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» Kyanna Wynne
Chanlye Alexina
 Posted: Aug 19 2016, 08:55 PM


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Name: Kyanna Wynne

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Physical: She’s a girl that stands at four feet seven inches tall, weighing about 90 pounds. She have child physical features, with round, fluffy and slightly blush cheeks.

She have big and round purple eyes that are pretty bright. Her hair is black and very long, she normally does little twin tails and hide it inside her hat to make her hair look shorter.

Her skin is very pale due to the fact that she spends most of her time inside her bedroom.

She usually wears a dress and a cleric hat that she crafted for her roleplaying, the hat is prussian blue with yellow details on them to match her casual dress. In cold ambient she uses some kind of shawl that’s very dark. And in hot ambient she take out her dress, revealing a sleeveless white shirt and shorts that almost reach her knees.

Mental: Kyanna’s a chuuni that’s pretty curious and get amused easily. She have some problems to differ and to express feelings sometimes and have hard times trying to read other people’s emotions and intentions, so she normally interpret what people say to her in literal sense.

Her biggest flaw is being stubborn about her hardcore roleplaying that she constantly do and she’ll defend it as a truth until it’s impossible to try to prove otherwise. When this happends she’ll feel offended and sad, but later will assume that the other person is just being infidel about her goddess and will consider an objective to convert the belief of the one that said it’s a lie.

The ‘good’ part of her flaw is that it encourages her to be kind, protect and help anyone in need, or at least will try to. Normally these actions are followed by her cleric roleplaying, like it was happening on an RPG game.

Background: Kyanna was a “normal” girl when she was little, playing with dolls, pretending to have tea with her plushies and playing with cooking tools. But she also was always a very curious girl, this curiosity was responsible for a big change on her life.

One day while eating her lunch on a break, she overheard a group of kids roleplaying powerful heroes defeating a fearsome dragon. She stood there watching and hearing the whole thing amused about the story and the roleplay, until they finally finished playing and noticed her clapping with a huge smile. She then commented and told them how incredible it was and how much she loved it, it was like a wonderful fairy tale. Seeing her passion over it, they decided to invite her for their roleplaying “club” and she immediately accepted the invite.

There she discovered not only the roleplaying, but also the MMORPGs, Fantasy books, RPG books. She was amused by everything the club showed to her, and the concept of “you can be anything you want” opened to her. Decided to participate on this, she created her own character and her own story: A mushroom cleric, champion of a goddess called Fungaria that wished to spread the love, help and protect the ones in need. With this character she played countless MMORPGs and tabletop RPGs, crafted a staff and a cleric hat just for it and started to take it serious. Probably way too serious.

Months later she was already a chuunibyou, spreading her character through forums, chuuni communities and even started writing a book called “Fungaria’s Codex”. Her family didn’t mind it too much thinking it was only something of her age, some even found funny when she was telling so passionately the “goddess Fungaria” stories.

Until her mother passed away on an accident, that was a shock for Kyanna and her family. She suddenly felt a huge sadness falling on her heart, she wasn’t prepared for this, not yet. Unfortunately for her, there was only one thing she could do for her mother now: give her a honorable funeral.

On the next day, before her mother’s funeral. She grabbed her staff and her hat and have put her favorite dress for roleplaying and dragged them with her. Her dad and older sister didn’t mind too much her bringing those, to them it would even be a good way to keep her calm and less sad on the funeral. Then on the praying of her mother’s funeral she decided to pray too, except that on her own way, pulling the staff and wearing the hat she started the “praying” in front of everyone. After the funeral, on the way to home her dad scolded her and yelled that such stupid things like “Fungaria” and “Mushroom Goddess” didn’t exist.

She heard quietly on the whole way to home, when she got there she went to her room and cried for hours. With her dreams and mother lost, she started thinking about many things and about her games and roleplaying. But she decided, she wasn’t wrong at all, her world actually existed, she was a cleric and she was a representant of Fungaria. She needed to prove them, she needed to be stronger. Then she turned on the PC and started playing a MMORPG called Eden Eternal. She played with the strongest passion she had on her since she started “being a cleric”. She was determined to protect and spread the love and hopes of her “goddess” to the whole world, then suddenly while smiting the boss of a dungeon… A bright light flashed on the monitor…


Mushroom Druidcraft: When Kyanna start to cast a spell or decide to let out some of her magic energy go out, mushrooms will start to grow around her. Those mushrooms aren’t mundane, and they have several colors, textures and types. Their taste can be sweet, salty, bitter, sour and bittersweet. There’s no current use for those mushrooms, aside from poisoning anyone trying to eat them or giving a bad stomachache.

Life Cure: A purple light start to surround her hands (Or any catalyst like a staff or a wand), this purple light remain there until Kyanna finally active it. In activation this purple light get dense and become something like glowing purple sewing threads. Those threads advance toward the wounds she want to cure and they sew the person’s wounds, instantly curing them. If the wound is too big, it may require Kyanna to use the spell more times until it close completely.

Purifying Wind: A holy wind goes through her hands (Or any catalyst) toward herself or a target, this wind attempt to blow away any debuff. The stronger Kyanna becomes, the easier it is to get rid of stronger debuffs.

Light’s Sanction: This spell can create a force which materializes as a sphere of light. It can be applied to an object as well. It can push objects or people back with a great amount of force. It can also shatter weaker objects. The user can't apply infinite force.

Equipment: She carries a self-made staff that she says that “increases her healing” and helps her to “communicate to her goddess”. She will always carry it and treasure it along with her cleric hat.

Sample Post: After that big flash of light comming from monitor, Kyanna shakes her head and open her eyes, seeing a place with red bricks spreading throughtout.

“Oooh, an Eden Eternal secret area!” Kyanna says excited and attempts to click the mouse, that’s not there anymore. “Eh?” She stares at her hand and notices her mouse, keyboard and table aren’t there anymore.

Kyanna starts to look around seeing a small Café, a “Manamart” and an enormous door. She tilts her head confused and adjust her cleric hat and grabs her staff that was on floor, then she looks around again but with a different look on her eyes. A curious and amused look, instead of a confused one.

She observes the Café and notices an one-eyed green robot. “A robot!” Kyanna exclaims amused and she goes hopping towards the robot, getting closer she greets him warmly “Hello!”

Kyanna Wynne - Mushroom Cleric! Or at least she thinks so.
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 Posted: Aug 19 2016, 09:31 PM


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