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Jul 2 2015, 12:39 AM
It had been months since Gideon first appeared in this world. It was frustrating, it seemed his planeswalking ability only let him port of other worlds connected to this one. He couldn't go back to any plane he knew of. This would prove problematic as he needed to get back to Zendikar.

A harsh beam of light tore through reality in the middle of the street and out walked Gideon, returning to Twilight Town after a bit of exploring, its good there were places to rest.

"Mm... Don't recognize this part of the city." He said a little disappointed, he usually got lucky when he planes-walked.
Jan 17 2014, 12:21 PM
Something had gone wrong in the middle of Gideon's latest attempt at Planeswalking. He had just left the plane of Ravnica to travel to Theros. Theros was a plane that had a few strong warrior cultures and he heard stories that the gods that ruled over the plane had strong magic, strong magic he'd need to fight the Eldrazi.

However, something had taken him off course as he traversed the blind eternities and the next thing he knew he stopped. Gideon appeared in an alleyway between what looked like two ruined houses. Still sapped from the Aether he had to travel through he stumbled his way out of the alley to look upon his whereabouts. This was clearly a town... But it was too quiet. The ruined houses also denoting the fact it maybe deserted.

With a deep breath he steeled himself and walked out onto the street, chose a direction, and headed off. The plan was to find any form of intelligent life. Getting a rundown on the plane he was on was usually the best course of action in the past.
Jan 16 2014, 08:32 PM
Featured In: Magic the Gathering: duels of the planeswalkers 2012
Name: Gideon Jura
Gender: Male
Species: Human Planeswalker
-Hieromancy, the magic of order. Gideon Draws his magic from law and order. He prides civilization and community. This magic allows Gideon to smite evil, banish evil outsiders, heal wounds and strengthen other's resolve.

-War Experience/Weapon and armor training: As planeswalkers have an extended lifespan, Gideon is especially deadly with his weapon of choice the Sural. With this same experience is the fact that Gideon has developed a talent for leading.

-Planeswalking: Through a ritual that can be done in a small amount of time Gideon can use this to transport himself to another world even with only knowing its name. The drawback for this ability is that there is no telling where he would appear on said plane and that the travel itself is physically demanding. More often than not Gideon will end up exhausted after such a jump.

Half plate/light shield
( Pictured here: )

Condition: Gideon Jura has a soldier's physique, with High stamina and strength he is very durable. Superhuman by no means, Gideon tires just like any other human, the only thing differing him from humans is his extreme longevity. All this being said, a sword to the gut works just as well.

Gideon in his younger years had the mindset of your typical paladin. Self righteous, preachy and a holy pain. Through his journies throughout the blind eternities has shaped his opinions and tempered his convictions. While still desiring to uphold law and order he is far more likely to simply act instead of leaking exposition.

Lawful Good


As a youth, Gideon grew up in poverty on a plane where the rich crushed all those with less money underneath iron heel. So, with a few other kids, he formed a Robin Hood-esque gang that stole from the rich and gave to the poor. After only a few weeks Gideon was arrested and put in prison, one far too mismanaged to keep him.

Eventually, the prison found someone to reform Gideon: an old man who would teach the adolescent Hieromancy, the magic of order. Gideon settled into the man's teachings for he found the magic interesting and enjoyed the feeling of the power he was cultivating. Recognizing a strong power within Gideon, the master taught him about Planeswalkers. These beings of immense powers had the magic to travel between worlds. It was revealed that the man who taught this master of white magic was in fact a planeswalker himself.

Gideon's own spark ignited when he fought and killed a stronger opponent. The impossibility of his survival seemed so overwhelming that when he tried to reconcile what he found, he achieved momentary enlightenment, a perfect perception of the multiverse and he slipped into the blind eternities. upon returning to his master he revealed that he knew Gideon could become a Planeswlaker for hes never seen as strong a Hieromancer than Gideon save his own teacher. The old master gave Gideon A Sural, a three bladed whip like weapon that also doubled as a focus for his magic.

As Gideon began to explore the multiverse he found a plane named Regatha. On the plane there were legends of a great font of white mana named the "Purifying fire." This flame was watched over by a group called the Order of Heliud, which denied his request to study the flame at first but eventually gave in if he could recover another planeswalker named Chandra Nalaar, a pyromancer.

This chase eventually led him to the Plane of Zendikar. On this plane Gideon tracked Chandra into the mountains. But, her trail went cold and Gideon started to head back to rest. Weary to his bones Gideon entered Fort Keff and planned to spend a few days there to rest. Around the fire, he heard tales, strange and disturbing tales from an adventurer who said that the land was getting far more violent than it ever had been before.

That night a primal scream woke him from his slumber. Upon investigating he found that the guards had killed a Surrakar, a sentient monster from the swamps. Gideon went to it before it finally bled out. The Surrakar warned of its gods who came from beyond the world, from the void with no color. They would slaughter and devour all life on the world.

Later that day the fort was besieged by a brood of otherworldly monsters that could seemingly manipulate nature around them as if they were puppets. The nearly endless horde of monsters attacked the fort in waves and if not for Gideon all of the soldiers would have perished. Finally, after the battle was won and heavy casualties sustained a celebration cry went up. They managed to fight off the dreaded creatures the Surrakar warned of.
This would not last as the skies darkened and descended Emrakul, the Aeons torn. Gideon told the soldiers to flee to the nearest settlement and continue to flee to safety and to warn of the coming danger. Gideon looked up to stare at the titan and thought what he could possibly do fight it.

"Nothing." He said aloud before mustering his magic to planeswalk somewhere else. To find stronger magic and allies to combat The Rise of The Eldrazi.


Sample Post:
Planeswalking is an inexact science, it is easy to gather the mana required to jump and easier still to find the plane. The hard part was landing. No Planeswalker could fully control where they landed... Nor was it soft.
Gideon found himself on his back when he finally came too. It seemed his landing was pretty rough. Gideon rose from the ground and looked all around him trying to find his bearings. All he saw around him was Cityscape. Large towers scraped the very sky and all manner of beasts flew in the open air high above, some with saddles. Gideon heard about this place: A plane that was only a city, Ravnica.
Just then he heard chattering, lightning and then steel meeting steel. He rushed out to find the source and what he found put him on high alert. A large gang of devils and what looked like cultists were openly fighting what looked like soldiers. Their lines were buckling as the devil's assault continued and it was then the soldier's were without leadership. No one was barking orders nor did they have a formation to speak of it was almost a brawl.

Gideon began to run to the fight holding his sural up as it started to glow with a fierce white light. White wings of energy sprouted from his back as his spell took affect. The spell allowed him to mimic flight for but a moment: He used it to jump and land somewhere in between the two forces. Even as he started to fall Gideon charged another spell and once he landed a bright white wall of magic separated the two clashing groups. Gideon quickly assumed command and yelled with the most imposing voice he could muster.

"Shield Wall!" He yelled out and immediately the soldiers, out of reflex, assumed the formation just as the wall Gideon put up faded. The devils as expected charged straight into the formation and tried to cut and claw their way through it. Meanwhile, Gideon called out lapses in the devil's line and the soldiers he found himself with punished them for it with spear and blade.

"Advance!" He bellowed as he stepped forward and the soldiers followed in step, quickly creating a rhythm of march, fight, march as the devils began to withdraw. Gideon would not allow them respite. He charged out of the formation striking with his sural at a nearby devil, it was cut down with a shriek. Gideon's hand flared with magic as he shot a ball of white energy at another devil, it lifted into the air writhing in pain until the light exploded leaving naught but dust.
Seeing this the soldiers let out a battle cry and once more charged into open combat with the devils. Faced with emboldened soldiers and a fierce charge, the devils were routed but could never escape. Gideon and the soldiers ran them down leaving many devil corpses on the streets. Seeing as there were no more enemies the men let out a cheer, bellowing to the heavens on high for they were delivered from the jaws of death and defeat.

Gideon took many calming breaths as the battle finally ended, he stood straight and turned his head when one of the soldiers approached him.

"Legionnaire Gufix of the Boros Legion." He saluted smartly by pressing his fist into his breastplate above his heart. "We are all grateful at your timely arrival, we were told there was no support to be had in the ninth district."
Gideon shook his head "I'm not of your legion, Gufix. I merely saw your plight and took it upon myself to assist." He turned fully to face the legionnaire and examined his kit. Silver plate armor with white fauld's trimmed with red fire. The Legionnaire seemed astonished.

"You're gateless?" He asked eyes wide, as far as he knew only the Boros had proper military training. "Then you must meet with our leader, we need all the help we can get. This district is preyed upon by the Rakdos Demon cult almost daily."
Gideon narrowed his eyes at Gufix's explanation. Innocents were being run down everyday? Perhaps he could lend a hand.

"Very well, Gufix, I will see your leader. Who are they?" He asked wishing to know who could have led a group of soldiers with this much heart and discipline.

"We're led by an angel. Warleader Aurelia."
Jan 9 2014, 08:43 PM
Homeworld: Warhammer 40K
Name: Captain Decimus Brant
Age: 200
Gender: Male
Species: Adeptus Astartes (Augmented human)
-Sword Skill
-Ranged weapon training
-Battlefield strategy and tactics.
-Most Gene-Seed organs functioning except for the Bletcher's Gland and the Sus-an Membrane. ( )
-Mark 8 Errant Power Armor
-Power Sword
-Mark III Pattern Bolt Pistol
Space Marines are physically superior to that of normal humans. Standing on average at 7-7.50 ft tall and possessing nearly super-human strength, Space Marines are truly terrifying specimens to behold. Due to extensive modification of the body through the 19 Gene-Seed organs, implanted at a young age, a Space Marine is far beyond what could be considered possible for a human normally. Their bodies are more efficient, their bones are sturdier and their blood clots faster. They need no sleep for they are the ever watchful protectors of the Imperium. But not all is well within all Space Marine chapters.
The Black Templar Chapter of Space Marines are derived from the Imperial Fists Chapter of Space Marines and thus carry the same flaws as their parent. The Bletcher's Gland, a gland in the mouth that secrets an acid to help with the digestion of alien flora, is atrophied and unusable. The same can be said for the Sus-an Membrane which allow Space Marines to enter a catatonic stasis in emergencies should their wounds be too much for their body to handle.
Decimus is what a citizen of the Imperium would expect of a Space Marine. He is Zealous, imposing, aggressive and has a hatred of all things heretical, alien and magical. His faith is unwavering and his mind holds no doubt in his convictions.
Through at least a century of warfare Decimus' mind is trained and stuck in that of a soldier's mentality. Very rarely will a decision come from his heart and not the cold hard logic of battlefield actions.
In the Imperium of Man: Decimus would represent the norm when it comes to Morality. But, in another universe his views would come across as Racist.
The Imperium teaches to hate the alien, be wary of magic and that humanity is the only race worthy of inhabiting the galaxy. That final pillar of morality is enforced through the total extermination of alien life.
However, there are times which the Imperium has worked with the aliens of their universe for the greater good and survival of the Imperium as a whole. Decimus would be hard pressed to accept such unless it was under the most dire of circumstances.
Decimus stands at 7'6 and always has his armor on. The power armor he always wears is reminiscent of medieval plate armor. Emblazoned with the Imperial Eagle, colored jet black with a white trim and dotted with heraldry and seals of purity.
At the age of 14 Decimus was recruited by the Black Templars Space Marine Chapter as they passed through his home system on crusade. Decimus showed much heart and natural ability and thus was chosen to become a Neophyte of the chapter. After nearly dying to the implantation of the Chapter's Gene-Seed and the next five years in training, Decimus became a full fledged Space Marine.
As his Chapter continued its crusade, cutting a path of death across the alien worlds it came across, Decimus had eventually clawed his way up the chain of command, this took decades. As a Captain, Decimus would lead his assigned company into battle as the High Marshall commanded. This was until the Crusade came across their most hated enemies: The Chaos Space Marines.
In a battle that took days and hundreds of deaths on each side, Decimus was thrown into the Immaterium by a Chaos Warlock where he would certainly meet his doom. Instead he appeared in an unknown and new universe entirely.
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