replica of the ones that lined her tail. Noel is wearing black translucent leggings that show off her legs quite well. Her actual pants are above knee torn denim jeans splattered with what appears like blood. Her face remains unchanged.

Mental: A surprisingly happy and excitable girl, though quiet around people she doesn’t know. Quite fierce and hostile towards strangers who approach her, scaring off most people. She is a very selfless person, putting others safety before her own. She quite the pacifist towards most people, in spite of her hostile front. Of course, this is only true unless she is angered or provoked. She’s not much of a leader, and quite secretive. Though confident in her directional skills, don’t even think about letting her guide you somewhere. You’ll find yourself in Atlantis before you get to your actual destination.

She is incredibly stubborn and headstrong. Also, she is terribly afraid of heights as well as most humans, though she tries to hide her fear of them with hostility, before someone who isn’t afraid of her, she's pretty much helpless, her height not helping the intimidation factor. Noel is Chaotic Neutral.

Due to a few quite unpleasant experiences, the happy little squirrel girl created a couple of extra personas which seem to come and go as they please. One could be considered the "blue" Noel, the one that fits her original description.

Then there's the second one, the "orange" Noel. Ms.Orange is the angry and sarcastic one that will occasionally have some good pointers. She'll take control from time to time, either to overcome blue Noel's fears of things, maybe to just find an excuse to punch someone, or maybe just to stretch her legs, metaphorically, that is, since they share a body anyway.

If there are others, they either haven't surfaced yet or don't exist yet.

Background: Noel was born into a family of three siblings, her older brother, Kai, and her sister, Fei. She was the youngest of the bunch. The odd names being the result of their father naming the two oldest and their mother naming the youngest, Noel.

Before her birth, her parents and siblings lived away from civilization, not wanting to get caught up in the issues of society, even if it meant the constant fear of death. It may not have been the best way to live, but it was how they chose to live, they were happy with it. When Noel was born, her mother died. May have been sickness, may have been the fact that they had no medical help at all. Likely both. Even without their mother still alive, the trio continued on along with their father, abiding by her last words.

“Take care of her.”

They buried the mother and left, knowing they could not stay in one place for long. They continued surviving out there, running, for years with their father. They raised Noel with care, and a silent resentment. They knew it wasn’t her fault that their mother died. It couldn’t have been, but even still, they couldn’t help bet feel that anger. When Noel reached age ten, there was a particularly brutal beowolf attack. Five young, vicious beowolves. (One might say they were in a rather Grimm situation… No? Ok.) The beowolves attacked, two going for their father, the other three attacking them individually. Their father, feeling the responsibility to be the hero of the family, hit the other three beowolves to attract their attention and ran, telling his family not to follow, but to instead to get to civilization. A safe place.

They never saw or heard from their father again.

Once they reached civilization, more specifically, Vale. Kai, Fei, and Noel all realized why their parents had chosen a dangerous life over a safe-ish life in civilization. The prejudice and hatred against the faunus was incredibly strong. Being pushed around, called murderers, thieves, villains, and most other things you could think of. They were quickly recruited by the White Fang.

Kai and Fei embraced their new lives, going and attacking the public, stealing dust, other things of the like. Noel, on the other hand, didn’t like it. She didn’t like the violence. She didn’t like the stealing, though she decided to make use of it while she could. She decided to make a weapon.

Using the stolen materials that she stole from the White Fang, she began work on the weapon, though without knowledge on how to create one, she ended up creating many failed things, not even able to be called weapons. After her twenty-third failure, she decided to get help from someone who knew what they were doing. Yeah, she infiltrated an academy that taught the type of thing.

Once she learned the basics and the advanced things soundly, she disappeared from the academy, off to create her weapon with the stolen things she took from the White Fang. After about a year of sleepless nights, working on this weapon, she finished making her weapon. The Sweeper.

As she encountered her siblings, she noticed changes. They were becoming more… dangerous. Hateful and resentful of humans. They began to blame humankind for all of their problems, from the prejudice to their mother’s death and their fathers very likely death. After a while, she caught herself having the same type of thoughts. “If they weren’t so mean to us, our parents wouldn’t have chosen a life outside. Neither of them would have died.” She didn’t like it. She didn’t like being hateful.

She began to resent the White Fang as well. For helping her hate. For turning her siblings into rage filled homicidal monsters. She decided, however, not to hate them. Most of them only wanted freedom and saw this as the only way to do it. With brute force and domination.

She decided to leave them. The White Fang, her siblings, everything, knowing that if she had ever met her siblings again, it would end in a fight to the death. One she was determined not to lose.

Once she came to that conclusion, she trained with her weapon as if she were in a trance. Sneaking out of the city, fighting the Grimm like there was no tomorrow. She would fight daily, sometimes fight for multiple days on end, searching for prey and taking it out.

She began fighting small, weak looking groups beowolves. Starting with groups of four, then five, and quite quickly after she began, she was able to take out stronger opponents. The day she could wipe a horde of ten beowolves out easily was the day she began searching for much stronger opponents. If something is searched for, eventually it would be found. She found and attacked a King Taijitu. The creature roared to life, sending both heads in her direction, she jumped back landing out of one of the head’s reach, however the other smashed into her, sending her flying back, directly into a tree. Her vision was blurred and she saw spots, however she was able to see the two heads lunging in for the kill. She found it painful and hard to move, but she really didn’t want to die so she jumped above the first head, making it sink it’s teeth into the tree behind her. She took this chance to make a deep wound with The Sweeper, cutting the head almost off. The second head reared up and lunged at her, slowed by the dead weight of it’s twin. Noel easily the slow attack and jumped atop the second head where she unloaded on the poor bastard. The King Taijitu was dead.

Happy though she was, Noel was pretty severely injured from the battle. One simply doesn’t manage to take no damage when sent flying into a tree. She didn’t think she could make it back to Vale without being killed by something so she searched for shelter. A cave, a large tree, anything would do. Her vision fuzzy, she slowly searched around and found a cave she could rest it. It seemed well lit in the sun and didn’t appear to have anything residing in it. She started a fire in the mouth of the cave and sat, leaning against the wall, falling asleep quickly after.

She woke up feeling better. Then she felt cold, almost numb. She looked around and noticed that the campfire was out. She also noticed that it was night, it was raining, and she was soaked. That would explain the freezing numbness. She pulled out The sweeper and used it as a torch, knowing that she didn’t have enough fire dust to dry herself off. She decided that she would stay the night in the cave, safer that way. She did not want to encounter any surprise attacks from anything. She sat there, watching the entrance of the cave waiting out the night. Somehow, she managed to get to morning without mishap.

She ventured out a bit more, not looking for a fight, just exploring a bit. She heard a commotion that sounded like a fight in the distance, but decided not to check it out. She wanted no part of a fight at the moment. After a bit more walking around, she noticed that she was completely lost. She had wandered rather far away from Vale and any other place that looked like civilization, from the ground. She decided to climb the tallest tree she could find and look around. Sure enough, she found an incredibly tall tree and climbed to the top. She found Vale. It was rather hard to miss from that height. Along with Vale, she also found out that she was terribly afraid of heights. She tried to climb down as fast as she could but slipped on a still wet branch and began to fall. In a panic, she activated her semblance (The ability that those from the RWBY universe inherently have, the effects differ from person to person.) and stopped falling. At first, she panicked even more, confused, but then she realized what had happened. She could fly around. She floated down until she reached the ground, then decided to float a few feet above it. It wasn’t too high up, and she could get back to Vale much faster this way then she could on foot.

Upon reaching Vale, she stopped flying and sneaked back in. When she returned to the White Fang, her siblings were quite unhappy with her disappearance. She got yelled at by both her siblings. She was happy they cared, though she still planned to leave them and the White fang completely. After she fully recovered, she continued to venture outside of the walls and fight. Once she could take out a group of Goliaths with minimal to no injury, she felt it was time to leave the White Fang and their hateful existence.

She planned to take as much dust as possible before she left, but the White Fang hat caught wind of her betrayal. As she snuck into where they kept the dust, she wasn’t met with silence. She was met with a condescending “Heloooooo there, you thief. You thought we wouldn’t catch wind of dust disappearing from here?” The man stood before her with orange hair. Her sibling’s bodies were thrown onto the ground. Noel looked up at him with a hate fueled rage. “Oh, you want to know why, don’t you. Why we killed them? They were dangerous. Too angry. Too spiteful. Worse still, they wouldn’t listen to orders. I must say, killing them was like a burden lifted from my shoulders, don’t you think?” She wanted to kill him so bad. She felt driven to do so, but fighting around all this dust would only result in a large explosion and her own death. As much as she hated doing this, and hated herself for doing it, she ran. She didn’t get dust. Even worse, she left her sibling’s bodies there. She went to beacon, thinking it was the safest way to hone her skills. To Kill the White Fang.

...or this was the plan at least. The ran through the city, both physically and emotionally exhausted. Eventually, she couldn't bring herself to go any further. She collapsed next to a building and cried until she fell asleep. As she closed her eyes, a bright light encompassed her vision and she had a thought of question and confusion, but it was a fleeting thought as she was completely asleep seconds after.


Semblance: She can fly. She glows a luminescent green when she does.


The Sweeper: A 55 inch long twinblade (Measured end to end attached) with a jet black hilt and an ornate silver blade. The hilt separates in the middle allowing the user to use it as dual swords. Where the hilt meets the blade there is a mechanical red joint allowing the blades to be turned into dual pistols. The blade will react to different types of dust put in the weapon.

Fire Dust: The blade will turn bright orange and does fire damage as well as physical damage. When shot as ammo, does fire damage.

Sample Post: She awoke in an unknown place, completely unlike the one she fell asleep in.

"Now... Where in the world might I have ended up...?" She surveyed her surroundings then set off, her Twinblade held tightly, ready for battle at any moment. If she knew one thing, it was that in an unknown place, one should always be prepared.

She saw what had looked like other people in the distance and changed course, away from them. People were the last thing she wanted to deal with at the moment, so she walked off into an unknown land, hoping she would find some sort of safe place, not aware of the new dangers that lurked around her.

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 Posted: Dec 3 2015, 10:13 PM


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