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Feb 20 2017, 03:06 AM
Classification: Sonic the Hedgehog after Sonic Generations
Name: Shadow the Hedgehog
Age: Unknown (50+ years)
Gender: Male
Physical: Shadow is an anthropomorphic 3'3'' hedgehog who is mostly black in color. He has a large head, a small abdomen and skinny long legs, and large hands and feet. He has a peach colored muzzle, crimson red eyes and red stripes of the same color on his quills. Four of those six quills are curved upward in a similar way to Super Sonic, the form Sonic the Hedgehog turns into when in possession of all seven Chaos Emeralds. His arms are covered in the same black fur with a red stripe on each, some of which are covered in gloves and inhibitor rings. The ends of those stripes could be seen on his arms.

On Shadow's chest is a white, emerald shaped fluff of fur that's about the size of a Chaos Emerald. On his wrists and ankles are golden inhibitor rings that are similar to the rings that everyone on Mobius tend to collect, and two block jet shoes with holes at the bottom. They're white, black, red, and orange, and quite a bit complex to describe.

Shadow can also transform into a super form of his own, much like Sonic, though his quills remain in the same position. In this form, his black fur becomes a creamy white color and there is a constant aura around him. Other than that, nothing really changes about his appearance.

Mental: Shadow is a reserved person who usually just likes to stay out of other people's business. His way of thinking is if you stay out of his face, he'll stay out of yours. He's rather cold, intimidating, and callous about the way he speaks. Shadow only tells it how he sees it, and isn't afraid of saying something that might hurt someone's feelings if it's something he feels needs to be said. That being said, he rarely talks ever. He's more of an observer, and prefers to let other people do the talking while he listens.

Despite his quiet and general staying out of other people's business persona, Shadow is an incredibly passionate person. If he cares about something or someone, he really cares. They may never know because of how reserved he is, and how he keeps virtually everything to himself, but when push comes to shove, he'd be willing to put his life on the line for them.

Of course, he's not the nicest guy to be around. Most people are rather put off by him because he generally doesn't want to be around anyone, and his response is less than pleasant. He'll often say things like "don't waste my time," or "I don't have time babysitting half-wits like you". He can also be rather demeaning to those who don't have his respect, calling them pathetic and the like.

He's the Earth's one and only Ultimate Lifeform, and boy does he like to show it. Because of his status, and his age, virtually nothing surprises him. For most situations that come his way, Shadow is generally unaltered because he seems to typically have everything under control. However, if things don't exactly go according to plan, he finds himself more puzzled than most would be simply because that almost never happens.

Though Shadow does generally stay out of things, he can be very violent. Actually, violent to the point where he's willing to kill those who get in his way sometimes. He generally tries to fight for the greater good, and he's only really killed bad people, but his morality is rather questionable. He's considered by many to be an anti-hero because of the things he's willing to do to get a job done, or do what he believes is right.

In his way of thinking, generally it's the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few. If a single person is putting the lives of many in danger, Shadow's probably the only person willing to end that person's life. He's probably the most aggressive of Sonic's "friends", though he's not necessarily hot-headed like Knuckles. As of late, there hasn't really been an issue from Shadow as far as wanting to kill someone, though he's still as reserved and broody as ever.

Shadow isn't very easily manipulated thanks to his strong sense of self. Especially after getting his memories back after the Black Arm invasion, he knows very well what an attempt at manipulating him looks like. When he is involved in a mission, or the like, Shadow has a massive amount of determination to the point where it could be kind of disturbing. It takes a lot to get Shadow to give up on a goal, and generally the only thing that can get him to stop is the fact that he doesn't need to do it anymore.

However, if he's got a goal in mind, you'd better pray that you aren't in his way, otherwise you'll be mowed down by the Ultimate Lifeform.

Background: Shadow the Hedgehog's story began half a century ago in a space colony orbiting Earth known as ARK. The station and everything in it was either created or projects led by the infamous Professor Gerald Robotnik. Gerald made the Eclipse Cannon, discovered Emerl, and brought all of his research into outer space. However, his life basically took a turn when he began his operation on Project Shadow to help cure his granddaughter, Maria, of the illness NIDS.

The first creature that was created from the project was a giant, brown, and unstable lizard who could only survive through a life support system. It was after that creature that Shadow was born: Gerald's final and greatest creation. Right at an early age, Shadow bonded very quickly with Gerald's granddaughter Maria, and the two quickly became best friends. The young girl was rather kind and nurturing to him, and treated him as a person rather than a science experiment.

Though most of Shadow's memories going this back are rather obscure, Shadow remembers staring out a large window and simply looking down at Earth. Both Shadow and Maria were drawn to the Earth, and they both made a promise that they would both be able to go there one day. Shadow was drawn because he felt like he was meant to go there for some unknown purpose while Maria was drawn by its beauty and wondered what it was like on Earth.

Unfortunately, their wish was never meant to come true. Due to some sort of accident, GUN, the government who helped fund the operations for Project Shadow, cancelled the program and raided the ARK, determined to put it to a stop in fear that it was too dangerous. Shadow, being targeted, fled from the attacking soldiers with Maria until he was trapped into one of the ARK's glass capsules. It was there that he witnessed his dear friend being brutally murdered by a gunshot wound to the chest.

Before he was shot down into space, the dying Maria made Shadow promise her something as he desperately tried to escape and aid his friend. Maria requested that Shadow give everyone a chance to be happy because she still cared about the planet and all of their inhabitants despite never having been there herself.

Unfortunately, Shadow didn't quite remember it that way.

Upon reaching the planet, the hedgehog was captured and sealed away in a capsule in which he remained in a comatose state for over fifty years...

...But that all changed when Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Gerald's grandson, freed him.

The evil scientist, intrigued by what he read in his grandfather's diary, found Project: Shadow to be a potentially valuable asset to his conquest of Earth. Though he didn't really seem to read the fine print, he believed that Shadow would be the key to defeating Sonic once and for all, though he didn't count on him looking like Sonic. They teamed up and on the way met up with Rouge, and the rest is history.

After that, Shadow's been a part of all kinds of strange and obscure situations. He's tried to destroy the planet with his childhood home only to realize he made a mistake and ended up saving the world ironically. After a near death fall, he returned with amnesia and team up once again with Rouge the bat, but this time with a rogue E-series robot, E-123 Omega. The three of them chased down Dr. Eggman for some answers, and even ran across some androids that looked very much like Shadow, causing him to question whether he was the real thing or not.

After that, the Earth encountered a new enemy: Black Doom, in which Shadow had to overcome in order to finally get his memories back and leave the past behind. Black Doom was probably one of Shadow's gravest enemies, capable of using Chaos Control in ways even Shadow couldn't, like teleporting a comet the size of the moon onto the planet. However, despite all of the odds and confusion put against him, Shadow once again pulled through and did the right thing by facing, and defeating Black Doom.

After that was a rather obscure adventure that Shadow couldn't really remember because, technically, it never happened. However, while trying to find a Chaos Emerald to save Sonic from death, there seems to be one thing that Shadow vaguely remembered: a frustrated girl appeared for a few moments right next to him. He insisted that he didn't need her help in finding the Emerald, but she seemed to know precisely where it was. She also seemed rather determined to help, so he seemed to have no choice but to have her tag along.

After they finally found the emerald, the girl mysteriously vanished. Rather disturbed by this bit of encounter, Shadow decided to keep going, and hoped to get this job over and done with as soon as possible. And then this portion of time was erased and Shadow can't remember the girl at all.

After that, Shadow's role wasn't very important anymore. He would try to help Dr. Eggman from being kidnapped a few times, participate in hover board races, and he was even sent back in time during his most recent encounter with Sonic. Other than that, Shadow's role has been quite a bit unnecessary, especially since he prefers to stay out of people's business unless he's actually needed. Which, he hasn't really been needed.

Upon returning to their time, however, it seems as though that's about to change. These shadowy creatures seemed to have come out of nowhere, and GUN is even finding themselves at a loss for what to do. Though Sonic and the others seemed to be doing just fine, there was definitely something strange going on. Sonic led the way to facing this new potential threat, though Shadow wasn't as eager to start this journey along with them. What would he honestly have to gain from this? Perhaps knowledge on what was going on? To be honest, he was curious... and perhaps getting to the bottom of things would get these annoying creatures to leave them alone.

Abilities: Shadow is capable of using his jet shoes to skate at speeds past the speed of sound. He can be rather nimble, flexible, and agile, and capable of performing spinning attacks, like the spin dash or homing attack. He can also jump almost three times his height as well as some close combative techniques. Shadow also has the ability to wield multiple weaponry like guns, swords and the like, as well as drive various vehicles. He also has various abilities he can use with the Chaos Emeralds, most of which even Sonic hasn't used in his base form.

He's capable of using the well-known Chaos Control as well as Chaos Spear, and Chaos Blast, which are all his best known techniques. However, he's also able to form Chaos Control into a massive laser with the help of Team Dark, using the technique called Chaos Inferno. He's also capable of doing all of these things with a single Chaos Emerald. And with the power of all seven chaos emeralds, Shadow is able to ascend to his Super Shadow form, which raises all of his abilities exponentially and gives him near invulnerability as well as the ability to fly. The only catch is that it only lasts as long as he has enough rings, which depletes over time.

He doesn't have enough Chaos Emeralds to go super? No problem. Something else that helps him become stronger is simply removing his inhibitor rings. Removing his inhibitor rings causes his power to increase at the cost of a good chunk of his stamina. This is only used for emergency purposes, and Shadow will only do this when there is no other option. It's far too risky to play around with. Also, though he's only done this once, his shoes allow him to hover for a short amount of time.

Equipment: He can wield and use multiple weapons and ride vehicles, but the majority of them don't belong to him. He wears jet boots that, though are clearly aging, are not affected by the results that come from the massive speeds that Shadow performs on a daily basis, as well as add a little heat to some of hist kicks. He also has his inhibitor rings which are used mainly to keep Shadow's true power from getting out of control. They can also be taken off for Shadow's power to increase in expense of his stamina. He also has a motor bike that does belong to him, though he rarely uses it since he can reach speeds that brake the sound barrier on his own, and he can teleport.

Sample Post: Shadow the Hedgehog watched from a distance as Sonic and his friends, as well as a rather sad attempt from the government, tried to take out these rather strange blob of creatures that tried to attack everyone. He glared down at these creatures, very much convinced that they needed his help this time, but also wanting to bury the urge to help in favor of staying out of this.

Much like when Black Doom and his army appeared from the sky, these creature seemed to come out of nowhere, and with them came the distortion of this planet. There was no doubt, it didn't seem like these guys were going to ultimately leave anytime soon, and whatever was happening to their planet wasn't a good thing. Occasionally Shadow would shoot down one of these creatures with a Chaos Spear or two if they were trying to attack a civilian that everyone else seemed not to notice, or if they were dumb enough to try to go after him.

All of Sonic's most recent adventures were resolved without Shadow's help, so despite his instincts telling him that this time would be different, he had no reason to really do anything to help other than what he was doing right at that moment. "Hey Sonic!" Shadow could hear Tails call out to his best friend as the genius seemed to figure out just what in the world was going on. "There seems to be some planets popping up in space! I've never seem something like this happen before..." It was clear that the young fox was rather concerned with what was going on.

Now that his attention was brought to the sky, yeah, he could actually see why the fox was worried. Well, as usually no one needed to tell Sonic twice and he was off. Off to save the world as he usually did. He'd just recently, with his past self of all things, restored time back to normal, so this shouldn't be any different. Shadow was probably the least eager to jump in an help, but something was really bugging him about what was going on.

Even the fact that it bothered him bothered him. Why would he care about this if it would be handled just fine without him? Shadow saw the remaining shadowy blobs retreat with gleams in their eyes that made it clear that they'd be back. Glaring back at the cocky glints of his new enemies, Shadow took out the Chaos Emerald he had with him. It was then that he vanished before anyone had a chance to even see that he was doing anything. Perhaps traveling to other planets wasn't exactly the best thing to do when his planet was already being attacked by blobs of ooze, which he knew would return, but hey, he's never been one to take what others call the "best" ideas.
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