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Aug 17 2016, 10:08 AM
Really, when they thought about it, and everything they'd seen so far, they had almost no right to have been surprised about what had just happened.

Still, it didn't stop Yugi from freaking out.

"Space whales. There are space whales."

Indeed there are, replied the Pharaoh dryly.

They were standing next to their slightly broken-down Gummi Ship. That they'd crashed on the first trip was, honestly, completely embarrassing.

Not that the problem had been the driving, mind - Yugi had actually taken to it very quickly upon being presented with what resembled an arcade machine's steering column. Nor had it been anything electronic. No buzzing or static from the comm screen, no glitching of the map.

It was just... that bizarre moment when a whale had appeared, startling both of them, and quite promptly swallowed them whole.

Or, at least, it'd swallowed them some, because they were standing in what was most assuredly a mouth, judging by the wall of huge (and unnervingly human-looking) teeth. The shipwrecks (traditional sea-faring ships, even, half-flooded with salt water) and the thin tunnels at the back suggested they weren't necessarily lucky, either, as much as they were just too large to process. Which sort of made sense, seeing as this was a whale.

Yugi was glancing around wide-eyed. "How does it breathe? How are we breathing?"

The Pharaoh stroked his chin. I don't think that's the question we need to be asking right now.

True. More importantly than how they were able to breathe inside the space whale...

How were they going to get outside the space whale...?
Aug 15 2016, 04:31 AM
Feb 28 2015, 07:27 PM
(continued from Flight Transporter)

At the top of the marketplace, a small, spiky-haired teenager suddenly materialised.

And tripped, and recovered, and grasped nervously at the Millennium Puzzle around his neck and the Duel Disk folded on his arm before shaking his head. "I somehow thought that was gonna be a lot rougher," he muttered, before turning to look around.

He didn't get very far before gaping up at the huge, derelict fantasy castle that loomed over them into the pink sky, covered in cranes and pipework, and surrounded by damaged stone walls.

"Whoa..." he just barely breathed out, shoulders sinking.

Certainly not what I was expecting when he called it a garden, the Pharaoh commented.
Jul 21 2014, 04:36 PM
Yugi sat down in the cafeteria with a sigh. Several weeks of delay did not exactly make for a happy roleplay character, and while Yugi was more of the patient type than the angry type, anybody would be less than contented with a two-month blackout.

He pulled his deck out from the leather case on his belt and spread it out onto the table, and began running through his card selection. He had very little to do as of the moment, and he had been meaning to complete the task he'd left behind in Domino.

As he sorted through his Monsters, the Pharaoh materialised beside him and 'took' the seat across from him at the small round table. He leaned over with large catlike eyes and a finger stroking his chin slowly. Looking to duel someone, Yugi?

"Maybe. Not sure." Yugi held up a pair of cards, pouting at them for a second, before placing them down again. "But I haven't exactly met anyone here yet who plays."

The Pharaoh gave him a look.

"Other than you, Mister Voice Inside My Head," Yugi replied with a smirk. "And somehow I'm not sure if you actually count." He slumped onto the table. "Hah... I hope somebody comes over, at least..."
Jul 1 2014, 04:56 PM
The forum has really, really dropped on attendance and activity over the last few months. And the forum chat doesn't get nearly as many regulars as it once did.

So I'd like to call some sort of meeting based on that.
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