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» Xia, A Viera arrives in the Multiverse.
Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Feb 6 2016, 05:17 PM


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Classification: Internal, Ivalice
Name: Xia
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Physical: She’s a Viera, she sports the normal human anatomy except for the unique features that come with her race: The ears and tail of a bunny. Her ears are actually shorter due to a mixed heritage.

She is also rather tall, standing at six foot four inches.

She has blonde hair and caramel colored skin. Her eyes are red in color, and her tail and ears are both the same color of her hair that extends to her waist.

Xia wears lightly armored boots with thigh high stockings, shoulder length bridal gauntlets. A purple cloth extends from under a breastplate and down her unarmored stomach. The cloth goes under her breastplate as well and flairs upward to form a collar. Her back is covered in an ornate lattice of light armor that molds around towards her front as two protrusions that wrap around just below her ribcage and meet across her stomach. Her boots display a similar ornate lattice that traces its way up to her hips.

The armor she wears is tinted with purple and a black finish.

She has a nice purple and black skirt and a pair of black shorts underneath.

Upon a few days visiting Traverse Town, her wardrobe has changed a bit. She now sports normalish clothing, except for the fact that her shirt is rather small so it shows her midriff. Sharing the same color scheme as above her shirt would be purple in color most the time. She'll wear skirts and jeans alike, though she doesn't like the inflexibility of jeans for movement during combat and as such, avoids wearing them, preferring a skirt with shorts underneath or simply a pair of black colored shorts. She continues to wear her other clothing though.

Mental: Barely of age to leave her home village, she’s still naive about the world outside the volcano she grew up in. But she still keeps in mind the teachings of her people, only make contact unless absolutely necessary.

Easily flustered and tricked if given the proper wording for it.

She doesn't like winged humanoid creatures because of what she descended from, thinking the Aegyl a race that should not have mingled with the Viera.

Background: Like many of her kind, she was an exiled creature since birth, living with her parents in the Feol Warren. It was peaceful for most her years, but she dreamed of a grander, more exciting life. Outside. Her parents would take her out with them on hunting trips, their protective eyes watching over her as she learned to hunt, fight, and defend.

When she was old enough and skilled enough, she snuck out of her home, to her parents disgruntlement and explored the world as she saw fit.

After three years in the world of the Humes(humans) and other creatures of the world, she would return… Only to find her home destroyed. Overrun by monsters. She couldn't allow this transgression to pass. She fought well against the monsters that had taken over her home, but she was outnumbered.

The young Viera fled from the scene. Using a nearby Gate Crystal to teleport to Rabananstre. The city was where she would make her new home and leave a notice for the extermination of the monsters in her home, many miles away.

A year passed and she had become bored of the city life, she headed out into the wilderness. Hunting, gathering supplies for the necessities she needed.

That is… until...


Viera have a heightened sense of smell and hearing. Putting them at a disadvantage against some of the world's smellier foes, but granting them the ability to track their prey. A Viera’s eye is able to track movement and accurately distinguish her prey from 10 km away.

Their sense of hearing able to easily distinguish friend from foe and the ability to tell that someone is lying, if she concentrates well enough that is. This makes a Viera a boon to have while hunting or being hunted. They can pinpoint the exact location of any sound.

Mist Sense: Viera are sensitive to Mist and other things like that, granting them the ability to have a sense of where high amounts of Mist exist, and those who possess a high amount of the magical energy within them.

Mist Frenzy: When Viera are exposed to high amounts of Mist(mana, magical energy, etc) they enter a state called Mist Frenzy. They break most their mental barriers allowing them to break the bones of Humes in heavy armor, unarmed. Treated like the Berserk status effect, they attack foes with heightened power and heavy blows.

Magick and Technicks: The world of Ivalice has varied spells and tricks one can learn, for a price. Learning it is simple if you have the license.

Elfin longbow, green in color.

And a two handed pole weapon with two glaive like attachments on the ends.

Sample Post: She dived out of the way of a massive jaw coming down on her. She was an idiot for going this far passed Nabudis. Her idiocy has put her in dangers grasp once again. Xia pulled back her bow… Watching the creature before her. Its small forelimbs and large hind legs.

Xia fired her arrow, letting it sail into the eye of the creature. It's roar of pain echoing throughout the canyon like highplains. She had to get someplace safe, quick.

Xia looked around from a little alcove to run to while the creature was still reeling in pain. Running in, she thought herself safe… if it wasn't for the world suddenly disappearing to black all at once. She had thought she went blind.

Until she stepped forward. Xia was blinded by neon lights. This… This was nowhere near her home. The bright colored lights were unknown to her… What… was this place?

Millie Sentinal ()
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Jacob Signar
 Posted: Feb 8 2016, 12:02 AM


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