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» Nathaniel King, Wheeeeeeee
Natalie Emu
 Posted: Sep 4 2016, 07:34 PM


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Name: Nathaniel King

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Physical: 5'6" and approximately 126.4 lbs. Densely curly dirty blond, almost brown hair down to his shoulders and deep green eyes. He has toothpick arms and a thin body. He has the most muscle on his legs, though it's not very strong muscle. He is a physically weak person. He wears a plane T-shirt and denim jeans.

Mental: (Welcome! Here we have various levels of shitty writing, bad metaphors, and a few spots of generally bad word choice. I'll fix it at some point.) He's a quite shy person who won't normally approach others himself. If he's around someone he doesn't know that well he normally won't say anything, but once he gets comfortable around at least one person in the group or with his surroundings, Nathaniel is like a totally different person. He turns into an incredibly nice but painfully honest person with a side of sarcasm and a non-caring attitude that scares even himself. To the point where his parents could be killed in front of him and he might not even care.

Nathaniel has a strong sense of justice and can be controlled by his anger if someone pisses him off with some violent thoughts to season the whole steak well. To complete the whole dish, he will at times view everything, including himself as if he wasn't a part of it. Like everything there was an object including every one of his actions. If he trusts you, he'll back you in whatever you need him to, even if he would be completely useless. He would never betray a friend unless they deceived or betrayed him first. He is an idiot. An idiot with issues. A over trusting, overconfident idiot. Honest to a fault. More than a little off in the head, sure, but even still he's a honest idiot. Honest even to the point where he realizes he's way too trusting of others and is probably gonna end up getting himself hurt because of it, but he can't help but trust people.

An incredibly nice person, who is also a sociopath. Sometimes, both in the same breath.

He likes nice people, food, and games. He hates generally terrible people and especially hates green peppers. He's also very afraid of flying bugs. He's fine with them if they're not flying at him. It's even worse if they've landed on him. A mini flip-out session would occur. He's also afraid of touching plants. It's one of the strangest things he has going for him and it's always been there for as long as he could remember. Bugs? That's a common fear. It can be understood. Plants? Not so understandable. He has never been able to figure out why he's afraid of either of these things. There isn't any memorable reason for them. They're just there.

The third, and by far the strangest fear is the fear of deep sinks. Like a wash basin and the kitchen sink, but only when they're empty. There's never been a reason for this. Just a strange sense of unease around them, unless they're the metal kind. or not very deep. If he's alone around one and has to do something, he'll do what he has to and leave, a little too quickly. If there's someone with him, he'll be a little better around the wash basin, but still won't like it. Why does this fear even exist?

Background: His memory is a terrible mess. It always has been. Unable to remember many exact details about anything, really. Not on command, at least though he does remember big events and it doesn't stop him from learning things. It's a very confusing and temperamental affliction.

Nathaniel was born in Delaware, though he did travel. He quite liked traveling. He remembers going to the mountains with his family when he was younger, about 3 years old. Then again when he was 6 years old. He was quite fond of those memories, or the fragments of them he still had, anyway. He was also fond of the memory, or rather, activity that his parents told about him about at around 13. Stampeding around the house chanting "Oh shit!" at the age of 1. He especially loved going to his aunts in West Virginia. It was a very relaxing place, his aunt's house. The fact that she cooked for everyone made it even better when he stayed.

Then, there were the memories he was not so fond of. Since he was 4, his mother had been in and out of the hospital with a chronic illness. Sometimes even for months at a time. Going to and from the hospital. Visiting often. Being there when his mother was released from the hospital. Once, she had even gone to the hospital on his birthday. It was worrying often, but he learned to deal with it.

Once, his father was laid off from work for three months. Those months were the worst, though he didn't really understand at the time why everyone was so on edge. So worried. After those months his father got another job and things got better. After that, between bills and the cost of day to day necessities, money was always tight, but it never got to terribly bad. Nothing extreme happened, just a few worrying days and weeks with money at the center, but other then that, it looked like all would end well.

A few years later his grandfather had passed away with cancer. Everyone in the family know it was coming since a few months before, but that didn't change the fact that it was sad to lose a family member. The loss left him sad and a bit empty for a few days, but he bounced back incredibly quickly. After that, he began High school. It was quite enjoyably. He had met plenty of new people within just the first week.

Abilities: Quick catching on to things, if you can call that an ability.

Equipment: The clothes on his back, an Ipod with headphones and a Bo staff. (A 4'5" Stick, basically.)

Sample Post: Nathaniel was playing games deep into the night like he would on any other Friday. He was having a grand ol' time playing too. At some point, he must have forgotten to pay any mind to the time. "Oh, shit. It's six in the morning. Looks like I won't be a functional existence until around two, if not later." He shuffled into his bedroom, laid his head to the pillow and passed out, a bright light flashed in his vision just as he fell asleep.

Nathaniel awoke to a strange land around him with his basic belongings and his Bo staff... For whatever reason. "Well, the fuck happened here? This doesn't add up at all, really. I pass out in my living room after playing Blazblue late into the night and somehow end up in a strange place with the stick, I mean weapon I keep in my room. Eh, sitting around won't do any good."

The boy stood up and stretched, then looked around. "No, really. Where the hell am I? The sky is freaking beautiful though. Sunset, it looks like. " He spoke to himself quite often. He checked his pockets. "Ooh, my Ipod. At least I can listen to music." He proceeded to stick his earbuds into his ears and wander around, searching for answers to his questions.

"This place has a really nice look to it. Brick roads, beautiful sunset, a big ass tower in the distance. Maybe I'll head there. Yeah, that'll do. Hopefully I can find something there." Nathaniel began walking casually in the direction of the tower. It was the beginning of something greater then he had ever thought he'd be a part of.

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Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Sep 10 2016, 08:31 PM


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